What Should You Do With Old Bike Tires?

Biking has been among the most popular work out activities in the world for many years. It’s not so long ago people would use bikes on a regular basis for their various travels.

Despite the inventions of more and more motor vehicles, the benefits of using bikes are still advocated from environmental to physical levels.

Although bikes have less significant impacts to our surroundings, most bike owners face a non exceptional problem of what they should do with the worn out tires of their bikes.

Some parts of a bike’s metal framework can be scrapped and sold to scrap dealers, but few want to come forward and pick used bike tires. In many accounts, old tires are considered a liability.

However, there’re ways in which the liabilities can be converted to valuable assets

Can you use old bike tires for a variety of handy things around the house?

You can put used tires to a number of uses around your house. The applications range from handmade items, simple crafts and unique furniture designs. 

Dodging drafts-windows

A good way to repair windows that don’t close well is using patches of used bike tires. Cut a patch that fits the perch of your window and put it when the window is open. Once it’s perfectly placed, simply shut the window.


To use an old tire as a hanger, cut accurately where you’ll place the object to be hanged. You can then create a triangular shaped hanger, double hanger or sting patterns.

Fire starting

Use of bike tires makes it quite simply to start a fire as they quickly catch fire and burn.

Holders of garden equipment

To make a customized holder for your farm tools, create a base from pieces of old bike tire. Size the base to suite the equipment you intend to store, and then stick flexible pockets to it. 

Chair weaving

If you want to weave and revive an old chair, cut equal straps from the tires and bid them together through the holes of the chair. Put the ends together using strong glues to prevent the weave from loosening. 

Bathroom carpets

You can make beautiful and effective mats for your bathroom using used bike tires and tubes. Cut uniform pieces of approximately 12 inches and crotchet them together in patterns that are strongly knitted. 

Mirror holders

Resize your mirror to fit your bike tire then wrap the tire carefully around it. Finally, glue it in place and leave for a few hours to dry; there you have a custom mirror holder.

Is it possible to convert your old bike tire into fashion accessories?

In the spirit of creativity, there’re several ways in which you can use old tires to create works of art.

Wrist bands and wallets

Used bike tubes can be sewn into different sizes and shapes to make such items. To further the elegancy of your creation, add imitation of colored stones and diamond studs 

Hula hoops

If you wish to stay in shape, you can easily turn an old bike tire to a hula hoop. Clean your bike tire, smoothen the adages and put some paper scraps in the tire. Seal it with a piece of tire.


To create footwear from a used tube, you’ll need to draw sketch of your feet and place the outline on a flattened bike tire.  Cut a sole accordingly and attach straps to it.

Can you make a tire liner from a used bike tire?

One great way to get rid of flats is to take a worn out tire is to remove the bead and the side casting. What’s left is essentially a tread; use that as a liner in your standard tire. It’s better to use a smooth and not a knobby tire. 

To fix, slide it inside your good tire, put it your good tube and inflate normally- which will push up the old tire into the new tire in alignment with the tread. With the two layers of rubber, no sharp object will be able to penetrate. On top of helping you make use of old bike tires, tire liners save your tire from damage.

Are There Places Where You Can Donate Used Bike Tires?

While worn out bike tires may seem to have no value to you, they can be of much help to some other people. You may have also utilized them through various methods but still have more. Giving away to those who might be in need is another great idea. 

You can choose to donate them to recycling companies that recycle or up-cycle tires and other parts of a bicycle, or to charitable organizations that receive donated tires. The same can be said to use bike tubes.

Final Thoughts about What to Do With Old Bike Tires

The subject of what to do with tires that are no longer functional or not in a good condition can be a bit perplexing for those who use a bike frequently. After all, it’s not an easy thing to figure out the best way to make use of a huge round rubber piece.

As is, rubber posses environmental challenges. For this reason, its necessary to find ways to repurpose and reuse worn out tires instead of throwing them away incautiously. Whereas it might be the end of the original use for your old tires, there’s still plenty of life within them.

With valuable ways to make use of your used tires, you’ll keep them out of the land fill as well as improve your life, and probably that of others.

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