What are the Benefits of a Cruiser Bike?

With summer approaching soon, many people are looking to get a bike to help with their fitness goals. One of the most popular choices is the cruiser bike. However, those that are unfamiliar with the type will ask what the benefits of a cruiser bike are? 

Generally, cruiser bike users can expect their bikes to provide them with an incredibly comfortable ride, a luxurious cruise, a great low-impact workout, and much more. 

Keep reading to learn more about the different pros and cons of a cruiser bike. 

What are the Benefits of a Cruiser Bike?

Many relatively new cyclists don’t often know all the benefits of a cruiser bike. Here are some of the main benefits you’ll get after buying a cruiser bike. 

Leisurely Ride 

We’ll start talking about the benefits of a cruiser bike with the leisurely ride it provides. While riding on a fixie or a road bike is definitely exciting, the best option available is a cruiser bike if you want the most leisurely ride possible.

The geometry of a cruiser bike is all about ensuring that the cyclist rides in maximum possible comfort. 

With a supremely comfortable saddle and elongated handlebars, the minute you first get on a cruiser bike, you’ll understand that they were designed for leisurely rides. 

Instead of racing around everywhere, the vibe this summer is much more about cruising around on your cruiser bike. It’s quite easy to say that cruisers represent the ultimate comfort for bikes. 

Surprisingly Versatile 

When discussing versatility, cruiser bikes rarely get the attention that they deserve. All everyone talks about is hybrid bikes or touring bikes. However, cruiser bikes are also incredibly versatile in nature and it’s one of their main benefits.

There are so many different terrains that you can ride your cruiser bike on and enjoy leisure. The design ensures that they’ll work effectively on both a sandy beach and gravel roads as well. A road bike owner usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to ride their bike on such terrains. 

However, if you’re riding uphill, you might need to change how you cycle a bit. You’ll need to get out of your saddle and use the extra leverage to pedal more efficiently. There might be some situations where you’ll need to get off the bike and just push it along. 

It might cause a slight inconvenience, but it doesn’t take away from the overall versatility of a cruiser bike. 

Simple and Accessible 

One of the best benefits of a cruiser bike is that they’re both simple and accessible. Unlike some of the modern bikes that are available on the market, a cruiser bike is simple to use, and anyone can get on one to start cycling. 

There are no features like gears or any complex braking system that need to worry about. Most cruiser bikes on the market are available in a single gear setup, making everything much more straightforward. 

They also don’t have any special storage requirements; you can store them out in the open without worrying about them taking too much damage. After all, these bikes were designed for cruising through sandy beaches. 

Great low-impact workout 

Another major benefit of cruiser bike that you’ll receive after buying is that they’re an exceptional low-impact workout. 

Cruiser bikes aren’t like road bikes that are super easy to pedal. The heavyweight means that even when you’re riding around at a very leisurely speed, your muscles go through the same amount of stress.

If you’re looking to enjoy your time riding around in the sun and want to get a good workout in at the same time, then going for a cruiser bike is a good idea. 

You won’t be straining hard either. While they might be heavy, a cruiser bike is actually very smooth and easy to pedal forward. Just because you’re not traveling at 20mph, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting a good workout. 

Super Practical 

If you’re wondering what cruiser bikes are good for, then their practicality comes into the equation. You’ll often see instances of people carrying around a bunch of different stuff while riding on their beach cruiser. 

Almost every beach cruiser frame on the market features enough room in the front to let you attach a basket without much hassle. Both mountain bike and road bike riders will tell you how challenging it can be to find the optimal amount of space necessary to attach a basket. 

Cruiser bikes also provide additional space on the back that the cyclist can use to mount a trailer or an additional rack. So if you’re going for a shopping trip or are just looking to take your things to the beach, a cruiser bike is a great help.

Low Maintenance 

A significant benefit that most cyclists aren’t aware of when buying a cruiser bike is that they require very little maintenance to function effectively. 

Most cruiser bikes on the market are only available in the single-speed form. That’s why cruiser bike owners won’t have to worry about dealing with derailleurs or chainrings to clean their bikes effectively. 

The low maintenance costs and relatively low price of cruiser bikes means that they’re significantly less expensive than the other types of bikes on the market. 

These are the main benefits you can expect to receive with a cruiser bike. However, to truly understand whether a cruiser bike is the correct bike for you this summer, it’s also essential to look at the disadvantages. 

Without a proper understanding of the pros and cons of a cruiser bike, it can be challenging to reach a decision. 

What are the disadvantages of a cruiser bike?

While there’s no denying that cruiser bikes are exceptional and offer high-level performance. There are certain disadvantages that also come with buying a cruiser bike. Let’s take a look at the main cons of a cruiser bike. 


One of the main downsides of going for a cruiser bike is that they’re heavy. Their heavy nature means that it becomes exceedingly more difficult for cyclists to ride on the hills and make the bike harder to transport. 

Another disadvantage that comes with the heavyweight is that the cruiser bike will become a hassle to transport. If you ever need to take your cruiser bike to a different location without riding, the charm can start wearing off pretty quickly. 

Slow Acceleration 

If you’re going to buy a cruiser bike, then you’re going to have to accept that you’re not going to be reaching anywhere fast. If your friends are riding road bikes or mountain bikes, it’s very likely that they’ll end up leaving you in their dust. 

While generally, most cruiser bikes on the market are heavy and won’t accelerate quickly, there are a few specialized options on the market that are capable of reaching decent speeds. 

Clunky Handling 

Due to the large size and heavyweight of cruiser bicycles, they aren’t the most agile when it comes to handling. Even though they’re super comfortable and provide luxury other bikes can’t match, turning sharply isn’t one of the strong points. 

That’s why it’s best to avoid riding your cruiser bike on a particularly twisty route. The design of cruiser bikes encourages you to cruise through wide lanes and stick to the more open roads. 

These are the main disadvantages that you can come to expect with a cruiser. 


As summer approaches, you don’t want to feel left out when everyone’s out and about on their bicycles. A cruiser bicycle is the perfect summer companion, allowing you to go for leisurely rides on the beach and around the city. 

Aside from ensuring that you travel in maximum comfort and leisure, a cruiser bike is also a decent low-impact workout. It’s the year to get a cruiser and hit the beach in style!

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.

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