What are Comfort Bikes?

There are five well known types of bikes and these include the mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, cruiser bike and comfort bike.  Each bike is altered and specifically made for certain uses.

A comfort bike is specifically designed with comfort in mind.  Generally comfort bikes have several uses with the main one being leisure use.  It’s a bike designed for short distance riding.  Whether that’s down to the local shops, or as some people use them for short commutes to work.

So what makes a comfort bike a comfort bike?

Well there are a few alterations that you’ll find different compared to other bikes.  And they can be alterations to some of the following parts.

  • Frame geometry
  • Tire width
  • Saddle
  • Suspension
  • Handlebars

Each part can be adjusted and the more you’re willing to spend the more comfort you’ll likely be getting.  For example the handlebars on a comfort bike sometimes have the ends curved towards the rider so they don’t have to stretch, which provides more comfort.

If you’re looking for a good comfort bike there are several brands I’d recommend considering or at least looking at their range?  These include Schwinn, Raliegh and Diamond Back.

Like most bikes, comfort bikes are good if you’re using them for the right uses.  If you’re planning on buying a comfort bike for long distance commutes then they aren’t going to be very good.  Likewise if you buy a road bike and take it on extremely difficult dirt trails it’s not going to perform well.

But if you’re looking for a bike to run to the local shops and do local errands and relatively short distance riding on mainly paved surfaces then a comfort bike will be good.  And if those are you’re plans for the bike then you should probably consider looking to buy one.

Some people will tell you that comfort bikes aren’t the best type of bike for exercising.  And whilst they are kind of right, it all depends on the rider themselves.  If you’re not used to a lot of exercise a comfort bike is a great way to start to exercise.  And once you start to do exercise on a regular basis then it’d be recommended to switch to a more demanding bike like a road bike or mountain bike to further increase your exercise levels.

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.