Whenever we think about a trip, a small part of our thoughts are always diverted to things that may not go well, that may be uncomfortable, that may not be what we expected, but by taking into account these useful travel accessories we can prepare ourselves to deal with the less pleasant details of the transfers involved in family or business trips.

From accessories for our phones, clothing, items we carry with us, important documents and many other things that don’t necessarily need extra help but are always welcome.

Usefulness vs relevance

There is an infinite variety of things we can buy that are specifically designed for travelers, whether they are thinking of taking a plane to a distant crawl space, or a paradisiacal island or going on a road trip enjoying the scenery that can be found along the way as well as the people you can meet.

All said and done, due to human inventiveness, there really is little that is not already created to facilitate any task, however strange or unusual it may seem.

In this sense we can mention, for example, an item that is quite peculiar but that can actually be useful; we are referring to the bra for charging telephones. This ingenious plastic object anchors or hangs from the transformer of a mobile phone charger when connected to the wall outlet.

Transformer is understood as the central part or body of a charger. That’s right, something that may seem as trivial as a platform ready to hold your phone from the same charger that it can’t get much away from because the USB cables that come with it from the factory are getting smaller and smaller.

Continuing in the category of accessories for phones that can work perfectly as travel tools we have the power bank or backup battery to recharge our Smartphone when we run out of power.

We can’t always count on having an outlet on hand, even though we are in the age of technology and interconnection. We may find ourselves camping or in the middle of nowhere resting and looking at the stars from the roof of our car, if we need to make a call or search for information on our phone, but it’s empty, we can have a hard time.

That’s why power goes became so popular during 2016, in addition to the fact that in those days, the batteries that were used in newer and more and more demanding models of phones were becoming obsolete.

Changing the scope now and leaving behind the paraphernalia for our mobile devices, let’s think of more practical things, which can save us time or give us some light comforts. An example of the above is a handbag with multiple compartments and pockets, perfect for organizing and storing a wide variety of items.

Some people prefer to keep their belongings in a specific order because this makes it easier for them to manage their resources and as we all know, traveling carries a heavy energy load and if in addition to this, we are exposed to unnecessary stress and anxiety resulting in an excessive depletion of energy.

The usefulness of some of these artifacts, parts, accessories or whatever you want to call them may seem a little limited, but the purpose of these objects is not to be super flexible or reusable. They were designed to accomplish a task and to do it well, nothing more and nothing less.

Another “accessory” that may be very convenient is not exactly an accessory, but it is not indispensable to carry it as if it were a necessity. A laptop is good in almost as many situations as a phone but it gives us the freedom of power as well as the freedom to enjoy a little relaxation, a quick work session if we are extremely independent people or run our own business.

Laptops don’t need to be plugged into the wall outlet and the power supply to operate due to their self-contained battery, and are currently as powerful as or even more powerful than some desktop PCs.

A pair of headphones is always a good way to distract our minds and to withdraw to our own secret world, where we can meditate on our next steps, or enjoy the landscape without being distracted by external agents.

Of course we can link them with a phone or better yet another very useful item, portable bugles. Portable bugles are a presentation of audio output devices that help us by amplifying the volume and quality of sound being played by some other equipment, usually also a telephone.

The portable horns will be ideal to brighten up the atmosphere wherever we go, but something should be clarified here is that being an open space where we are, or public in any case, the rules may not allow us to use this type of equipment everywhere and at a volume that is not adequate.

We have already mentioned a variety of objects that, as has been said, may seem too simple and not very useful, but never judge a book by its cover. Needless to say, if any accessory seems superfluous it is because it is, in fact, superfluous, but so is society and companies often produce what society considers useful or good.

Last but not least, we have a small group of objects that must be carried if or if on any flight, of course we are referring to the small standardized bottles that are the official containers to transport in them this type of merchandise.

Due to the history of the last few years, the attacks against airlines and airplanes have made airport security increasingly intense and, as before, homemade bombs could be manufactured using very common materials, such as chemicals from which lip paint comes out.

Or that can be found in any pharmacy. In these bottles should go the shampoo that you take with you, some toothpaste and finally may be hand soap or other liquid that this prohibited its transit without being properly packed in the suitcases of the deposit.

All this writing has been oriented towards means of air transport and the long and tedious waits that are generated in the different airports to be able to arrive at our destinations, but without a doubt many of these objects can also be suitable for trips by sea or by land, it is only necessary to search a little bit on the Internet and find the information, since it is present on the web.