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Haven’t you ever been on a trip to an exotic but moderately dangerous country to experience life and have all your belongings stolen? A travel pouch may be the ideal solution and the difference between finding yourself in a totally foreign country, without knowing anyone, without legal documents, without money and in a real predicament.

Here we’ll talk about how useful one of these almost exclusive accessories can be for travelers, but we’ll also mention why they’re so rarely used by people in general.

Mercado, De Cuero, Compras, Bolsas

Hidden travelling companion

The scenario described above is a real situation that happens more often than we know and many people end up having an unpleasant time instead of having fun and enjoying the adventure they expected. Instead they end up living a completely different adventure, more like a real-life nightmare.

Tourists are recognized worldwide because they don’t usually fit in with the environment around them. They have very different clothes, they walk and move differently, and in some cases even the physical appearance is completely different because they are of a different ethnic background.

For this reason, criminals often point to them as their next victims because it is always the tourists who carry the most cash and material goods they can steal. We’ve all been in the role of tourists at one time or another, you don’t really have to leave your native country to be a tourist and so I think you can understand perfectly well when I say that tourists are also very naive.

So what can we do to prepare ourselves in case a well-trained thief takes our bags, wallets or purses? Get a travel pouch. This little friend is a little bag designed specifically to be placed inside our outfit and not to be seen at first sight by pedestrians and other people around us.

It is usually the right size to store small or thin objects, such as cell phones, passports, cash on hand and other important documents for our flights and entry to the different points of destination or transfer.

It should also be small enough to hang from the garments of our clothes, such as women’s bras or around men’s waists.

There are variants of course, some of them may be larger in size to carry more bulky objects, but they could no longer be placed hidden in our bodies and therefore still be victims of theft.

Travel pouches are not very well seen by the general public and are often seen as an unnecessary burden that is uncomfortable to use, and even considered ridiculous and ungraceful. As far as fashion is concerned, it is not an article that stands out for its beauty or elegance, and as its main use is hiding things under clothing and not being visible, it does not stand out as a high fashion accessory.

Sometimes they may even fall off without us realizing what happened and we end up losing what we were so jealously guarding, our money, passport and valuable belongings.

Types of travel pouch

Although there is actually no classification for travel pouches, we can identify which bags are categorized as a kind of pouch so in theory when used for travel, they could also be called travel pouches.

The first and most obvious type of pouch is the concealable pouch, which was designed to store valuable documents and money inside, and then be hidden from view inside our clothing, tightly fitted to our waist, arm, leg or chest.

They come in different sizes and presentations of course, but all must have the characteristic of being able to hide under clothing, otherwise they fall into the next category.

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Fanny packs are possibly the best known to people. It is these small bags that are attached on our hips, they can have a small size, as well as a bulky one.

The way they are held and the weight they can reach makes them fall and rest on thighs most of the time. These accessories are frowned upon all over the world as they are often used by overweight people, making their appearance more unpleasant by modern fashion standards.

The utility remains the same but is now more general than for the exclusive storage of our core documents and money. Fanny packs can store small treats, or tools such as Swiss Army Knives, cutlery, cell phones and other items.

This is why they are often compared as the male equivalent of handbags, as 90% of their users are men. Other small bags that are catalogued as pouches are newer and a little bigger than the Fanny packs, but this is not their only difference.

The side pouches are also handbags created for men to carry their belongings without the need to carry them in their pockets, when the amount is too much for them, but not enough to require an ordinary backpack.

The side pouches are named this way because the way to carry them is by means of a strap that surrounds the body in a transversal way, that is to say, the weight of the strap rests on one shoulder while the body of the bag falls on the opposite side of the body.

Other people carry it further to the back of the body so it ends up being attached to the person’s lower back. Of all the travel pouches, this is the most accepted by the general public, as it has a rather elegant and casual aesthetic.

Although its size no longer allows it to be hidden inside clothing or to be held discreetly above our hips, the side pouch is secured with our own torso.

For a thief to be able to pull this pouch out of us he will have to exert an extraordinary force, since the straps that hold them are very strong, to that add to the resistance that we can offer, when pulled by the center of gravity of our body, where we have greater control of our balance and therefore we can offer more resistance.

Never disregard that fact that thieves have access to this type of bags, so they can, essentially hide from plain sight dangerous objects like knives, pepper gas or even a gun. In some countries this is a current trend, therefore making it more difficult for the police departments all over, to find someone fragrant.

Undoubtedly the pouches are accessories for the traveler, which demonstrate great utility but little versatility. It all depends on what environment you use it in or what your purposes are, from keeping your passport, airline tickets and cash, or keeping your cell phone, shopping list or movie tickets, you decide.