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If there’s a gadget that’s essential for a trip, that’s the document holder, it’s really useful for any kind of getaway! Whether you’re going to summer camp or an end-of-year trip abroad (no matter where you are), you’ll need to bring information and documentation with you, won’t you? To keep everything tidy and localizable, the best option is to use a document holder. In a single hand movement, you will have everything available to deliver any kind of information you may need at the airport, hotel counter, museum, doctor, etc.

Resultado de imagen para travel neck pouch

When making a journey it is always important to have all our documentation in the respective order, to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Something very useful in these cases, is to load it in a place that we can have at hand. These 7 wallets give you plenty of room to carry all your documents, so you can always have them at your disposal in case of an emergency.

What are neck pouches?

It is an extremely comfortable travel accessory that works as a neck bag and in which we can put all the documents we need when we travel by train, plane or any other means of transport.

This accessory is nothing more than a kind of purse or travel bag that instead of being knotted to the kidney or around the torso is hung around the neck. Its use has been extended because it resolves the incidence of having to search for documents between pockets and bags in different garments. But a neck bag also has the advantage of being protected and knotted with a strap, so there is less risk of falling or being lost.

Keep your documents safe

The various neck bags offer many possibilities. From handy document holders for hanging around your neck to travel bags and briefcases. All of them at a very competitive price.

Wear one of these document holders that can be hung around your neck and under your clothes, without being noticed, lightweight models with soft laces and the most advanced protective measures.

Some of these travel bags include RFID blocking, or what is the same, a radio frequency insulating material that blocks the RFID chips that are equipped with the bank, identity or other cards, preventing thieves from having access to personal data.

Why Is It Useful to Use a Neck Pouch?

Having a document holder forces us in a sense to be more orderly with our documentation. If we have made an expense at the time of buying it, it is normal that we are forced to use it.

The document holders have space for many documents such as passport, ID card, boarding pass, visa, etc., so you can have everything together in one place, without having to search in different pockets of a suitcase, or in bags, etc. In this way, we will save a lot of time when looking for what we are asked for and need to deliver to identify ourselves.

The following models are the most sought after in online stores:

1. MiniCat: Small Crossbody

This stylish and modern adjustable strap accessory is a sleek and stylish bag to keep all your documentation in order and on hand. This portfolio made of synthetic materials comes in a wide variety of colors.

This comfortable case has a back pocket that’s perfect for storing your smartphone, and thanks to its external closure you can keep everything out of sight of the curious.

2. DefWay: Travel Wallet

Wallet made for those who need to make frequent trips, made of nylon and with a strong zipper made of zinc. This model has RFID security technology, so all your belongings are safe from outsiders.

This accessory is ideal for storing passports, documents, money, credit cards and even has an extra pocket perfect for your smartphone. This model is completely waterproof.

3. Tarris Travel Gear: Neck Wallet

With the latest in RFID technology, this portfolio is designed for both sexes. It is made of the most resistant materials, which will provide protection against liquids, while making it very comfortable to carry.

With an adjustable strap and the possibility of being able to carry it on one side of your body or around your neck, this bag is one of the most sensible choices when looking for a bag to carry your documents in.

4. FlyMei: Travel Wallet Passport

This envelope wallet has a lot of pockets adapted for credit cards, passport, keys, money and even cell phone. This passport bag is extremely light and comfortable to carry.

Available in gray and pink, this case includes a safety strap which can be easily fastened to the wrist and carried securely in your hand.

How to Choose a Good Neck Pouch?

  • The Neck pouch must not be extremely small as, with the exception of your ID card and driving license, the other documents are larger, such as your passport. A good distinction must be made between a document holder and a passport sleeve, since the former can hold many documents and the latter is only a cover for the cover of the passport. Our advice is that it should be at least 24 centimeters high.
  • It is also important that the document holder you are going to use for your end-of-year or summer camp trip has different slots and sizes so that several documents can be entered.
  • Choosing a document holder with a good security lock is of vital importance, because if we are trying to keep everything in order and in the same place we must also make sure that the document holder does not open easily and things fall down.
  • Look for a neck pouch with clip closure, elastic band, belcro or similar, and never leave them open without closure.
  • It is not necessary for the neck pouch to have space for notes (money, not travel) or coins, as it is not recommended that you use it as a wallet, because it should not be an object that you are taking out continuously. The more you take it out, the more likely it is that it will go missing.