In long trips to cities or tourist attractions that are many miles away, it is always important to fall asleep, which is why the travel eye mask is one of the most used tourist accessories, becoming an ideal tool with which anyone can enjoy a dream of quality as if you were at home. Below, we’ll learn a little more about this important accessory for long trips.

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Travel Eye Mask: What is it?

A travel eye mask is an accessory usually used by people with insomnia problems who may feel easily disturbed by light rays reaching the human eye. This is because such individuals have quite considerable sensitivity to changes in the environment around them at certain times in their sleep.

The mask is used as a corrective measure to be able to fall into a quiet sleep session without light disturbances that can affect the way certain individuals perceive through their eyes. This is especially evident in both air and bus travel, where time zone and daylight changes are very normal, which is why many tourists use a travel eye mask as a preventive measure to avoid losing hours of valuable dreams.

Besides being an acquisition of great personal use, it can also be used to sleep at home, not necessarily inside an airplane or bus. And it has been confirmed that it provides a considerable increase in the health status of many users who own an accessory such as this, making their long journeys a more pleasant and comfortable experience during long journeys on the way to their preferred tourist destination.


  • Why sleep with a Travel Eye Mask?

It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, many people have a biological fear of the dark, and for individuals with emotional problems, it can become a trigger for negative emotions. This is also evident in people who make long journeys, especially if it is a means of transport in motion. That is why one of the main benefits of wearing a sleep mask is the reduction of stress and control of adverse reactions.

  • Say bye to eye bags!

The care of the face is important not only in an aesthetic aspect, but also in health. A shiny, youthful looking face tends to show a more substantial and positive state of health, and a travel eye mask can solve these problems, eliminating dark circles and improving sleep quality in a comfortable way. There are many blindfold presentations that have gel, which allows better temperature control for the area around the eyes, helping the circulation and opening of the pores.

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  • Sleep and travel with no light!

As mentioned above, light is a very annoying factor when it comes to sleeping, and being on a plane or bus near windows can be a somewhat more complicated task than expected. Wearing a mask to avoid the discomfort of sunlight or artificial light is the main reason for its use, so if you suffer from insomnia problems due to small signs of light, it is recommended that you use this accessory, especially if you plan to make a long trip during the day.

  • Deep, restful sleep

Long journeys can be stressful in many cases, which is why it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep quickly and effectively. This is why a travel eye mask can correct these problems quickly, without the need for sleep medicines or other means. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping easily, a mask will be the ideal solution.

Types of travel mask

When it came time to buy a new sleep travel eye mask most people on the web found out that there are actually several types on the market, and it was something that surprised a lot of users as they were expecting to find only the typical silk one.

But the type of mask you choose will depend mainly on its design and materials, and some of the most common ones are:

  1. The traditional mask

They are the masks of a lifetime, the ones we see in the movies and in the shops, which are usually made of cotton and even silk. It has a special shape that blocks the light from any direction, because it leaves no open space for it to pass through. In addition, its visual design is very varied.

  1. The 3D mask

This is a new model of mask, which independently of its manufacturing materials, which can be silk, foam, EVA foam, cotton and more, have a special 3D shape, which takes care of the contours of the face and eyes. This design prevents the mask from putting pressure on the eyes. This is a model that is very much in demand due to its shape that respects the eye space, so that you can even open them if you prefer, without hurting yourself and without difficulties.

  1. The gel mask

Finally, the gel mask is not exactly designed to block the light when you rest, but it is designed to help you sleep more peacefully.

It’s made of non-harmful plastic materials and filled with gels that help to reduce inflammation in the eye area, relieve headaches, discomfort and migraine headaches. You can usually keep them in the refrigerator to cool them down so they can relieve these conditions faster. But you can also enjoy its softness and relaxing texture during a nap without having to cool or warm it down.

One of the most common situations of all when we are already clear that we need a travel eye mask is not knowing where to start our choice. We know this because many clients have gone through it and after a hard work of research, we have managed to differentiate those criteria or factors that are important from those that are not at the time of the election.

The first ones are the ones you should always look for in your next sleep mask, you should be clear about them and you will be able to choose well.