Make Trip Planning a Success

Make Trip Planning a Success

In order to make trip planning a success and travel to numerous destinations throughout our lifetime, everyone has to overcome obstacles and responsibilities.

Don’t think your alone, everyone faces the same issues when planning a trip.  Think about it who has unlimited time and money to visit all the destinations, without any responsibilities.  Therefore, it is always important to plan a trip properly.  Myself, and everyone else have to plan trips that are realistic.

Many of us have work and various other commitments that stop us from living the travel dream.  Therefore, we have come up with the main three factors that stop us from living the travel dream.



Responsibilities are far greater to overcome than our other two factors.  It is important to make sure you keep your family and work commitments don’t get in the way of travelling.  However, you have to think that you need to do what makes you happy.  So, if travelling makes you happy then you need to find ways to travel along side other commitments.  Finding the right balance between the two can be difficult but just remember the happier you are the likely you are to strive to be a better person.



I’ve heard a lot of people say to me “I don’t travel because I don’t have enough money”.  And I tell them that I’ve been places that cost less than $20 a day for both food and accommodation.   As well as the fact that many college and university students are able to travel off of there student loans, which are far less than working a full/part-time job.  However, there are many possible ways to use the money you earn to travel.

  • Shop around and look for cheap deals.
  • Finding a trip that suits your budget. (There are many places in the world that you can visit on a small budget)
  • Put money away in order to save for your dream holiday.

One way I used to save money was to put away 15% into a money box of anything I bought.  For example, if I went to McDonalds and spent $10, I’d put $1.50 into my money box.


Time can be an issue when trying to plan a successful trip.  Many of us including myself have work commitments.  But many places you can visit you can do in one day, therefore micro-vacations are a superb idea for someone with regular work commitments.  Getting away for one-two days at a time not only saves you money on hotels and food money but allows you to travel whilst having a full-time job.

I’ve found that many places I visit can easily be explored within a day.  A lot of places I have visited for a week, I’ve ended up going back to the same places twice in the same week.  It’s always best to find reviews of places where you plan on travelling too.  And make sure you only visit the most reviewed places as you don’t want to get to the location to find out it isn’t as good as you thought it was.