Around tourist areas such as Key West, there are many opportunities for the traveler to have a very rewarding experience in terms of how he wants to enjoy his vacation, so in many cases come to resort to maps that allow them to better know their environment. It’s because of its importance that, coming up, we’ll know the map of existing hotels in the surrounding areas of one of the most popular tourist landmarks in the world.

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Hotels and touristic options

The hotels are the necessary stop and stay for any tourist or traveler looking to fulfill their desires for recreation and quality time with family, friends or yourself. There are many places and places of international interest in which most tourists place their initial view, and Key West is one of these places, representing a great value for many travelers thanks to the beauty of its surroundings and the quantity and quality of its varied services.

It is quite interesting to see how the tourism market and business in Florida has grown over the years, maintaining a fairly favorable average annual visitor level thanks to all the possibilities and options that we can find in many of the points of interest for the traveler.

It’s also important to mention that it is very common to see how in places such as these, establishments are established with services for any tourist, whether hotels, inns, spas, among other places that may be attractive to the traveler. Key West is a very clear example of this point, since around its beaches and tourist spots there is a considerable variety of hotels that are available to any new client, with different services and plans adaptable to each situation.

For family, friends and acquaintances alike, Key West has become a very attractive tourist attraction in recent years, and it is thanks to the various media and social networks that most of the income and visits made annually have been kept at a peak. The recommendations of satisfied customers, their reviews and positive opinions about the hotels and services presented to the public, are a reliable sample that make the difference between the quality of service, as well as the flexibility in their prices and daily rates.

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List of Hotels

As we mentioned before, we have made known each one of the positive aspects that surround the tourist point of Key West, knowing its most outstanding and interesting elements for the future traveler who is willing to make decisions about his budget and recreation plans.

Some of the most relevant hotels to detail around the Key West area are:

  • H2O Suites Hotel
    • Address: 1212 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040-3159
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Hotel with few rooms which makes it very nice, all the staff very attentive and always available,

Maybe the room was a little crowded, but it didn’t lack anything, just design. They are attentive to every detail down to the smallest to the bigger ones. Large and very comfortable swimming pool. It’s a good place to stay again.”

  • Orchid Key Inn
    • Address: 1004 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040-3126
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 stars): “I love it, small but very good in every way congratulations a pleasure to have been there without a doubt, when I come back I won’t think about as from now on this is my place, my wife and I enjoy it very much, the service, the cleanliness, the spectacular attention, in short a luxury to experience.”
  • Almond Tree Inn
    • Address: 512 Truman Avenue, Key West, FL 33040-3141
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “It’s perfect: quiet, small, super clean, very friendly and with helpful staff. The swimming pool is large and very clean, excellent breakfasts and the rooms are wide and have very well used spaces, warmly decorated.”
  • Santa Maria Suites Hotel
    • Address: 1401 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040-3116
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Very nice, good service, the rooms are like small townhouses with full kitchen, half bath downstairs and two rooms each with its own bathroom. All very clean and modern in good condition. There’s a sofa bed downstairs. It’s all very well maintained and cared for. The bad news is that there is only one parking space per room, there is an option to park on the street but there are not many options for parking either. It is very well located, just two blocks from the 90-mile monument.”
  • The Gardens Hotel
    • Address: 526 Angela St, Key West, FL 33040-7433
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “impeccable. Attention to the smallest detail that makes all the difference. The breakfast, the lights, the bed, the swimming pool, the service in all the places of the hotel are excellent. Air-conditioned swimming pool, lounge chair service and the detail of offering even the tanning beds. A curiosity: In the car park there is a “pump” for electric cars. Everything makes sense in this beautiful boutique hotel. Recommended 100% but only for couples, children will get bored.”
  • Marquesa Hotel:
    • Address: 600 Fleming St, Key West, FL 33040-6826
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Beautiful Hotel, nice, impeccable, beautiful, very clean, comfortable rooms.

The attention of the staff is excellent…. the best hotel in Key West without a doubt…

The restaurant 10 points, I ate an exquisite meat….

The pool by the garden is a place of peace and relaxation.

I give it five stars on everything.

I’ll be back soon.”

  • The Southernmost House
    • Address: 1400 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040-3133
    • Highlighted Opinion: “When we arrived, we found an old house very well maintained, we had booked a room on the upper floor with sea view which is spacious, bright, comfortable, and totally according to what was offered. The bar service in the swimming pool is excellent. The hotel’s location is ideal for walking in a place with a wide range of bars and restaurants. Breakfast is varied and complete with quality products. The parking lot has a small capacity, but offers parking space 50 meters away. Really a pleasant experience.”