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When we start a travel project, whether with our family, friends or simply alone, we always have to take into account certain gadgets that will serve us in our journey. It is important to always think about the future and the things we may need in our daily life in a foreign place or even within our own country. We must emphasize that we must be cautious, since we are not sure how accessible or how easy it can be to acquire a gadget in an unknown place.

In this article we will recapitulate 13 some ingenious gadgets that will greatly facilitate your travels. We studied the best options and found the most recommended accessories a man could need to walk worry-free

1. WOOLLIP Pillow: There are many pillows for travel, but you’ve probably never seen one like it. It is specially designed for sleeping and resting the head in airplanes. So without trying it I find it quite comfortable as I usually rest my head on the front seat on long flights to’change position’. The only drawback I see is if you use it in the aisle line…if someone wants to get out they’re going to have to wake you up!

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2. Noise-cancelling headphones: the best brand for this (and the most expensive) is BOSE…. for years they have had very good noise-cancelling headphones that avoid hearing that annoying sound of engines during a flight, apart from getting rid of the world from time to time with your favorite music, and enjoy the scenery without the annoying noise of cars or people

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3. Clothes organizer for suitcase: with this organizer you can pack your bag in 6 seconds. It is very effective to use. You can hang it up to keep all your clothes handy and well organized outside the suitcase. When it’s time to unoccupy it has a compression function so it’s very useful to comply with the measurements of the hand luggage

4. Digital action and motion camera: The GoPro camera was the pioneer in this type of camera but now there are many makes and models. All of them have the objective of making an ideal camera for very resistant and portable adventure sports. They all have a pretty extensive list of accessories. It is perfect for capturing the best moments in your journey.

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5. Earphone Instant Translator: An interesting gadget with which you can provide yourself with months of language courses. With these headphones you can get along with everyone! this project is raising funds to mass produce headphones that can translate live from any language into yours! It’s true that now with smartphone applications there are already options for translating almost instantaneous images, but with these headphones it would make the conversation between two people more agile. For now, you can buy it at a relatively high price

6. Travel Tablet: The tablets are replacing the laptops more and more and they are much lighter to travel! You have hundreds of models and prices so you will surely find something good, nice and cheap. As an example some of the BQ brand.

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7. Water Purification Bottle: Most of the problems we travelers have are caused by drinking contaminated water, so this is an important item during travel. It is especially useful when you go to remote places that do not have very “safe” water like Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Latin America. CamelBak All Clear is a very modern bottle capable of purifying almost any water in just 60 seconds. The 700 milliliter bottle is equipped with rechargeable batteries and uses UV rays to neutralize viruses and bacteria. It’s also a great way to save money.

8. Mini iron: With a 42-watt motor and 3 levels of heat, this mini steam iron is the smallest in the world. It’s about the size of a computer mouse. Very useful for quick business trips, you won’t need to go to a laundry to have your suit ironed.

9. Go Tenna: This device can save your life by allowing iOS and Android devices to stay connected even if there is no signal, so you can send your location or an emergency message. It was created after the rescues that had to be done during Hurricane Sandy. GoTenna allows you to send messages and your location instantly with a margin of error of 100 meters.

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10. Travel belt to hide money: No one wants to be alive when it comes to travel, but we still have to be careful, so this belt is a perfect hiding place for cards and tickets.

11. Brushing Tablets for Teeth: Yes, you won’t have to carry your teeth cleaning kit with you anymore, take three gums or feel the annoying sensation of not being able to brush your teeth after eating. At last they have invented the Toothpaste Tablets, by Archtek, against bad breath and germs. The package of 120 pills costs about 10€ and you can find it on the curious website of products that make your life easier with SkyMall.

12. Sakura 12v cooling bag: This is one of the best investments you can make. This bag is charged through the contact where the lighter is placed in the cars and keeps your food or drinks deliciously fresh during your trip. It doesn’t look like it, but it has plenty of room, you can even bring some ice cream for dessert.

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13. Camp Duffel Base Backpack from The North Face: Finally, we ask ourselves, where am I going to take all these amazing gadgets? The North Face are experts in creating functional backpacks with style. The design is simple and sturdy, you can push it, squeeze it or throw it and you won’t have any problem. It is available in four sizes and multiple colors, but the medium size is perfect for any trip with a capacity of 70L.

Now that the holidays are over, we’re at the best time to take a trip without having to deal with the high prices and crowds at all the tourist sites. Make a great traveler with gadgets that every backpacker will love