We’ve all come back from a trip with half the unused clothes, or notice halfway through the trip that the suitcase weighs more than it needs to. While not all of us have the organisational gene and are not the kings of practicality, we can all learn to travel light, like true professionals, and even with only hand luggage.



Thinking about your next weekend getaway or longer trip, we give you these 10 essential tips for you to travel in the most intelligent and practical way.

  1. Camera

It is an essential object for every experience, every sense, because a photo will capture everything from spontaneous moments to wonderful views. It is recommended to bring a compact camera, which can be easily transported, without forgetting its accessories such as memory card and charger.  A camera is always a good travel partner, whether you go alone or with friends, short or long family trips, it’s nice to remember moments in every photo you take.

Don’t forget: in travelling, you must have a good Camera!

  1. Power Bank

An object like this is really important these days, when your cell phone’s battery lasts only a few hours and your electronics need a source of power. Having a good power bank will help you stay connected to your loved ones, with some medical help or simply sharing photos on your social networks.

  1. Ziploc Bags:

The use of ziploc bags is not limited to the kitchen! In addition to allowing you to store sandwiches or other donkeys, you can also use them to pass your liquids and toiletries for safety at the airport, such as a garbage bag if you are camping or hiking. You can also use them to store your mobile phone, camera or other devices so they don’t get wet or full of dust or sand if you’re at the beach, for example.

If you don’t have a bottle on hand, you can also refill it with water in case of an emergency and even add ice and apply it to a folded ankle. One of my favorite uses is to create a modest “home cinema” with them. I mean…. they saw when you’re on the bus for 18 hours and you’re watching a show or a movie on your cell phone and you have to hold it in your hand and it’s a roll? Well, you put it in a transparent zip lock bag and hook it to the front seat…. or on the plane. Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Sweaters or fleece jacket

In all occasions it is important to go warm, but also if our travel destination is naturally cold places or in winter season. However, it is always advisable to bring a sweater because even on the beach, hotels are usually air-conditioned, and for people who are susceptible to the cold a good coat is never too warm. And if you’re still not convinced to bring warm clothes to tropical places, keep in mind that in coastal cities the nights are usually much colder than they seem due to the sea breeze.

  1. Comfortable walking shoes

There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking in poorly fitting shoes that are out of our size or simply not designed for the occasion. Keep in mind the purpose of your trip and pack shoes just for the occasion, if your destination is tourist and you want to know many places, pack comfortable shoes for long walks, if your goal is a business trip, do not forget to wear formal shoes.

  1. Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella

Always be informed about the weather season you are going through, so whenever the season is rainy or very humid it is important to wear waterproof jackets to protect yourself from rainwater. Needless to say, we must avoid colds and ruin our travel experience. As you can see, something as simple as a raincoat can get you out of some trouble. Umbrellas are also a very reliable option, and not only for rainy days, but also for extremely sunny days, days when we must protect the skin from sun exposure. Sunglasses and glasses case

Never forget to bring your sunglasses, especially if your destination is a tropical place like a beach, a park or a swimming pool, or if the day is very sunny, even in the mountains the sun’s rays can be harmful to your retinas. Remember that the health of your eyes is paramount at all times.  Sunglasses today have become a fashion accessory, but they are still useful for a better view. There’s always room in your suitcase for a pair of sunglasses, so wear them whenever you need them on those sunny walks.

  1. Travel pillow

A long and uncomfortable trip is always one of the worst things about traveling, when you undertake long hours trips your body asks for rest and to make the journey more bearable it is important to have comfortable gear to rest. The travel collars adapt to your neck in an ergonomic way, and allow you to rest in a comfortable position without neck pain. It is important to have a travel pillow when our journeys are quite long, whether by car, bus, train or plane.

  1. Health items

Bring gauze, hydrogen peroxide, and other first aid supplies to help you deal with unforeseen events. It is also vital to equip yourself with the medicines prescribed by your doctor according to the health status of the traveller and the destination to be visited.

Depending on which areas you move to, you will have more or less access to clean toilets, soap, water, etc. It’s best to always carry alcohol gel with you to clean your hands after using the bathroom, before eating… and even to disinfect a surface cut or to sanitize your cutlery.

  1. A small flashlight

You never know where you’re going to end up in an unknown city. A small flashlight on your key chain, with a headband or any other light that doesn’t take up much space, can save you from falling into a bump in a dark and unfamiliar street, or help you get back to your hotel after a night walk on a lonely beach.

  1. Rubber sandals

Rubber sandals are more useful than you might think on a trip. You can use them to go to the beach, to be cool on the street, not to walk barefoot in the hotel or even to take a shower, if you are fussy or stay in a hostel.

And don’t forget….

Restrictions on items you may carry on board vary by airline or country of travel. Keep in mind the measurements of your suitcase and take advantage of the fact that you can carry a second handbag to store the most important things, such as documents and your laptop or camera.