A big part of a visit to Fort Myers Beach is that you can easily add on a cruise trip from Fort Myers to Key West for a very reasonable price, most of the time cheaper than even driving. If you’ve come a long way to Florida, a trip to Key West would be a shame to leave it for another time. The ferry dock is just a few blocks from the famous Duvall St, making it easy to access everything else from the ferry.

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The advantages of cruising from Fort Myers to Key West

Excursion from one day to another or from one day to the next:

I strongly recommend spending the night in Key West, as there is a lot to do and a one-day trip will only give you 4-5 hours to explore – just enough for Key West as you will not even get to experience a night on the town. There is no additional charge for parking or the price of a ticket to return another day, although your website does not really advertise that you can return another day.

Important Safety Information:

Leaving Fort Myers Beach, the Key West Express departs from a private dock, and is not required to check passengers in the same manner as when leaving Key West, a government-operated port facility. As such, you and your baggage for the return portion of your trip will be inspected in a similar manner as at the airport. With this in mind, be sure not to bring firearms, knives and other similar items that may be subject to confiscation.

Ferry Schedule:

The Key West Express to Key West ferry leaves Fort Myers Beach daily during the high season and Wednesday through Sunday during the summer months.

  • Departure from Fort Myers Beach is at 8:30 am, ticket sales begin at 7 am.
  • Departure from Key West is at 5 pm, ticket sales begin at 5 pm.
  • Travel time from Fort Myers Beach to Key West is approximately 3 1/2 hours once underway.

Ticket purchase:

The rates listed below are published rates and calling them directly at 888-539-2628 generally results in a discount unless they are fully booked. Occasionally there are special offers, and sometimes the hotel concierge can also get you a discount. You can also buy online.

Round trip tickets:

  • Adults – $146
  • Elderly – $136
  • Children – $81

One-way tickets:

  • Adults – $86
  • Elderly – $86
  • Children – $58

Pet policy:

Pets are accepted at the Key West Express for $15 each way on a space-available basis. You will need to provide your own box or carrier and make a reservation in advance.

Food and drink on board:

As long as there’s food available on board, there’s definitely nothing to tell your friends. My breakfast sandwich was a Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich that I didn’t want and that was almost impossible to give away, even to college students. I suggest you bring your own food or eat before boarding.

The bar selection was good, and since we weren’t having breakfast we ordered a few Bloody Mary’s to keep us fed. I mean, I remember the prices were about $6 a drink.

Additional information “nice to know”:

Free parking is available at the Fort Myers Beach Pier. When you arrive, a parking attendant will ask you what day you return so you can park in the appropriate area.

Baggage is limited to 2 carry-on items, approximately the same size as a carry-on item that can be used on airlines. However, there are no official measurements, so some flexibility is allowed. Strollers, wheelchairs and other similar items are also accepted. Large baggage is charged $10 per piece.

The fleet consists of 4 ships, and the newest, the homonymous ship called the Key West Express is (not surprisingly) the most pleasant.

On-board services (based on the Key West Express boat) include a well-equipped bar, a small cafeteria-style kitchen, bathrooms and limited seating with tables.

If you get dizzy (or have never been on a boat) it would be wise to bring Dramamine (available in the pharmacy section of your local supermarket) and/or ginger pills or candy to combat dizziness. Ginger is an effective natural remedy; just make sure the candy you buy contains ginger and not just flavorings if you choose this route.

These fun boats are a wonderful way to enjoy the sounds and sights along the Gulf Coast on your way to Key West. The goal of the experienced crew and staff is to make the trip the highlight of your Florida vacation.

Then it is best to avoid traffic and get to Key West relaxed and cool by sailing on a boat with two closed decks with air conditioning, satellite TV and a sunbathing terrace. Guests can also purchase a variety of refreshments in the kitchen. The fully qualified team is committed to making your trip as pleasant as possible. Sit back and relax with a refreshing drink and a light snack as you enjoy the sights and sounds along the majestic Gulf Coast.

If you want a way to get around the city after disembarking, you can take your bike on the ferry for a fee or simply rent a bike when you get there and take the city on two wheels. There are many accommodation options near the ferry docks, from resorts and hotels to cabins and bed and breakfast. Therefore, if you want to spend the night or a few days, it is easy to return to the ferry for your return trip.

As you make this trip you will relax and avoid the traffic of a grumpy interstate and arrive refreshed. You will be ready for a day of sightseeing, shopping and immersion in the relaxed atmosphere of America’s Caribbean paradise, with warm turquoise waters, lush vegetation and a casual but sophisticated atmosphere, Key West is the only Caribbean island in the United States so you will enjoy the big vacation.