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Secure Travel Purse

A secure travel purse is one of the most indispensable elements for any tourist who travels long distances around the world, especially because most of these same users have objects of great monetary or personal value, so they need a bag in which they can keep their most precious objects. It is important to know which are the safest bags to make trips abroad or inside the country, as well as the different precautions we can take individually to take care of our luggage

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What is a secure travel purse?

It is an accessory that has been maintained over time with a fairly simple and formal structure, while on the other hand, the security mechanisms with which they protect the content stored inside have become increasingly sophisticated and more rigid. A secure travel purse is the right answer for all busy travellers who are constantly on the move looking for new opportunities and experiences around them, which means that their luggage and belongings go through different security checkpoints.

It is quite normal to think that airport transportation services have a strict margin of service in terms of the storage of bags, suitcases and high-value contents, so that any illegal surplus outside of the deal that already exists can be a loss to the establishment. However, the problem of bag insecurity does not lie in the airport security system, but rather in thefts that may occur outside or inside the premises by individuals from outside the establishment.

It has been possible to observe and detail cases in which many inexperienced tourists who do not follow directions and recommendations to take a secure travel purse, have been victims of people like these in different spaces. That is why we strongly recommend to purchase a bag with these safety features, with this you can avoid inconveniences like those mentioned above.

Secure Travel Purse Types

In the market we can find an extensive variety of many secure travel purse that are available to any visitor looking to protect their belongings quickly and confidently. The prices of these usually vary according to the needs of the buyer and the size of the bag, so it is important to take into account the amount of luggage we want to carry and the value they have, whether fragile or not, the important thing in the end is to reduce extra costs in customs or means of transport of luggage that can be unsafe in many cases.

Among some of the types of travel bags we have:

  • Traditional Big Purse: A secure travel purse in which you can carry clothes for trips of more than 6 nights. The typical rectangular suitcase that you can document when travelling by plane. That is, check her out in the luggage compartment. One of the practical tips we can give you is that it is not necessary to spend on a new suitcase, many times these large suitcases are thrown away after a couple of uses.

These do not have to be luxurious, on the contrary, we recommend that your suitcase is simple, “low profile”, not to attract attention so that it is not the object of temptation of airport staff. Another tip is to identify it with a visible and particular mark, a sticker, a very well tied ribbon of a quirky color. Something that helps you identify it at first glance

  • Carry-on purse for airplanes: All airlines have a limit on the size of the suitcase you can take with you on the plane. This size, on a regular basis, is based on the space in the compartments above the seats. There is no international rule that applies here and each airline determines it according to the design of its aircraft. The average size, which will certainly be accepted by most airlines, is 22 x 14 x 9 inches, something like 56 x 36 x 23 inches. The trademarks are generally of the appropriate sizes and are accepted internationally. In this suitcase we recommend you to make a good investment.

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  • Duffle bag: This is a great choice when looking for a secure travel purse, keep it at home and on hand. If you’re shopping, you can take it rolled up inside your carry-on and take it back home full of stuff. Don’t forget to watch your weight. It is made of a very resistant material, a good fabric that can withstand abuse and is waterproof, as well as having a code security system. If you travel by bus or car it can be a good option because it is flexible. In our experience it has been one of the best investments we have made, they are not so expensive and can even replace the traditional purse.
  • Executive type purse: We thought twice before including this type of secure travel purses in the basic list, but it earned its place. It is a small purse, regularly with wheels and has separate compartments to carry a couple of changes of clothes and additional shoes. It also comes with a section for your work equipment: computer, documents, chargers, etc. All this would be too much for a bag or backpack, but not enough for a carry-on and it is very convenient to put everything in the same suitcase.

Security Alternatives

Among the different options we have mentioned, it is also important to emphasize other ways that can be taken in the process of safeguarding our objects within a secure travel purse.

As one of the preventive measures that we can highlight are the use of lockable locks with which it is assured to have a control of management of the bag’s contents, besides that it is easy to handle unlike the systems of codes that, in the first instance can become something difficult to handle if one does not have the basic knowledge.

In any case, we can always store our clothes, electronic devices and other items in strap-on bags as a more traditional measure to which we are usually accustomed.