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You are thinking of taking a trip for vacations, for work or to visit a family member but you do not know what a cool gift might be to bring with you, this is a very common situation since visiting new places presents an infinite number of possibilities and experiences that make it worthwhile to invest time and money in it.

In addition, the memories that remain with you are what will be most valued in the future but there is always a single material detail to keep that moment alive, so here we will appreciate what can be cool travel gifts.


All time travel memories

There are a great number of objects that can be taken with the purpose of being travel gifts, from sweets and candies, to household appliances and electronics, such as video games, computers, cameras, blenders, microwave ovens and so on.

Navigating all the possibilities towards the more personal and emotional things like family photos, cards and postcards, antiques or local oddities of the area or country you are visiting or passing through, everything, absolutely everything counts as a gift if you put in the right intentions.

Travelling is always an attractive and enriching activity, although there are some cases such as business trips where you do not always have the freedom to enjoy the new setting where everyday life unfolds, but you can say that a trip always presents the opportunity to get the best gifts to bring back home.

In order to keep the information in a better order and to keep it in our brains for longer, we are going to divide the things you can buy so that they are your cool travel gifts into categories.

Electronics and household appliances

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As a first option and for many the most obvious of all is to buy some electronic equipment that is super useful or entertaining, that can have many applications, or simply is innovative and therefore desirable for many.

One of the main dilemmas when it comes to getting a gift is whether the person will like it. This is something we can tackle all at once with equipment such as a Blu Ray player or a portable pc, perhaps a camera or video recorder is a better option.

If it’s for children or young people whom you’re bringing home the present, you can be sure that with a video game console, whether it’s portable or desktop, a smile and a hug of thanks is more than guaranteed.

On the other hand we cannot forget about the ladies of the house, the wives, lovers, girlfriends, partners, couples or those loved ones who are very fond of or enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

For them, the best thing without any discussion is the appliances that will make their tasks in this space a lot easier. Think of a food processor, for example, they can be found in portable presentations as powerful as their larger counterparts, or as specialized and with a variety of application options.

Blenders, microwave ovens, kitchen tools and many other equipment are really good and should not be underestimated when selecting one or the other, remember, always take into account the tastes and preferences of the people to whom the gift is intended.

One point to note here is that of course this type of gift is not the cheapest on the list, on the contrary, they can be very expensive, so if your travel budget is a little tight it is best to consider some other option mentioned below.

Souvenirs and antiques

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If you are not one of those who value technology as an acceptable way to show your appreciation for someone else, then you will most likely consider the small souvenir items sold widely at the tourist sites of each country as a must have to take with you back home.

The truth is that these are the most popular as cool travel gifts because they have the advantage of being economical, quite colorful and extravagant or tender and exotic. They always have some characteristic of the area where they were bought so they have the memories of the trip you enjoyed with them.

In addition, some of them can be real jewels waiting to be found because, in some places, crafts are inherited from generation to generation and then put on sale to the public, as a gift from one culture to another. This makes these kinds of gifts very valuable too, but not only from a materialistic point of view.

Sweets and candies

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Another great favorite for travelers to take home as travel gifts; especially if children are waiting for you there. When visiting other faraway places to which one is accustomed, it is normal to find culinary novelties that delight the palate, but of course we cannot ask for an order to take on an ordinary restaurant and then put it on a plane.

That’s not how things work, but it’s no problem since candy can also be as diverse and exotic as the souvenirs and antiques we mentioned earlier.

They have the advantage of being durable and come in wrappings suitable for air transport so they are perfect for carrying, but also tend to be very economical giving us the advantage of being able to acquire many, so we will surely please the youngest and some adults too.

Clothing and accessories

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Finally we have to mention of course something we all use every day and no, I don’t mean a toothbrush. We all wear clothes and get dressed to do almost everything in our lives, even to our funeral we wear our best outfits, so it’s no wonder that getting a pair of pants or a dress, or excellent shoes as a gift is such a popular choice.

Here you have to be very careful, because the sizes matter, they matter a lot in fact. We don’t want to end up offending feelings in our attempt to cheer and enjoy. Because of this a good perfume, a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, are the most recommended garments. For gentlemen a wristwatch is never too much, even a fragrance or a bracelet are good options too.

In general, a cool travel gift is nothing more than a novelty acquired in another region or country, which was bought with the happiness of others in mind instead of ours and therefore the gesture, will be worth much more than the object itself, don’t think that spending a lot of money will make your gift a great one, remember always to think first on the likes and tastes of the person you’re buying for.