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Time is a very influential factor when it comes to making decisions about when and where to go on a tourist trip, and in order to set the time we must know what the best travel watch is that we can find in the market. It is a fact that time flies by in hours and hours of travel, but the differentiating element is the use we make of it.

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Options around the market

The world is a very large space and in different places we find time zones that change radically, which is difficult to distinguish by a traditional digital or analog clock. The technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years and it is thanks to this that it has become indispensable for any traveller to have an exact and automatic time zone that is being controlled. A clear example of this can be seen if a tourist travels from Venezuela to Spain, not only changes the time zones but also the regional and hemispheric ones, and what is sought in the best travel watch, is that it can control these aspects in a fast and simple way.

The models and brands are very varied in the market, as well as the prices, so in many cases we must determine which is the best option to take into consideration regarding style and utility. In modern times, it has become fashionable to use watches with operating systems, i.e., a variation of digital clocks, which although scarce, are a good option for updated travelers with interests beyond the usual.

We must be clear about many factors before deciding to buy any watch, and it is that our own criteria will tell us what the best travel watch is. The country and hemisphere is the main concept that we must manage safely, so that we can know how time passes in different parts of the country we are going to visit. In addition, we must allow ourselves the possibility of knowing exactly what the time is with regard to the movement of the sun, if, of course, we have no other alternatives.

Variety on demand

When it comes to categorizing watches, we often organize them according to the “strict purposes” that their creators had in mind. That translates into a world of diving watches, aviator watches, racing watches, formal watches, business watches, etc. But there is one category that hardly exists freely in the traditional sense while still being very important: “the best travel watch“.

What is a travel watch? Well, traditionally, a pocket watch was the original traveler’s watch, as it was designed to be portable. More recently, this type of watch has become a “more ambiguous category” that provides travelers with a number of functional and fashionable needs.

The question we are trying to answer in this article is “what are the elements of a good traveler’s watch?” Of course, the answer depends on where you’re going, but in the list below you’ll find a number of commonalities between these watches, even though there are different models that are good for travel.

  • The Classic Sporty GMT: Rolex GMT-Master IISIf many watches (including other models listed here) fall into this category, the Rolex GMT-Master II is probably the gold standard in GMT luxury sports watches. Attractive, durable and with a great history, few watches truly capture the great versatility and functionality of this classic sports watch, as well as the depth of its appeal.

On a basic level, the second GMT time zone hand offers time in a 24-hour format elsewhere. This means that you have the local time and a “reference time” to know (for example) the time in your hometown. GMT sports watches like the Rolex GMT-Master II also look versatile in style.

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  • Modern Analog Satellite Watch: Seiko Astron Chronograph It is not clear how well modern satellite-controlled electronic watches, such as the Seiko Astron, will do during the smartwatch era. But right now, there’s nothing in the world of smartwatches that doesn’t even come close to the universal appeal of Seiko’s Astron Chronograph. Perhaps the most important things to note are, first, that the battery inside the Astron is charged with light, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery; and second, that the clock itself connects to the satellites to automatically update the time and time zone on your clock.

Designed to have a certain elegant appeal, the Astron chronograph does not look like the typical “nerd’s gadget watch” – something that makes it even more attractive as a unique travel watch. Better yet, its real value of knowing the time anywhere through its direct connection to GPS signals means that it will be more valued when it’s further away from civilization, making It one of the best travel watch in the market.

  • Luxury Dive Watch On Rubber Strap: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT One might dismiss a luxury dive watch with a rubber strap as too casual or not very appropriate for all travel situations. Reasons are not lacking. If you are traveling and expect to wear a suit most of the time, your sports watches with colorful straps may not be a good idea.

However, if you are going on vacation or to a more tropical location, this can be an excellent choice. Rubber straps really shine in tropical environments or anywhere where it’s hot and you’re likely to sweat. You may also end up getting into the water or difficult terrain with this watch – something for which this model is undoubtedly designed.

  • Business World Time Chronograph: While world time watches are designed for travel, there are not too many of that type on this list. This complication is indeed very useful and available in a large number of watches. However, it is preferable when this complication is mixed with a chronograph so that you can get the benefit of a world timer with a touch of extra utility.

One of the most popular world time chronograph watches is the ww.tc Girard-Perregaux which has been offered in a variety of styles in recent years. Using an internal movement focused on elegance and contemporary style, these are great travel watches for people who like to keep track of time in various cities. In other words, like a travel watch, a model like a world time chronograph has the most relevant complications designed specifically for travel and will be useful on the wrists of many travelers.