The Best Way To Pack Clothes when Travelling


It’s time to pack your bags, the excitement of the previous days, the date is approaching when a new experience full of new occurrences and new places to visit begins, but a question arises: What should we take with us to avoid that unpleasant feeling that something is being forgotten?

Each trip represents a different possibility of objects that we will need to a greater or lesser extent, so making a specific list 100% infallible is impossible, but we will make the effort to name the most important items for a trip.

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Surely we have all had that feeling when we leave our house and it seems like we are forgetting something important, we are leaving something important, but we do not know what it is, it may be a key, the wallet, the phone, we check all our pockets but everything is in place.

We decided to continue and in the middle of the road we realized that we left behind an important paper that we had to take with us. This is very common with more inexperienced or careless travelers. That’s why those of us with a little more experience offer these tips or recommendations on the best travel items you should have in your hand luggage at all times.

Let’s start with the basics, as in everything, the easiest thing to think about is usually the first thing we pack or forget, there is no alternative, it always happens that way. A toothbrush, a toothpaste to go with it, a deodorant and a razor can never be missing from your repertoire.

These objects are of course for our personal care and cleanliness, one never knows when one might spend the night in an airport due to technical or weather problems, or perhaps in a cheap hotel because our budget is not enough for these unforeseen situations.

Oral hygiene must always be present, and our facial hair (in case of men) or any annoying hair on the legs or armpits if you are a woman we must be able to remove it at all times.

After the personal hygiene materials comes the indispensable medicines that we must take because we are in some exclusive treatment for some illness or special condition. Some may think that they may have problems with airport or bus terminal security, but if they carry the prescription for each medication, they will never have major inconveniences.

Once these things are stored in our hand luggage, the following comes next, and this should be more in reference to a trip itself, since we could always keep the above with us at all times in our wallet or backpack.

We must never forget to bring with us a device that allows us to find our location by means of GPS, be it our cell phone or some other specialized equipment. Remember, we are arriving in a new country, region or city and we probably don’t know anything at all about the surroundings and how to get around.

Substituting for the latter, a little more outdated but not obsolete is the map. A sheet of paper of considerable size but that is folded so that it is quite portable and takes up little space; these usually show the same information as a GPS, such as the name and location of the streets, as well as the name of the cities and districts that make up them.

Depending on what means of transport you use, the destination of your trip and the safety involved, you may even choose to carry a Swiss Army knife. As a multi-purpose tool, there is none that beats even Swiss Army Knives. Nowadays there are countless varieties, from the most expensive to the most economical.

They all perform a variety of functions that can be useful in countless events so why not bring one? Of course, we cannot forget our cell phones, which are the best and most modern multipurpose tool out there.

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With everything but the ability to cut a cord, smartphones now have such a variety of applications that they can help us find our way around the world, trace a route to our destination and then guide us to it.

We can find all kinds of shops and restaurants as well as entertainment places. By a very large margin the phone is one of the most important items we should bring with us on a trip.

Another item that we will surely want to bring with us is a video camera or maybe if we are not fans of home videos a camera will suffice. We all always want to keep our memories of the things we experience on a trip, for example family, or vacation.

But it’s not always possible because our phone runs out of memory or just can’t take the best pictures. Well, that’s why there are dedicated cameras for these tasks.

While the specifications of the cameras installed on many latest-generation modern devices are not much to envy of a dedicated camera, it will never be the same, or at least not for the foreseeable future.

The resolution, contrast and detail that a camera can capture are simply unparalleled and essential to capture and seal those precious memories for posterity.

It is also worth mentioning those accessories that will make the trip more comfortable, more bearable, preventing annoying cramps or muscle aches for the positions we must maintain for a long time, of course I am referring to the pillows or travel cushions.

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Those fluffy little friends of the frequent flyer who adjust to the head, back or legs, who are full of little expanded polystyrene. It is well known that seats installed on commercial airplanes or long-distance road buses are more than uncomfortable so these kinds of problems are quite common.

They are always exaggeratedly close to each other to save space and to be able to introduce more people on each trip, therefore, freedom of movement and the most comfortable positions are not attainable, unless of course you travel in VIP class, but as that is not the most common thing, you don’t need to even consider it in the idea.

That’s why pillows are so popular with travelers because they provide support for the back, neck and head, which prevents muscle aches and pains from tiredness or exhaustion. There are many other things we can take with us to make our trip as enjoyable as possible so evaluate the conditions of your particular experience and don’t forget to take into account all that has been explained here.