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For any traveler or tourist interested in exploring new places in different continents, it has always been a priority to have a specific order of how you want to carry your luggage. We will learn which are the best travel bags for Europe, which provide the best support and functionality, as well as the style that should never be lost when traveling to such distant lands, having the tools at hand to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

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Why to choose a bag for traveling across Europe?

Maybe it’s a question that answers itself, but in case you have any doubts we’ll tell you why to choose on a traveling bag.

When it comes to sea, air, land, or other travel. It is always important to keep your belongings in a special backpack or bag in which all our materials fit, beyond being a striking accessory, its function is based more on the functional than on anything else, which is why many tourists who go to places like London, Berlin, France, among others, are kept in search of the best travel bags for Europe.

Yes, and this is due to the fact that the temperatures on this side of the hemisphere are quite changeable (although almost constantly cold) and the materials and quality of the bags to be used during holidays in this region, must be created with special elements that can protect the physical and functional integrity of each item we have in the bag. The best travel bags for Europe, are able to repel any direct action of the environment on its surface, protecting its contents at all times.

How to choose?

  • Weight distribution on the hip.

The best travel bags for Europe should have special straps which are fastened at waist height, it is necessary that the weight of the backpack falls on the hip (at least 80% of the weight must fall here) and not on your shoulders or back so you avoid hurting yourself.

Try to get a bag that fits your torso size (shoulder-to-hip height), or at least one in which you can adjust the height of these straps.

  • Internal structure.

Most of today’s bags have an internal structure that gives them shape and allows them to fit better on your back, try to find one that provides structure but does not add a lot of weight. The empty backpack should not weigh much, most of the time this weight is due to the internal structure they have.

  • Front straps.

Today, almost all the best travel bags for Europe have straps that you can buckle up to your chest. Buy a travel backpack where you can adjust the height of the straps, look for the height to be to your chest and not higher.

  • Various accesses.

Most bags are loaded from the top, modern styles can be accessed from a zipper placed on the side and also on the bottom. This will help you get things out of the backpack without having to empty them all out.

  • Padlocks.

Look for the accesses that your backpack has, so that you can place some padlock to prevent them from opening it, usually with 2 zippers that you can put a padlock on them is enough.

A padlock will not only prevent it from being opened, it will also prevent it from opening itself, it will sound strange but it has happened to me.

  • Rain cover.

The new backpacks already have a rain cover on the bottom inside a bag. It’s a plus to have it already included, in case your backpack doesn’t have it, don’t worry, you can buy one separately.

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The bests travel bags for Europe:

Thanks to a search in forums and collaborative sites for tourism, in addition to the different opinions provided by satisfied customers, we can mention which are (for the consideration of the travel community) the best travel bags for Europe. Among these we have:

  1. Deuter Act Lite 40 + 10 (for women): Women’s bodies are different from men’s, and Deuter has been a brand that has been able to capture this in its various backpacks. The Act Lite is a practical and functional backpack with special straps that move to fit your exact torso size.

Plus, it has pockets in the right places for you to keep all your personal items, and you can reach them easily. It is made of a lightweight, yet durable material; it is generally an excellent choice for adventure.

  1. Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 (for men): The Osprey brand has become a favorite for many travelers thanks to the functionality and variety of their backpacks. This one in particular, offers an excellent value for money, as you get a practical, durable and versatile backpack for a very comfortable price.

The Osprey Atmos 65 is ideal for any trip, thanks to its ideal size, its durable, resistant material and its multiple pockets.

  1. Vaude Asymmetric: With a volume between 52 + 8 litres in total, it is known as one of the best travel bags for Europe, due to the amount of material it can store inside and the ease of organization that we can make for each particular item. It is ideal for people looking for a comfortable carrying accessory for their clothes, food and other instruments that are useful for long term travel.
  2. North Face Terra: It’s one of the best options to take into account if you want to take long walks along the roads and streets of European cities. It is quite common to see many travelers wearing bags like these, carrying what they need to survive a week or even days. It has a unique style with an enviable quality that is very resistant to the elements and its prolonged exposure, with a volume of 50 liters and a weight of less than 2Kg, is one of the preferred alternatives for tourists in terms of comfort, in addition to the means of protection offered by the material with which it is made.