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In Europe for most people, a suitcase is still their number one choice when it comes to choosing their luggage for travel. These people are often regarded as ‘traditional travelers’, those who have travelled all their lives with a suitcase and don’t even think about changing it.

The majority of luggage users are usually adults who want a comfortable option to travel, without the need to bother too much. Traveling with a suitcase rather than a backpack has several advantages and can be the ideal option for many travelers regardless of their age.

Resultado de imagen para European travelers

Better Protection for Your Things

A suitcase has the advantage of having a stronger material, mainly on the outside. You’ve probably seen suitcases that look like they’re made of iron on the outside, because this is precisely to prevent them from being mistreated.

Inside a suitcase, all your clothes and belongings are usually better protected than inside a backpack, for example your clothes are more likely to wrinkle inside a backpack, than inside a suitcase.

Although backpacks are usually quite resistant, the reality is that if we speak in simple terms, a suitcase usually endures more the hard movement that is usually carried by luggage during a trip (transfers in airports, trucks, etc.).

  • Don’t carry anything on your shoulders and back

With a wheeled suitcase, you won’t have to carry anything on your back, which makes it very comfortable if you carry a lot of things. All you have to do is drag it wherever you go, and this usually doesn’t involve any great effort.

This is a great advantage to relieve weight on your back and shoulders.

  • Easier to pack and store more stuff

A suitcase fits more, this is a fact that is almost always true. Besides, packing all these things is usually much easier inside a suitcase, where you simply put them in and close them.

  • Simple access

To access your things in a suitcase, simply place it on a flat surface and open it to find anything. I think one of the main complaints of backpackers is that finding something can be uncomfortable.

With a suitcase it is very easy and fast to access practically all your things.

  • Cheap

The prices of the suitcases are usually cheaper than those of the backpacks. You will find very cheap suitcases, which can be adapted to almost any budget.

  • You find them everywhere.

If you want to look for a suitcase to travel, you can find it practically anywhere, and of different types, in a supermarket, department stores, etc.

This makes it much easier to buy a suitcase, as for example to buy a backpack you must go to a special store or buy it online.

After reading the advantages of using a suitcase for travel, you may still be wondering whether or not to take one with you on your next trip. The reality is that the decision depends on several factors, so here are some of them.

Choose a travel luggage if:

  • You don’t want to carry. If you want to travel without complications and without putting weight on your back, travel with a suitcase. Although you’ll probably have to carry it around sometimes, in most cases you’ll just have to drag it.
  • Transfers are easy. If you don’t plan to use public transport in a city and you are going to travel by taxi or private car, then a suitcase is easy and convenient. You’ll literally pass it from the airport to the taxi, from the taxi to the hotel and that’s it.
  • You are traveling to a “special” destination. By special I mean, for example, if you travel on business, or only travel for a couple of days to the beach with your partner. In this type of trip to special destinations, it is recommended that you take a suitcase with you.
  • Your itinerary is simple. If you travel to a nearby city for example, I recommend that you take a suitcase with you. It will be easier because you will not be in constant movement from one place to another.
  • You want to wear a lot of clothes. If you travel to a destination where you want or need to carry different types of clothes, a suitcase is a good option because it fits more things, and you can organize them better

The Best Suitcases On the European Market

Heys Xcase Luggage

The Heys Xcase suitcases are some of the best because they are robust and of high quality. You have three sizes and 9 colors in glossy finish. The X case was created in 2003 and has been the lightest case in the world ever since.

The suitcase has a fantastic design and also has multidirectional wheels to make it very comfortable to carry. The handle to pull the case is specially adapted to facilitate its transport, it slides easily unlike other cases that are difficult to handle.

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Samsonite Cosmolite

Another of the best luggage of the world of the famous brand Samsonite. They come in four sizes from 55cm to 85cm and in seven beautiful colors from black, silver grey to emerald green, burgundy or blue.

One of the brands with the most fame and tradition in the manufacture of suitcases and all types of luggage, Samsonite.

With a shell-shaped design that doesn’t go unnoticed made of thermoplastic molded with Curv® technology, it holds up well to impact but is also very light. 4 multi-directional, soft and quiet wheels allow 360° travel.

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Rimowa Sauce Air

The best luggage to travel

A brand known for its sturdy aluminum cases. The Salsa Air is made of polycarbonate and has a TSA combination lock, as well as a telescopic handle and four wheels. It is offered in five eye-catching colors. Ultra violet, ice blue, lima green, navy blue and white. Dimensions: 68x45x25.5cm, weight 2,9 kg, approximate price from $360

Las mejores maletas para viajar

How to Pack?

To optimize space, it is necessary to pack the rolled clothes, even if you do it correctly you will avoid wrinkling, another recommendation is to place the socks or socks inside the shoes. Try to fill in all the empty spaces in the suitcase or backpack, the order is as follows

First what you will wear the last few days, in between your underwear and sleeping clothes, and on top of all the clothes you will wear on the first day or days of your trip, the shoes should go to the sides.