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Whether you are traveling internationally or within the national territory, the airplane travel accessories are one of the most important needs in terms of recursiveness and tools that any traveler should have on hand at any time. There is a very complete and descriptive variety of all these items and the function they serve in order to make your trip much more enjoyable. We invite you to read on to learn more about the travel accessories that can benefit you on a flight.

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The best airplane accessories

  1. Flight pillow: It’s earned the reputation of being one of the best airplane travel accessories and believe me, it is. Who hasn’t wanted one in mid-flight?

One of the reasons it has become so popular is that they are inflatable, which means maximum portability. It’s inflated, used, deflated and stored. There is now a new airplane pillow, specially designed for situations where the seat cannot be reclined properly. This pillow – much larger than the previous one – rests on the skirt. The person should lean forward to rest.

  1. Universal adapter: This simple accessory has two functions: on the one hand it is a power adapter, so that you can use your technological devices in a country with different voltage. The other function is to allow you to connect your devices and battery chargers to incompatible sockets. It’s really something you’re gonna miss if you don’t wear it.
  2. Solar battery charger: This great invention can even replace the previous one. It has thousands of advantages: it’s eco-friendly, works anywhere in the world (as long as it’s sunny) and with any rechargeable battery powered device: cell phone, video game, GPS, MP3 player and digital camera, it’s without a doubt one of those airplane travel accessories you should have in your package.
  3. GPS: A GPS (or Global Positioning System) can do many things for you: give you guidance, give you information about where you are or where you want to go, and even provide you with detailed maps of specific areas.
  4. Water purifier: Depending on the type of trip you make, a water purifier can be very useful, especially if you intend to go for walks or expeditions. If you plan to stay active in places away from a drinking water supply, include a water purifier in your airplane travel accessories. The latest models in portable purifiers come in an ultra-lightweight presentation of about 200 grams.
  5. Gorillapod Tripod: How many times have you tried to take an automatic picture and had nowhere to put your camera? For those types of photos and others that seem impossible, you can take the Gorillapod tripod. This accessory has adjustable legs that grip anything: tree branches, metal pipes, seats… It can get tangled in a mast and even rest on your head. It’s the latest in travel accessories and photography. It also works as a support.
  6. Penknife: If you are going on an expedition A good penknife is useful on any type of trip: it opens bottles and cans, cuts, can be unscrewed… Anyway, it takes up very little space and gets you out of trouble. How many reasons do you need to convince yourself?

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  1. Concealed safe deposit box: If you carry valuables (and that includes a good number of bills) you’ll want to hide them to avoid theft and run out of your valuables. Nowadays, several companies as offer airplane travel accessories just as safety boxes camouflaged in an infinity of products: deodorants, soda cans, repellents, cleaners, books, etc. With an average value of $20 it can be an excellent investment not to lose much more.
  2. Global reach cell phone: Most cell phones have a range within a region. If you travel far, especially out of the country, you may not be able to use it anymore. Even more so if you visit a remote area… For this type of trip there is a new generation of cell phones that allows you to talk in more than 100 countries. The National Geographic phone is a good example and costs $99 (it can also be rented at $18 per week) but there are models of other brands for only $49 and with a range of 150 countries. An irreplaceable accessory for those who need to stay in touch.
  3. Electronic translator: The dream of any traveller visiting abroad. Within what technology can offer a traveler, this is one of the most incredible devices and airplane travel accessories we can find. The conventional electronic translator understands approximately one thousand sentences in 12 languages. It’s not perfect, but it works in any fairly normal conversation you might have with a local. It’s about 70 bucks. We think they’re worth it. There are translators with up to 20 languages!
  4. Travel eye mask: Many airline passengers and travelers often have light problems while boarding the plane. A pill can help us to fall asleep, but it is better to pull on the traditional and bet on a comfortable travel eye mask that will make the darkness before us. This situation would be even better if we added earplugs to it.
  5. Clothes bag: During the days that our trip lasts, it is usual to wear a lot of clothes, let’s not go to repeat outfit. The problem is where to leave the laundry and the clothes we can put back on. This classification would be easier with the use of these bags, each one designed for a different thing, it works as a perfect airplane travel accessory.
  6. Bag identifier: Every time we travel by plane and check in, we run the risk of our suitcase disappearing or being picked up by mistake by another traveller. To avoid this, there is nothing better than marking it with this identified card, a card that will not go unnoticed and that ensures that no one takes your luggage by mistake.
  7. Glasses case: Many people have a large number of sunglasses, each one depending on the clothes they wear. If this is your case, this leather case is what you need to ensure that your glasses always travel safely and securely.