cheap road bikes under 200

Cheap Road Bikes under 200 are they any good?

Road bikes are a great way to get to work.  Not only are they great but they also make you safer on the roads compared to using a mountain bike.  This is because they are built to travel at faster speeds so you can keep up with traffic.

In a Hurry? Below are the most popular road bikes under 200:

Overview of cheap road bikes under 200

  • Our Pick is the Hiland Road Bike.
  • Close second is the Kent RoadTech.
  • Another great choice but only a single fixed gear – 6KU Fixie.
  • We also reviewed the Outroad which is slightly over the 200 range.

Cheap Road Bikes under 200

Our Pick

Hiland Road Bike

✅ 14 Speed Shifter
✅ 5’6″ – 6’3″ Height supported
✅ 700 x 25c Tires

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The Hiland road bike is our pick of the bunch that we got our hands on to test.  Overall the hiland road bike is a great cheap road bike under 200.  It uses quality components including a 14 speed shifter.  Which we found gave a good gear ratio for commuting to and from work on a daily basis.

The Hiland comes in two different sizes supporting a riders height from 5’6″ to 6’3″.

It would’ve been nice to see a larger shifter maybe a 21 speed to increase speed on the flat.  However, for the price of under 200 dollars.  The Hiland ticks all the boxes you’d expect at this price range.

For a beginner rider this is a great bike to get yourself on the road and commuting without forking out a lot of money for you to only find out that cycling isn’t for you.

Upgrade Pick

Outroad Road Bike

✅ 21 Speed Shifter
✅ Alloy Frame
✅ Rider Height: 5’4″ – 6’2″

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Although just over the 200 budget.  We included the outroad road bike to show you what you can get for the added extra bucks.

Compared to the Hiland the Outroad uses an alloy frame compared to the Hilands steel frame.

And for the extra dollars you get a 21 speed shifter instead of the 14 speed.  And it also supports riders from 5’4″ to 6’2″.

Overall we found the Outroad to be in similar quality to the Hiland road bike that was our choice.  But if specifications is what sells a bike to you then for the extra dollars you can get an alloy frame and the 7 added gears.  Which could come in handy if you’re commuting in a hilly area.

Also Great

Kent RoadTech

✅ 21 Speed Shifter
✅ Vitesse Racing Seat
✅ 700c Tires

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Another great cheap road bike under 200 is the Kent RoadTech.

The Kent RoadTech is the cheapest of the four that we tested.

Includes a 21 speed shifter and a racing seat.

However, we did notice that the bike felt quite slow compared to the Hiland.

We put it down to the gear ratio’s but we could be wrong on this.

Overall, we found that if you are commuting short distances then the Kent felt quite good.  However, if you commute on fast roads or are commuting long distances then we’d definitely suggest skipping this and checking out our pick or the upgraded pick instead.

Single Speed Pick

6KU Fixie

Single Speed
✅ Double Wall Alloy Wheel
✅ Multiple Colors

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The 6KU is a slightly different road bike as it is a single speed.  If you’re not interested in a single speed and want at least 14 gears then skip this pick.

We included the 6KU primarily because it fits in the under 200 price range and is suitable if you commute in the city.

City commuting with minimal hills is probably the only time I’d recommend getting a single speed road bike.

With a modern appeal the 6KU comes is various colors to suit your style.

You can easily remove the front break if looks is near the top of your list.

The flip flop hub allows you to choose your riding style whether you want to let the bike cruise or keep your legs in constant control.

With five different sizes available it supports riders heights between 4’11” all the way to 6’5″.

Our Research

Why Trust Us
Who are they for
How we picked and tested
Sizing and Adjustments
Care and Maintenance
The Competition
Similar Reviews

Why Trust Us

As part of USAALL we strive to find the best deals and high quality bikes that meet our high standards.  We use both first hand reviews as well as taking into consideration both positive and negative reviews from sites like amazon and walmart before we suggest them to our visitors.  Therefore you can be sure that all the bikes we recommend have hundreds of positive reviews.

Who are they for

Road bikes are primarily for users who commute to work or a user who’s sole purpose is to use the bike on the road and paved surfaces.

Users who plan to use the bike on single tracks roads and trails should checkout our other guides in the Similar Reviews section at the bottom of this page.

Cheap road bikes under 200 should be aimed at users who are looking to get into road cycling.  Beginners at road cycling should always use a cheaper bike to start off with to make sure they are comfortable with commuting on the roads.  Before you go out and by an expensive road bike.

Even if you’re not a beginner.  The road bikes reviewed provide a good range of budget chocies that are suitable for anyone looking to purchase a road bike.

How we picked and tested

We first off narrowed down our search for cheap road bikes under 200 by looking on popular eCommerce websites and checking the reviews.  From this we gathered a list of 8 road bikes under 200 that had hundreds of positive reviews across those sites.

We then narrowed down the search to four road bikes that we have reviewed in this post by speaking to an experienced cyclist who uses road bikes to commute to work on a daily basis.  From his conclusions we chose the three standard road bikes.  But he also suggested the single speed 6KU as an alternative for someone who commutes within the city as a good alternative to the other cheap road bikes under 200 that we looked at.

Sizing and Adjustments

Choosing the right size frame is important to making sure the bike you purchase is the right size.  A bike size chart can be seen below for the recommended frame sizes depending on your height. road bike size chart

Once you’ve purchased your new road bike it’s important to make sure that the saddle height is correct.

Having the saddle at the wrong height doesn’t just make the ride a bit uncomfortable but you’ll also start to get pain in your knee.

When setting your saddle height it’s important that there is a slight bend in your leg when your foot is on the pedal and at the furthest distance.  See the image below for the optimal saddle height.

correct road bike saddle height

You’ll notice that when the pedal is at the bottom of the crank there is still a slight bend in your leg.

This is so your not over stretching when pedaling which can lead to knee pain.

Care and Maintenance

If you want your bike to last a long time.  Then it’s important to keep good care and maintenance.

The five basic care and maintenance tips any cyclist should do are:

Make sure the drive train is clear and well lubricated.

If you hear the sound of metal grinding this could be a sign of your drive train not being lubricated.  Not keeping your drive train lubricated increases the chances of your drive train causing you problems.  It’s also important to make sure you remove all the dirt that can clog up your drive train.

Keep tires inflated to the correct pressures.

Keeping your tires at the right pressure should be near the top of your list.  Having your tire pressures to low and you’ll have to work harder to keep at the high speeds you’ll get to on your road bike.  Likewise if you put to much pressure in your tires then you’ll start getting more flats.

Make sure all bolts are kept tight.

It’s important to regular check your bikes nut and bolts and make sure they’re kept tight.  Loose nuts and bolts can lead to your bike rattling which isn’t a good sound.  And especially on road bikes you don’t want anything falling off the bike whilst your travelling at fast speeds.

Correctly adjust brakes.

Once again because you’ll be travelling at fast speeds it’s important that you can stop effectively.  Not adjusting your brakes correctly increases your overall stopping distance which could put yourself in danger.

Keep the bike clean.

Overall keeping your bike clean and keeping on top of all the maintenance tasks increases the life of the components and makes sure you won’t have to be buying a new bike anytime soon.

The Competition

Due to the budget being a t the low end.  When it comes to competition ion this price range there aren’t many competitors.  However our pick the Hiland road bike has a couple of close competitors.

The first competitor is that is also in the Kent RoadTech which we also reviewed.

If you can afford up to 300.  Then there are a few competitors that you should potentially look at.  One being the Vilano R2 on Amazon with similar specs to the Hiland Road Bike, but with an aluminium frame instead.

If you were thinking of getting a very popular american brand in Schwinn.  Then you’ll be looking at the 300 – 400 dollar range.  However, even though Schwinn Volare on Amazon may be out of your price range you know that you’ll be getting very high quality components as well as Schwinn’s limited lifetime warranty that they offer on almost all of there bikes.

Overall cheap road bikes under 200 there isn’t to much competition that match the quality and specifications of the four road bikes we reviewed.  However, moving up the price ladder is where it starts to get more competitive and brings you a much bigger choice.

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