Best Schwinn Adult Tricycle – First Hand Experience

Schwinn Adult Tricycle – My Experience

If you don’t know Schwinn is a bicycle company that was founded in 1895 in Chicago.  Since then Schwinn has been known for building high quality and relatively inexpensive bikes.  Schwinn manufacture bikes for all age ranges and have recently over the past 5 years dipped into the tricycle market.  At first they may not have been known to be the best tricycle on the market.  But the last couple of years since 2017, they seem to have hit the nail on the head.  By Manufacturing the Schwinn adult tricycle to a very high quality level, and its a tricycle’s that don’t have you aching the next morning.

Tricycles have many benefits over a standard bike.  Apart from the obvious disadvantage of size.  Tricycles allow for safer riding, making many riders feeling more comfortable.  Although before you go ahead and buy a Schwinn adult tricycle there are a few things that I’d consider before making the purchase.


Firstly, tricycles are easier to ride.  It doesn’t require you to have to balance unlike a regular bicycle.  As well as not requiring to put your foot down when coming to a stop.

Secondly, opting for a Schwinn adult tricycle, the durable construction of the frame that Schwinn are undoubtedly known for.  You can be rest assured that the quality is going to be top notch.  Schwinn’s tricycles have been redesigned to a modern look, as well as offering stability and balance that is known within a tricycle.

Tricycles can be known for the handlebars being to far away.  A problem Schwinn had with the initial tricycles that were made.  But the Schwinn adult tricycles below have all fixed this issue.


One thing you should definitely know about tricycles compared to a normal bike is the much larger turning circle.  This makes them more difficult to control.  If your going to be using you tricycle to get through traffic or tight spaces this would be a problem.

Another disadvantage is due to the extra wheel and added frame construction.  You’ll find there usually a lot heavier making them more difficult to move about.  Following up on this the obvious larger and wider frames mean that you’ll need more space to store the tricycle.

Having the added wheel and brake line.  You’re going to need to have increased maintenance taking care of all three wheels.  Usually tricycles are used to carry extra items which adds extra weight and strain to the bike.  Therefore keeping regular maintenance is key to making sure the tricycle lasts a lot longer.

A safety concern of a tricycle when riding on the road is the visibility of the rider in car and van mirrors.  Due to the lower seats and frame construction it can be quite difficult for people to see you in there mirrors.  So make sure you always wear the correct protective gear and be more cautious of vehicles turning or pulling out of intersections.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

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The Schwinn meridian adult tricycle is attractive for multiple reasons.  The first being the 7 different color combinations making it appeal to pretty much every user.  The adjustable handle bars on this model is what makes it accessible for nearly every user.  With the recommended heights being between 5’4″ – 6’2″ the handlebars can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Schwinn are known for the exceptional build quality and the Low Step-Through Aluminum frame shows the durability and sturdiness of this tricycle.  It’s worth noting looking at the image below.  That the low Step-through frame makes it easily accessible to get on and off without catching your legs on the frame.  Many reviews including myself noted that the thought and innovation of the curved frame makes this one of the best tricycles that offer this Step-Through feature.


schwinn adult tricycle

- Low Step-Through Frame
- Supports upto 300 lbs
- High quality components
- Easy to Assemble
- Adjustable Handlebars
- Not the most comfortable seats
- Heavy to maneuver

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Extra Facts

The Schwinn meridian comes with both front and rear pull hand brakes.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Put less stress on your back with the adjustable seat and handle bars, which allows you to find the most comfortable position for you.

The large rear basket is 18.5″ x 22.5″ x 11.5″ tall.  With the ability to fold flat if your not using it.

Suitable for users from 5’4″ to 6’2″.

5 Advantages of Adult Tricycles

#1. Reassurance

It’s known that many adults are taking up tricycles instead of a standard bicycle primarily due to the improved safety.  Giving the user and increased level of reassurance.

#2. Stability

If your balance isn’t your best asset.  A tricycle offers the additional stability with the extra wheel.

#3. Increasing fitness levels

A tricycle allows more people to cycle which has been proven to be one of the best activities to increase fitness levels without putting to much stress on your body.  Although a bicycle offers the same fitness levels.  A tricycle is more accessible to a lot more users who might not be able to use a standard bike.

#4. Increased comfort

A tricycle offers increased comfort for most riders.  A tricycle seat is designed to distribute the weight from the rider over a larger area.  Ultimately helping in reducing any strain or pain from a normal bike when have to sit up.

#5.  Outdoor Exercising

Everyone knows that breathing in fresh air is better for you than a stuffy small room where you may have been exercising previously.  Cycling makes the user get up and out.