Why You Should Really Wear a Cycle Helmets for Commuters

Through all the things that humans do in the daily routine, something is common. A sense of safety and security is a common thing. Whether or not a person does a thing is dependent on the fact that thing is safe and doesn’t threat the life of a person. Now obviously there are circumstances where people do certain things that endanger their life, but they are not under normal circumstances.

For ages, inventions have been done and discoveries have been made to make the processes that we come across daily, more efficient and more effective. Humans have developed the tools and techniques that they have used. One of the most successful inventions in the history of humankind is a helmet.

What Bought It Into The Day-To-Day Life?

Basketball is a part of the day to day life of many people. But little did people know about the fact that the modern-day helmet that we wear comes from the initiative that was taken by some gamekeepers. James Naismith often called by some other popular name, invented helmet. The person realized that the head is the part that is to be taken care of the most, and designed a protective gear for it. Cycle helmets for commuters have also been one of the most used accessories.

How Many Different Types Of Helmets Are Available?

From the two-wheeler helmet to the helmet that the workers use inside the factory or the mine, helmets serve only one person that is to provide extra strength and support to the cranial bones. In the time of a crash, the helmet closely holds your skull, not letting any kind of damage happening to it. In the earlier times, the helmets were being developed, so they did not have any other purpose and type than what was being used in the wars.

  • The cycle helmets are made up of some kind of silicon or just plastic wrapped around in a head like structure.
  • Then there are helmets that the people who own motorized two-wheelers wear. They are a bit funky and casual looking.
  • Then there are helmets with a light mount in the front that helps the person to see in the night.
  • Cushioned and non-cushioned helmets are also available in the market.
  • Then there are different brands selling the same helmet with a very little difference.

Benefits Of Wearing A Helmet

Used as a life saviour from generations and times, the helmet is now used for quite a few purposes. It is more of a style statement these days. Helmets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. For people who have big heads to those who want a cartoon character printed on their helmet. Cycle helmets for commuters are very necessary. Some of the benefits of helmets are:

  • It protects the human head against any kind of damage, in a crash or a mishappening.
  • Other than that, it protects against the dust and pollution on the road. Our face is very sensitive towards the dust particles, and they can cause problems like acne and infections on our face. The helmet creates a barrier between the polluted air and the face.
  • The helmet also protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.

Though the helmet was originally prepared for the people who went to the wars, even a college-going student in today’s time has to wear the helmet, and especially Cycle helmet for commuters is very necessary. Be it on a bicycle, or a motorbike, wearing a helmet has been made mandatory by the government of all the states. If you are found without a helmet and you are riding a vehicle that has your head exposed, you will be fined. People recently were not taking this law seriously, not realizing that this has been created for their benefit. Not wearing a helmet has been a major problem for the law enforcing bodies. Hence the fine has been increased and is very high now. In some of the countries, the vehicle can also be confiscated.

One of the major reason people are wearing helmets these days is that they do not want to pay the heavy fine. They worry about their lifeless and the money they possess more; this is the case. This is the level of humanity that we are living up to in today’s time.

Riding A Bicycle To The Office

While there are people that use cars and public transport to commute to work, there are people that also use their bicycles. Riding a bicycle is not only beneficial for health, but it also doesn’t even pollute the environment. No harmful emission from the exhaust as well. So it is a win-win situation for the rider as well as nature. Though it is not possible for everyone to commute this way, Cycle helmets for commuters it is not a bad option as well.

But taking care of oneself is also important. Hence taking proper safety measures is also important. Wearing protective gears while driving is very necessary. One shall always be ready for any kind of situation. Helmets, elbow guards, knee guards, and wrist straps are some of the accessories that can be used for protection while driving a bicycle to work.

  • The helmet is like the most obvious thing one could wear. They come in various designs when it comes to bicycle helmets. They are made up of high-quality polystyrene and a certain number of foam lines inside to provide the extra cushioning.
  • The elbow guards are worn on the elbows. Because according to an observed pattern, the most prone areas to injuries in a two-wheeler crash is the elbow, the wrist, and the head. So it is necessary to guard the elbows. A cushiony cup kind of a thing sits on the elbow with the help of velcro belts.
  • The knee guard is something similar. The size is a bit larger as it has to cover the entire knee.
  • Some of the most stylish accessories that one can wear while driving a bicycle is the wrist straps. They come in various colors, and if your bicycle manufacturer is a big brand, they would have already tied up with some protective gear company and will provide with the monochrome protective gears. They match the color of the bicycle and look very classy when worn.

How To Get These Gears?

If you want these, you do not need to worry. There are various manufacturers who sell it online as well as offline. You can both walk into a showroom and see for yourself, or you may simply select the brand and the model online and then just order the desired settings you want.

The craze of bicycle riding has increased a lot in the past few years. There have been events and shows the same. People love to perform stunts from their bikes and the audience loves to cheer for their favorite rider. All these people try and wear all kinds of possible protective gear. Because if they crash, the accident that happens, it might be lethal. Although any kind of protective gear does not ensure hundred percent protection and it is not necessary that it saves you every time, but it adds up to the chances of being saved.

Realization Is Important

Although this is much more seen in the movies, there are people in real life as well who commute to the office with cycles. The majority of these people are from the younger portion of society. But these people also gain a different level of respect. They are doing something for nature. It is already so polluted, the air around us, the water that rains, all such natural means have been polluted. A major chunk of the pollutants is emitted from the exhausts of the cars and other vehicles that run on fuels.

So it is better that one starts realizing the importance of the environment and do certain steps so that we may leave the world as a better place for the upcoming generations. According to certain researches and reports, the world’s average temperature would rise by two degree Celsius. Global warming is the obvious reason and then the level of air suspended particulate is also rising. All these pollutants are emitted by the artificial cooling devices that we humans often use as a luxury here.

It is very important to take care of convenience, but one shall never hinder the natural sense of equilibrium, which already is disturbed. If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. Hence by doing small things, one can save apparently bigger earth. Commuting to the office or one’s workplace by bicycle is one of the things. So try to use these eco-friendly ways of commuting, and do not forget Cycle helmets for commuters is very necessary.

What Is A Helmet?

A helmet is a kind of cap, worn on the head. The difference is in the material it is made up of. It is usually made up of some kind of hard material that can safeguard your head in case of a crash, or something hits your head with full force. It is designed in a way to protect the human skull and the brain. They can be made up of almost any material that has shock-absorbing characteristics. Some new materials are even layered, for extra comfort.

The word is derived or comes from the medieval word helm, which means a gear that can protect the head, in combat or a fight. The helmets were invented back in the times of some of the most fierce emperors and soldiers. When they went out on a campaign, since they fought by completely manual weapons, they protected their heads by wearing a metal plate around it. It was made for a real head, and with time, the structure of the helmets has kept on improving.

Where Was The Helmet Invented?

The first evidence of the existence of a round container having openings for the face dates back to almost eight hundred before Christ. The Corinthian Helmet was the first kind of helmet that the warriors used. Then came the Spangenhelm helmet. It had improvements in the coverage of the area of the protection.  It was invented between six hundred and tenth century. Cheek pieces are what made this helmet different. Then came the various types like Nasal Helm, which had a long protection layer for the nasal area of a person and the Kettle Helm. It was native to the French.

The Bascinet and the Sallet are some of the examples from the more recent times. The improvements were the use of refined and stronger metal. At the same time, the helmet was lightweight as well. It was also resistant against corrosion and rust.

What Made Helmets Famous?

The revolutions in the central regions of the world saw a lot of war and blood. These helmets were used extensively in all these wars. So people also came to know about it. Then again it was like a new invention and a miraculous gear. Head is considered as one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Before the invention of the helmet, the head was all exposed in the war. Just one strong attack on the head and your opponent is down. People and the armies of the world were surprised to see that by just wearing one layer of metal on the head, the damage that a human head cab takes, increases by manifold times. The swords had to cut through the hard metal layer, before taking away someone’s life.

Literature has also played an important role in making helmets famous. In some of the classics of the planet, there are wars, and the warriors are shown wearing these metal plates all around their faces and their head. People while reading this always wondered that how can someone escape the attack done by swords or other weapons.

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.