I Tested these Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks and chose these 5

Below is a comprehensive review of the top five best ocean fishing kayak of 2018

Reviewing the Top 5 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak of 2018

Two Types of Kayaks?


When looking for the best ocean fishing kayak there are many advantages of using a sit on top kayak because of the space it offers.  If you are going out for the day and taking a lot of gear the sit on top kayaks is the best choice.

Alternatively a sit in kayak, this is where your legs are enclosed within the kayak.  A sit in kayak offers more stability when maneuvering around.  If you are not very confident or haven’t used a kayak before a sit in kayak is the better choice for beginners, however you do lack the space.


Maneuvering and Stability

Choosing a kayak that is easy to manoeuvre is essential when in the ocean due to the strong current and waves of the ocean.  Having a strong and stable kayak will help you through these tough conditions, and will help you prevent tipping over whilst in the kayak.

Using what they call a V-shaped or Rounded hulls can be better for the ocean and can act as a secondary stability, these are also easier and quicker when manoeuvring through the ocean.

Ideally you will want to look for a kayak that has a rudder or skeg, this often helps with making it easier to turn in stronger winds and currents from the ocean.  It gives you that extra edge along with your paddle in order to fight against the current.



Depending on whether you go with a Sit on Kayak or a Sit in Kayak will majorly depend on the amount of storage you will have.  Having a large amount of storage can be extremely useful if you plan to go fishing or do other activities.

When looking for ocean kayaks you are best off checking how much dry storage there is available.  When in the ocean if you don’t have much dry storage to keep your gear it will fall over board, therefore looking for a kayak with a good amount of dry storage that uses hatches to keep it locked away is essential for ocean use.  You don’t want to lose anything valuable out there on the ocean.

If you plan on fishing you may also want to look to see if the kayak has any built on mounts in order to mount any fishing gear and accessories.


Top 5 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak

1. BKC 12.5 foot Sit On Top Tandem Fishing Kayak

View the BKC Kayak on Amazon

✔ Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

✔ Length 12 Foot

✔ Paddle Rests to let you go hands free without losing the paddles

✔ Five year warranty

The BKC is a 12.5 foot Sit on Top kayak that can hold up to two full grown adults and their gear.  Excellent for fishing as this kayak comes with adjustable fishing rod holders as well as waterproof gear compartments to keep all your valuables dry.

A compelling feature to other kayaks is the paddle rests, this allows you to go hands free and concentrate on your fishing without having to worry about going paddle-less.  The kayak also comes with two high quality aluminium paddles as well as two deluxe kayak seats for FREE.

The kayak has the stability to keep you balanced and on course even if the wind and water start to act up.  Along with many features that make your long afternoon fishing trip or multi-day camping adventure a success.

best ocean fishing kayak



2. Sun Dolphin Journey Sit On Top Kayak

View the BKC Kayak on Amazon

✔ Two Flush mount rod holders

✔ Large open Cockpit

✔ Adjustable seats

✔ Lightweight

The Sun Dolphin Kayak offers a lightweight design that comes with tracks and paddles that offer greater stability when being used in rough conditions.  A large open cockpit comes with plenty of storage compartments as well as adjustable seats and foot braces.

The two flush rod mounts along with a swivel rod holder allow for ease when out on an afternoon fishing trip.  The Sun Dolphin is best suited for calmer waters such as lakes and rivers.  The Sun Dolphin also comes with a shock cord deck rig, great for all your equipment and accessories.

best ocean fishing kayak



3. Vibe Sit On Top Kayak

View the BKC Kayak on Amazon

✔ Easy to paddle for all ages and experience

✔ Easily holds two adults and a child or can be used as a solo kayak

✔ Great way to teach people kayaking and fishing

✔ Limited lifetime warranty

The Vibe Sit on Top Kayak is great to teach someone how to Kayak or fish, with three available seating position capable of seating two adults and one child.  However if you wish to use it as a one person Kayak you can paddle from the center position with ease.

The Vibe is extremely stable and perfume well in sure, rivers, and flat water as well as being one of the easiest kayaks to paddle for any age and experience.  A major benefit to the vibe is the limited lifetime warranty offered compared to other kayaks.  It also comes with one full year warranty on parts attached to the kayak.

best ocean fishing kayak



4. Ocean Kayak Prowler

View the BKC Kayak on Amazon

✔ Two flush mounted fishing rod holders

✔ Comfort plus seat

✔ Large bow hatch

✔ Side mounted carrying handles

The ocean kayak has an large bow hatch for really easy access to all your items which are stored inside hull and stem tank.  With bungee retention straps if you wish to use the on deck storage. Which makes it one of the best kayaks for the ocean, along with a comfort plus seat to make the ride a little easier when the conditions start to get a little rough.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler also comes with the Two flush mounted fishing rod holders as well as an angler graphics set which is great for all your fishing equipment to be securely mounted whilst out on the ocean.

Another great feature is the side mounted carrying handles which allow you to easily move the kayak around without struggling to grip.  Furthermore, the molded cup holders and two side mounted paddle keeps are for a greater convenience to stop you losing your paddles whilst fishing.

best ocean fishing kayak



5. Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game ll


View the BKC Kayak on Amazon

✔ Wide platform stability

✔ Adjustable Glide Trac Foot Brace System

✔ Over-sized stern tank-well with a secure bow hatch

The Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game ll is by far the best ocean fishing kayak, however you would expect that due to being the most expensive of the five.  But with the features it packs it is understandable for the extra cost.

The oversized stern tankwell is a great feature to keep all your gear safe whilst out on the ocean.  According to the manufacture you’d never wish you had more room.  Quite a bold statement and we must say they aren’t joking the Prowler Big Game ll has a very large storage compartment.  Along with molded cup holders and a side keeper to store your paddle so you won’t have to worry about it floating away.

If your really serious about kayaking on a regular basis then you may want to think about spending the extra money of the Prowler Big Game ll.

best ocean fishing kayak


That’s Our Top 5 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak review and comparison.  Remember stay safe whilst out in the ocean.



After all that reading we hope you have a more informed decision of which best ocean fishing kayak you might be willing to purchase.  Just remember to make sure you have enough space to store the kayak before you purchase, as a couple of the Kayaks are wider than a standard kayak.

Also remember to think of the amount of equipment you normally take on a regular basis to make sure that there will be enough storage space as well as making sure that the Kayak has fitted mounts for any poles that you may be taking.

Finally, be sure to stay safe when on your travels, using all the recommend gear to keep you safe.  Along with checking the weather conditions before setting off.

Top 5 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak Review

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