Comfort Bikes vs Hybrid

Comfort bikes and cruiser bikes are known to be fairly similar types of bikes.  But what about the differences between a comfort bike and a hybrid bike.

Well whilst comfort bikes are good for short distance riding and general leisure use.  Hybrid bikes are designed to be fast rolling and lightweight like a road bike but having some comfort features such as the upright riding position and suspension that you’d find in a mountain bike.

Hybrid bikes are generally designed for longer distance riding whereas comfort bikes relatively speaking aren’t.

If you’re after a comfort bike then you’re probably going to be looking for a bike for short distance riding to the local shops or running local errands.  They’re also good for light exercise and short distance commuting.

But if you’re after a hybrid bike then you’re probably going to be using it for longer distance riding.  Running the bike on rougher terrains like light dirt and gravel trails.

In terms of good manufactures for each type of bike.  You’ll be surprised that the main bicycle brands produce both comfort and hybrid bikes.  You’ll find bikes from Schwinn, Raleigh and Diamond Back all produce very good quality and affordable comfort and hybrid bikes.

When should you buy a comfort bike vs a hybrid bike?

It’s pretty simple.  If you will be using the bike for the following reasons then a comfort bike would be best for you:

Whereas if you’re going to be using the bike for these following reasons then a hybrid bike would be your best choice:

  • Longer distance riding
  • Using on dirt and gravel trails
  • Commuting to work