How to climb hills efficiently


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  1. Bike WeightIf you’ve got a lighter bike you’ll find climbing up hills a lot easier.  So if your looking to buy a bike and know you’re going to be climbing up hills regularly then it could be a good idea to look for a light bike to help you out when climbing uphill.
  2. Weighty MattersTo make climbing hills easier you need to work on getting a good strength to weight ratio.  Having strong legs and core with less body fat will help you bike up inclines easier.  
  3. Good GearingChoosing the right gear to keep the same momentum as you had before the hill is important to make sure you don’t slow down.  

    If you choose the wrong gear and start to slow you’ll waste time having to keep switching gears ultimately slowing you down even more.

    This however, does come with practice.

  4. Top CadenceFor good cadence you need fitness, strength and endurance.  When climbing hills it’s important to keep pedaling at the same RPM.  The average RPM should be between 80-100RPM.  You should keep the same RPM when climbing up hills.  But just make sure to drop down gears to find the right gear ratio that you can maintain.

    Knowing the right gears will come with a bit of practice so at first you may struggle with hills.  But you’ll soon know which gear you need to be in to maintain a similar RPM to that you use on a flat surface.

  5. Hold your positionIt’s important to stay in the same position when climbing up hills.  Moving left and right only uses more energy and thus makes it more difficult to climb hills.
  6. Don’t sit downIt’s been studied that you can be 25% faster when not sitting down.  
  7. Good MomentumGetting a good momentum before the hill will help with getting up the hill.  But you must make sure that you use the right gears and pedal efficiently in order to keep the momentum up.
  8. Stay FocusedStay focused on the task of getting up the hill.  Make sure you breath properly whilst maintaining the same pedal speed whilst your riding uphill.

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