Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart For Comfortable And Safe Ride


Mountain bike riding in the early morning on a chilly Sunday with your friends is super fun. It comes all at once to you; you can go off the road, no traffic, no rush and all fun with you and your friends or family. Many people face issues like breathing while biking or height issues … Read more

Know How To Measure Bike Size Accurately Without Any Problem!


Know How To Measure Bike Size Accurately Without Any Problem! Are you planning to order a bike online, but unsure of its size? Then, you are probably in the right place. It is important to measure the size of the bike before buying it for many different reasons, and you should consider all of them … Read more

What To take On a Biking Trip


Once you’ve purchased your new bike and are planning to go on your first biking trip.  Everybody’s first question is…  What to take on a biking trip?  There are many essentials as well as some optional things that could be useful.  First things first, after learning the hard way and having to push my bike … Read more

Where to Charge your Electric Bike


Where to charge your electric bike is one of the most common questions consumers have when they are looking to purchase an electric bike. People seem to think you need some special charging device that is hooked up to your main electricity line. However, 95% of consumer electric bikes come with a standard wall plug … Read more

Bike Weight Limit Facts


Lets take a look at a few bike weight limit facts that you should consider when choosing a bike that is plus-size friendly. Multiple factors should be considered both purchasing and maintenance of the bike.  Initially it’s important to check with the manufacture specifications for their suggested maximum weight limit.  Checkout our guide to Plus-size … Read more