How to Stop Fixie Bike – Everything Cyclists Need to Know!

Fixie bikes are starting to become increasingly popular due to their design. As they increase in popularity, many new cyclists are starting to pick them up. That’s why for safety reasons, it’s essential to answer questions like how to stop a fixie bike? How to Stop Fixie Bike?  Unlike other bikes, to effectively bring a … Read more

How to Build a Cheap Road Bike?


Road bikes are starting to increase in popularity, and as a result, they’re starting to become considerably more expensive. That’s why so many people are resorting to building their own road bikes.  If you aren’t careful, building a road bike can also end up racking a pretty hefty bill. That’s why it’s essential to learn … Read more

How Fast Can a Cruiser Bike Go? + Tips To Make Them Faster


When talking about cruiser bikes, most people tend to bring up their comfort and style. However, one question that most people don’t ask is how fast can a cruiser bike go! No one really associates cruiser bikes with speed, and for a good reason. Their heavy design and comfort-oriented geometry don’t inspire much confidence in … Read more

Triathlon Bikes: Are They Comfortable?


If you’re serious about competing in a triathlon, you must be at the point where you’re considering getting a triathlon bike. Triathlon bikes or tri bikes are specifically designed to help cyclists get through the grueling races as quickly as possible.  One of the most common questions people ask before committing to a purchase is, … Read more

How to Keep Bike Rack From Swaying?


Bike racks are a super convenient device and showcase that you’re moving forward as a cyclist. However, one question that all bike rack owners ask is how to keep bike racks from swaying. It’s not an alarming situation, but it’ll sure make bicycle owners worry.  There’s no need to worry though. We’ll explain everything that … Read more

Can I Take a Folding Bike on the Bus? (Are Folding Bikes Any Good?)


In recent years, the popularity of cycling is increasing exponentially. Many people are shifting completely towards cycling as their primary means of transport. However, a few people have to use some form of public transport on their commute. That’s why they start asking can I take a folding bike on the bus?  Yes, you can … Read more

Why Are Folding Bikes So Expensive? Are Folding Bikes Any Good?

Why Are Folding Bikes So Expensive

Folding bikes are starting to increase in popularity, and as more people learn about them, there’s one question that’s everyone asking. Why are folding bikes so expensive?  Even though some folding bikes on the market are affordable, there are a few out there with prices that will raise your eyebrows. Needless to say, most people … Read more

Do You Need Suspension On a Hybrid Bike (What are the Benefits)


Generally, hybrid bikes would never feature a suspension system. However, more and more manufacturers are starting to include a suspension system in their hybrid bike offerings.  That’s confusing new cyclists, who are starting to wonder if you need suspension on a hybrid bike?  While a hybrid bike doesn’t necessarily require a suspension system, there are … Read more

What is the Average Cycling Speed by Age (Chart & Graph Examples)


As technology becomes better, data is playing a major role in cycling. Some of the widest available data in the market discusses the average cycling speed by age. A better understanding of the average cycling speed by age makes it much easier for cyclists to assess their natural progression.  It also helps bike manufacturers get … Read more