Big Man Recliner Chair Buyers Guide

Have you tried getting a big man recliner chair for your office or home theatre but can hardly figure out the best? Finding the best big man recliner isn’t easy at all. These recliners are typically costlier than the standard ones; the reason you need to shop carefully. One shopping hiccup and you could end up with an expensive mistake!

Big man recliners are not only packed with comfort features but also come in an epic size to fit big and tall persons in your home. They offer an ample sitting space and come in a robust and stable construction. If in search of one, this article has a list of the best big man recliner seats you can find in the market today. All you need to do is select what your gut tells you is the best for you

Review of the Best Big Man Recliner Chair

We start off our list with this recliner seat by Seatcraft that is super wide. Made from hand-selected genuine and top-quality hides, the chair is both durable and fine to the touch.

The chair boasts of a powered recline, an adjustable headrest, and memory function. It is only fair to say that this seat might be your best bet as far as comfort in your TV room is concerned. It’s 2.2 thick density foam cushions adds to the comfort and helps maintain the shape of the chair at the same time. 

The recliner comes with several convenient features such as the hidden arm in storage compartments. It also has lighted cup holders that are quite effective in the dark and a swivel tray table. There is also a handy USB slot to charge your phone at the comfort of your chair. 

What we like

  • The chair is well built and sturdy
  • It is easy to set up 
  • It is made of soft leather material
  • The chair is roomy with solid armrests

What we don’t like

  • It has control buttons that are difficult to distinguish
  • It may be a little pricey

Although the recliner comes with a high price tag, it’s perfect for any big man thanks to its heavy-duty construction. It is not only sturdy and supportive but also durable making it ideal for any tall and big individual. 

Here comes yet another recliner from SeatCraft that is epic-sized to suit big and tall adults. The chair has a reinforced wood frame for durability, a large sitting area and wide armrests. However big you might be, this chair might turn out to your favorite spot, especially if a gamer at heart.

Ever used a chair for only a few minutes and suffered a sore neck or even back and shoulder pain? That will not be the case when you use the Pantheon. It comes with an adjustable powered headrest and lumbar support for extra comfort. You also get to recline the seat to your favorite position by simply pushing a button.

The chair has ambient base lighting that provides a discreet means for you to find your way in the dark. It also makes the place look ‘cool’. Lighted cup holders make it easy for you to find your beverage with ease while a removable swivel tray table helps you to not only place your snacks and drinks within arm’s reach but also your electronic devices.

What we like

  • Recliner is made from high-quality leather making it very long-lasting
  • The chair is well-padded and comfortable
  • Has easy and convenient power controls
  • Has super deep storage in the arms

What we don’t like

  • Leg support not long enough

The reason we have this chair on our list of the best five is simply because of how comfortable and long-lasting it is. It perfectly suits gamers and individuals who enjoy watching movies for long hours sitting on one spot.

Third on our list is this recliner by ANJ with an electric reclining system. It comes in a durable and comfortable design to provide your neck, back and lumbar with adequate support. The chair’s durable steel construction largely contributes to its long-lasting nature.

The chair is made from breathable leather that is soft and easy to clean. It has USB charging ports on the right side where you get to charge your electronic devices as you binge-watch all day. The recliner’s controls are easy to operate and easy for the older folks to use as well. 

What we like

  • The chair has well-padded arms, back and seat
  • Provides excellent back and lumbar support
  • The soft leather makes it extra comfortable
  • It comes at an affordable price

What we don’t like

  • It offers no head support
  • Smaller than expected

This chair is best for the aged or physically challenged. It comes with controls that are easy to operate and fully reclines to offer them all the comfort they need.

This electric recliner by Mcombo comes with a counterbalanced lift mechanism that makes it stand out from the rest. The lift pushes the entire chair up, making it easy for you to stand up with ease. The lift is moved by a TUV approved motor that operates smoothly and with a lower noise level. The chair also smoothly adjusts to any recline position enabling you to enjoy comfort at your favorite position.

Thanks to its dual USB, you can charge your low power devices such as your iPhone or iPad.It has 2 cup holders on either side of the armrests for you to place your beverages when simply relaxing or watching a movie.

The under-seat structure is made of durable metal, making it strong enough to support your body weight. Its base is designed with an anti-back sitting design for safety.

What we like

  • The chair is firm yet comfortable
  • It lays pretty far back
  • It easy to operate (even to old folks)
  • Not oversized

What we don’t like

  • It is heavy to move
  • Has only one side pocket

Do you suffer from back pain or knee discomfort? If so, this chair might be the best one for you. Its lift mechanism will help you stand up without experiencing stress on your back or knees.

Are you looking for a comfortable recliner that you can comfortably cuddle with your significant other? Give this two-seater recliner by Christopher Knight a try. It features well-padded plush cushions for your ultimate relaxation.

The recliner is available in a variety of colors, giving you a chance to select one that complements the rest of your home or office. Different materials are also available to fit your needs and wants.

This seat is pretty easy to operate and also comes with a footrest that you can quickly push back with your heel. 

What we like

  • Has a footrest that is easy to push back when not in use
  • Comes in a fabric that is easy to clean
  • It Reclines with ease (2 levels)
  • The chair is solid and wide

What we don’t like

  • Upholstery fabric attracts pet hair
  • A little firm

This chair is perfect for you if you like sitting with your child or children (can fit two) or a pet. It will also suit you if looking for a recliner with extra space.

Buyers Guide- Choosing the best Big Man Recliner

Before you purchase a big man recliner for your household, there are factors that you need to put into consideration. These include:


  • Weight Limit


What weight capacity can the chair in question hold? What is your weight or the weight of the person you are getting the chair for? Ensure that you figure this out well before you pay for the recliner. Go through the product’s descriptions first to get a clue on the chair’s weight capacity. If the weight isn’t indicated, consult the seller or the brand’s representative. You don’t want to get a chair that collapses under your weight a few weeks after purchase.


  • Comfort


Why else are you in search of a big man recliner seat if not for comfort? The chair should have well-padded cushions, backrest, and provide head support as well.

It should also have comfortable armrests with convenient features such as cup holders to help hold your drinks.

The recliner should also have easy controls and recline to your favorite position with ease. Its seat should neither be firm nor too deep. For utmost comfort, ensure that the chair comes with a footrest. 


  • Durability


Ensure that the recliner you wish to purchase is strong enough to last for years on end. Go for one that is perfectly structured to support your body weight. If possible, it should have a metal or hardwood base.

Although chairs that come with plastic legs are quite affordable, they might not last for a very long time.


  • Upholstery material


Most recliner seats are available in leather or fabric. Leather is quite durable, looks very elegant, is water-resistant, and also easy to clean. It is, however, not the best option in areas experiencing a warmer climate as leather gets hot, slippery, and sticky in warmer temperatures. If you have pets, consider going for an alternative as they seem to enjoy scratching the leather. 

Fabric is soft to the touch and available in a variety of materials ranging from cotton, chenille, velvet among others. Such recliners are also available in different styles patterns. Fabric recliner’s downside is that they require a lot of maintenance.


  • Warranty


Most big man recliner seats come with a high price tag. To minimize risks, check for the chair’s warranty period before you get it. The more the warranty period, the better the quality of the recliner.

Why You Need a Big Man Recliner Seat

With recliner seats comes luxury, but did you know that there are more benefits to using a recliner chair besides comfort? Well, yeah. Here are some of those benefits:


  • Help with blood circulation


If you usually work for long hours, then you must be aware that sitting for long affects the way your blood flows. It’s unhealthy and can even lead to health complications. A recliner seat deals with the problem by allowing you to rest your back and feet. It is one of the perfect ways to stay healthy when working.


  • Increases productivity


In workplaces, productivity is greatly decreased by immobility. With a recliner seat, you can lie down, swing, and even lift your feet to refresh and then continue working. It helps increase productivity at work without incurring extra costs.


  • Help improve the elderly’s quality of life


Most older people have mobility issues. They can sometimes be quite demanding, especially when they need people to lift them for simple tasks like lying down among others. Recliner seat helps them to move up and down, rest, and even eat without problems.


  • Perfect for aesthetics purposes


Most big man recliner seats come in awesome designs. They create an impression of class and will most likely make your guests fall in love with your space. Some even come with accessories such as head pads and convenient features such as lighted bases and cup holders that are quite attractive to the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get the right size recliner?


To get the right size of a recliner, start by visualizing where to place it. Ensure that the allocated area isn’t your high foot traffic area. You also need to make sure that you have enough rear space in case of a push back. Measure the visualized area’s size for correct dimensions.


  • Is there a weight limit for big man recliners?


No. Although most big man recliners come with a weight capacity of 400lbs, you can still get some with a capacity of 500lbs in weight.


  • How should a recliner fit my body?


The chair is a good fit if you comfortably fit between the arms and if its back supports your head. Should you find that the chair’s width feels tight or that your head has no support, go for another one as that is probably too small for you.


  • Are big man recliner chairs only upholstered with leather and microfiber?


Yes. Recliner chairs come in leather and microfiber. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s all up to you to select what you like most. Leather is quite luxurious, durable and classy but can be more expensive.

Final Thoughts

Having gone through the list, we believe that getting the best big man recliner seat for your home or office won’t be such a difficult task anymore. Go through each of the reviewed seats, determine what features strike the most for you, and pick the best. Finally enjoy all the comfort and reliability the best big man recliner has to offer.