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Best Travel Blanket


The travel blankets are hardly blankets at all. They’re thin and usually worn and you can’t always be too sure about hygiene. But if you find yourself anywhere away from home, a travel blanket helps keep you warm and cozy. The best ones can even function as a pillow and won’t add to your already heavy luggage or backpack. They are soft, machine washable, affordable, and incredibly easy to pack.

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What are you looking for from a travel blanket?

  • Size:

The travel blanket may look similar, but the size varies greatly. So finding one that covers you as much as you need for your height is key, so consider your height when looking at the size of the blankets.Larger blankets will also be good for those who tend to move or rotate in their sleep, or simply want more space in general.

  • Material:

Travel blankets are usually made of fleece, microfiber or knitted. There will also be polyester blends to make the blankets more resistant. The choice of material really depends on the preference, however, keep in mind that not all of them will be machine washable. And if you’re using your blanket a lot, you’ll want to wash it regularly so you can take it clean for the trip.

  • Portability:

The beauty of a travel blanket is very compact and very easy to carry with you. Otherwise, you’d better bring the one you have at home. Look for features such as handles, zips and bags that will make it easier to pack and carry the blanket on your travels. The easier it is to make out and take it with you, the more likely you are to use and enjoy it.

Recommended travel blankets for travel

Will this travel blanket be used primarily outdoors or on an airplane, in difficult conditions or for a picnic? Most of the time, the best travel blanket depends largely on the details of the trip. Then here we are going to recommend 6 travel blankets for you to warm up for your next vacation.

  1. Waterproof and windproof outdoor blanket Mambe Extreme Weather

As the name suggests, the Mambe Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket does not come as part of a set of pillows and travel blankets. But despite its price, the Mambe travel blanket provides incredible protection in a wide range of environments, its wind and water-resistant exterior makes it perfect anywhere from a sunny day on the beach to a rainy European campsite.

Not only that, add an easily foldable design and Polartec 300 fleece construction, and you’ll easily have one of the best compact travel blankets on the market so you can enjoy your trip in a very comfortable way.

  1. Coolmax cocoon blanket

The Cocoon Cool Max is an engineering marvel when it comes to lightweight, compact travel blankets. The 55″ x 70″ blanket measures 55″ x 70″ when unfolded, the CoolMax travel blanket is rolled into a bag just slightly larger than a standard travel mug. Both its comfortable size and versatile fabric make the Cocoon CoolMax blanket the best travel blanket for a wide range of conditions, as the CoolMax polyester fabric in the blanket is breathable, moisture wicking and soft to the touch.

  1. 4 in 1 travel blanket in premier travelrest class

As valuable as travel blankets that can be carried around, there’s at least as much enjoyment coming from a compact travel blanket perfect for simply sitting around. Besides, these blankets are not the right ones for you to sit back, relax and enjoy doing nothing to a certain extent on your vacation?

Well the people at Travelrest agree, so your 4-in-1 Premier Class travel blanket is perfect for the sedentary vacationer. The Travelrest is used as a poncho style blanket that covers the entire body, shoulders and upper arms for maximum coverage and comfort. In addition, because of its size, the Travelrest doubles as a pillow and blanket travel set for the price of one.

  1. Lewis n clark microplush blanket

One of the smartest things about the Lewis N Clark Microplush blanket is its 100% polyester construction, which means it will retain its shape and be more durable than woolen blankets or cotton-blended constructions.

In addition, the Lewis N Clark Microplush comes with a compression strap that goes around most luggage handles, which means the Lewis N Clark rolls to one of the best compact travel blankets on the market.

That’s why this blanket offers you the best comfort for your trip when you take a nap or lie down on the grass at the moment of a picnic and you can lie down on it, so enjoy one of the best blankets on the market.

  1. Imperial house wool cozy blanket

Don’t be fooled by the simple, blurry exterior of the Home Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket. This blanket has a technological touch, the Imperial Home is made of 100% polyester, but it also has a fleece grade of 180 GSM, which means that the compact Imperial Home travel blanket is both breathable, durable and will never shrink.

Add an incredible size at 50″ x 60″, 10 bold color choices, and a significantly lower price than a meal at Chipotle, and the Imperial House not only has one of the best travel blankets, but one of the best values as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to take one of these for the trip!

  1. The world’s best soft and cozy microfiber travel blanket

The best travel blankets, like many things in real life, are often the simplest. That’s why the best travel blanket that has a soft and cozy microfiber in the world is one of the most popular despite being proudly unadorned.

Its microfiber construction offers the perfect balance between warmth and comfort, and its machine washable fabric is always rolled into a compact cylinder, with 17 design patterns and a cost of less than $20, this travel blanket could be the best value in the world.

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