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Best Laptop Bag for Travel


The best laptop bag for travel is not only one that simply protects the physical integrity of the electronic device, but also provides portability and design that in certain measures are often important for travelers. For businessmen, developers, professional gamers and others, it is always important to have an accessory with which they can safely store their equipment, without it suffering considerable damage, so here are some of the most renowned laptop bags on the market.

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The Best laptop bag for travel: Options

About 10 years ago, many security and travel administrations around the world began to allow certain laptop backpacks to undergo X-ray examination without having to take their laptops outside. The idea is to help speed up the selection process, as the regulation requires all laptops to be removed from their sleeves and placed in a separate tray, a process that not only confuses many passengers, but also causes no little loss or forgetfulness, even if it’s about the best laptop bag for travel according to your needs.

To avoid these problems, these agencies have implemented guidelines for certain “checkpoint” bags, backpacks and cases designed to allow inspectors to easily and clearly see the laptop and what it contains. They can be butterfly style (a bag that opens in two parts) or triple style (three parts), or as a holster. Whatever the style, it must be able to remain completely flat.

As a result of this regulation, we now have a large number of laptop bags designed to pass through baggage checkpoints quickly, no matter what devices they contain. And to make your choice easier, let’s take a look at some of the best ones currently on the market and let you decide which is the best laptop bag for travel.

  1. Incase EO Travel Bag

The Incase EO travel bag offers ample storage space in a compact, multi-purpose design. There is enough room for a 17-inch laptop and an iPad, and the dedicated computer storage area opens up for easy airport security checks. As an added bonus, the main compartment expands by 35%, making this one of the best laptop bag for travel, and ideal for business, allowing you to maximize extra space when needed, or keep it thinner using minimal storage space. The padded shoulder straps, the breathable mesh panels and the adjustable chest strap are all ergonomic advantages. A handle on the side also makes it possible to carry this backpack as a briefcase.

  1. Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly

The TSA-Friendly Uptown Laptop is, (you guessed it!), ideal for bypassing the TSA baggage screening process. The overall design meets all of the entity’s requirements to get your backpack and laptop through the scanner without having to remove anything. In addition, the main compartment of the computer can accommodate notebooks up to 15 inches in size. There’s also a pocket for your iPad or Android tablet, along with a series of knitted pockets designed to protect delicate items like sunglasses and smartphones. The elastic side pocket is perfect for storing a wide variety of items, both large and small. A ducted mesh panel at the back and a front strap also help ensure a comfortable fit.

  1. Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator 18″

With the same design features and iconic gaming laptop and desktop logo, this Alienware Vindicator model can accommodate your 18-inch Alienware laptop, although, fortunately, other sizes are also available. Made by Mobile Edge, this bag has a compartment suitable for the checkpoint, plus enough space to store your gaming accessories and other equipment. Considered as one of the best laptop bag for travel and gamers, perfect for that traveler heading to E3, PAX, Comic-Con or any gaming convention. Mobile Edge also makes a lot of bags suitable for checkpoints (it calls them ScanFast) for different users, not only for players.

  1. Tom Bihn Daylight and Cache Protective Cover

To keep the Daylight compact and with a user-friendly control point, Tom Bihn created a fastening system that allows you to easily remove the case from your laptop when needed (you can remove the cuff completely for when you’re not flying). Not only does it comply with TSA regulations, but it minimizes the risk of forgetting your laptop in a container. This stylish urban backpack is made in the United States from lightweight, sturdy materials, and inside there is much of what Tom Bihn calls O-rings, allowing him to hold a variety of bags, straps, etc.

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  1. Expandable Booq Taipan for MacBook Pro

Since the TSA doesn’t require that you remove a laptop if it is in a case, you can use the Taipan Superslim 15, as long as it is only a laptop that is inside. But this bag has a clever trick: the bottom of the case can be expanded to accommodate additional items. We are fanatical about Booq camera cases for their quality and design, and the Taipan Superslim 15 has a similar structure, such as triple-woven, waterproof polyester. Like Booq camera case, the laptop case has the Terralinq ID, a unique serial number that could help you retrieve it.

  1. Eagle Creek Straight Up Business RFID

If you can’t decide between a handbag, backpack or briefcase, why not have all three? The Straight Up case becomes any one of them depending on your mood (or the place you’re going to), while the laptop compartment opens for airport inspectors. The shoulder straps are well padded for long distance travel and, like Tumi’s Alpha 2, there is an RFID lock pocket for modern IDs, cards, passports and other travel accessories.

  1. Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass expandable Brief or Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass Brief Pack

With a discreet elegance for the business traveler, the Tumi Alpha 2 opens and folds to pass through the checkpoint scanners. A separate compartment has dividers to keep your files organized, with enough space for an iPad or other accessories. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket Tumi calls Tumi ID Lock; it’s made of special material that blocks RFID signals, keeping things like credit cards and passports safe from wireless identity theft. An overture on the back allows you to slide the case onto the handlebars of your wheeled luggage. The Alpha 2 is made of Tumi FXT ballistic nylon, resistant but very soft