Best Hybrid Bikes

Ultimate Hybrid bike buying guide

What is a hybrid bike?

If you’re looking for a bike that can be used on multiple terrains.  Or plan on using one bike for both commuting to work and leisure rides on single track or dirt trails.  Then a hybrid bike will be the solution to your problem.

A hybrid bike is a combination of both the mountain and road bike we’ve discussed above.

A good hybrid bike will be able to tackle almost any terrain.  Without feeling like it’s going to break.

If you’re new to cycling.  A hybrid bike can be a good starter bike.  You’ll be able to use it for multiple purposes rather than having two different bikes.

It must be said that if you was to have two bikes a mountain and a road bike.  They’d be more specialised for their individual uses.  Whereas a hybrid bike does compromise on some of the top features due to having to meet the needs of different uses.

Should I buy a Hybrid bike over a road bike?

Some people argue that you should by a hybrid bike over a road bike.  The reason they say this is that if you did want to hit some trails and go into the mountains then at least you don’t have to buy a second bike.

Personally, as a cycling enthusiast I’d opt for two separate bikes.  But if money is tight then it’s definitely worth looking at hybrid bikes before you make your purchase.

Best hybrid bikes by price

Best hybrid bikes under 1000

As you start to climb the price ladder you’ll start finding more performance based hybrid bikes rather than comfort hybrid bikes. 

Performance based hybrid bikes are built better for commuting.  Especially if you’re going to be commuting most days.

You’ll find aluminium frames with front fork suspension.  Mainly hard tails, that include powerful disc brakes. 

You may find more enthusiast level groupsets from brands such as Shimano.  However, many will still only include the Shimano tourney range which is Shimano’s entry level groupsets.

Once again you’ll find thinner tyres which are better for road use.  But they’ll include a good amount of tread to keep traction when using on other terrains.