Best glove liners for skiing

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When you’re skiing your hands get cold.  We’ve all been there, done that.  But how can you prevent you’re hands getting cold?  Using glove liners.  It was a term I’d never heard of.  But after purchasing a pair for myself it made all the difference.  But what are the best glove liners for skiing?

Glove liners can be used for pretty much any task where you where gloves.  So finding the best type for skiing is fairly difficult, unless you know what your are on about.

We spoke to an expert on this topic and come up with this valuable research.

[learn_more caption=”What are Glove Liners?”]

If you don’t already know.  Glove liners are a thin glove that fits underneath your actual gloves.

They’re designed to keep your hands warm and dry.

There are glove liners made to use whether you’re skiing or working on a car.  They all have different uses.  But the ones you should be looking out for when skiing are silk or merino wool liners.


[learn_more caption=”Why are glove liners useful for skiing?”]

The main reason glove liners are useful for skiing is to keep your hands warm and dry.

Whether you prefer silk or wool liners.  You should look out for liners that state they have some form of wicking design.  Wicking keeps the moisture away, keeping your skin dry.

If you’re hands get wet that’s when they start to get cold.

[box type=”download”] Pro Tip: Purchase a pair of glove liners with “wicking” fibers.[/box]


[learn_more caption=”Who should use glove liners?”]

Everyone!!  It’s important to keep your hands warm and dry.  So why risk it.

It doesn’t matter who you are when you’re skiing you need be cautious and think ahead.

You don’t want to be halfway up the ski lift with cold hands because it’ll only ruin the fun.

Everyone falls over at some point.  And this is the number one reason where the snow will get onto your clothes and run down your hands.

Make sure you come prepared.  They’re cheap, add a liner.  It’ll keep you warm.  And SAFE!!


[learn_more caption=”Different types of glove liners?”]

We’ve spoke about the two main materials which are known to be the best when skiing.  Both silk liners and wool liners.

Silk Liners

I personally use silk liners.  I got recommended them because the woven silk has very close threads which trap in your body heat keeping you warm.

Most silk liners will come with a wicking fiber.  Remember we spoke about this earlier.  Wicking fiber is extremely useful for keeping moisture out.  Wet hands when skiing lead to cold hands.  So keeping them dry is the number one priority.

Wool Liners

Wool is also another good material for liners.  The wool itself will have wicking fibers similar to the silk ones.

Although wool can sometimes be heavy.  You don’t have to worry about that because any good pair of wool liners will be thin and lightweight.

I mean after all they have to be to fit under another pair of gloves.


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Silk Liners

The Alaska bear natural silk liner gloves have provided me with warmth whilst skiing.  They’re made from mulberry silk with moisture wicking fiber.  Remember I told you about that, it helps keep the moisture out keeping your hands dry day and night.

They’re light and thin, and fit under all different types of gloves.  This was the main reason I decided to get them.  According to them they’re perfect for typing, riding, and walking, photographing, running, fishing and to be used as work gloves.

They also apparently provide relief for skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.  Something to consider if you suffer from one of those.

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Alternate Wool Liners

If you’re not a fan of the silk glove liners.  Then an alternative which are just as good are the Merino wool glove liners.  The warm lining will lock in body heat keeping your hands warm.

The soft texture provides a comfortable fit, whilst they include a windproof overlay which prevents your hands from getting cold from the cold air.

Like the silk liners they are also very versatile and can be used for many different uses from skiing to hiking.

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