Best Glove Liners for Extreme Cold

What are glove liners

Glove liners as you’d probably expect are thin gloves that are worn over other gloves and mittens.  Not many people know about glove liners or even there uses.  There’s many different types of uses in which will discuss.  But for cold weather the primary use is to increase warmth and keep your fingers from getting cold.  There are two main materials that make the best glove liners for extreme cold, these are silk and merino wool.

I recommend these as the best glove liners for extreme cold.

How to use glove liners

For extreme cold, glove liners are used underneath another pair of gloves mostly insulated gloves due to the extreme cold to provide more warmth.  It not only keeps your hands warmer but protects you from the lower temperatures.

In the cold glove liners also give you other benefits.

  1. Touchscreen: When it’s really cold you don’t want to be taking your gloves off so you’re able to use a touch screen. And we don’t just mean so you can use your phone.  There are other smart devices out there that you may be using in the cold.
  2. Comfort: Sometimes the material of the outer gloves may be uncomfortable so you can use glove liners to add an extra layer and provide you with more comfort.
  3. Warmth: And the obvious use, providing more warmth.


Types of Glove Liners

Even though you’re looking for glove liners for extreme cold weather.  Some people work in these conditions and there are several types of glove liners whether you just want to keep warm to using glove liners that are cut resistant.

Cotton Liners:  Cotton liners are the perfect pair of glove liners if you’ll be using vinyl, latex or nitrile gloves.  They provide that extra layer of comfort rather that wearing these types of gloves directly in contact with your skin.

Self-Wicking Thermal Glove:  Thermal gloves are always good because they provide warmth.  But Self-Wicking thermal gloves keep moisture away which helps keep your skin dry.  Getting your hands wet in cold conditions will only make your hands even colder.

Cut Resistant:  You can get liners that are cut resistant.  Although they are very thin you can get ANSI level 4 cut resistance liners.  This means that you can protect yourself against cuts and punctures.  Although it’s probably only worth getting this type of glove liners if you will be frequently doing cutting.


Best type of liners for cold weather

As you’ve probably gathered one of the best type of glove liners for the cold weather are self-wicking thermal gloves.


Well they provide you with extra warmth underneath your normal pair of gloves.

But not only this, they also kept moisture out which helps to keep your hands dry and comfortable.


Glove liners uses

There are many uses for glove liners.  Some people will use them when working in cold temperatures.  Whilst others will use them for hiking and winter sports.

Heck you can use them for anything where you’ll be in cold temperatures.


Glove liner materials

Silk Liners (The type I use)

I chose the silk type of liners primarily down to a member of staff I met at Lake Tahoe on my first skiing trip.  She told me that tightly woven silk provides very close threads which trap in body heat.  This ultimately keeps you warm.

But combining this with added wicking fiber which will keep the moisture out and your hands dry is the perfect combination that you should look for when looking to purchase a pair of glove liners.

Wool Liners

Wool is also another very good material for glove liners.  The wool can also include the wicking capabilities similar to silk.  They’re also lightweight and warm.

best glove liners for extreme cold

The bottom line to why you should wear glove liners in cold weather

Even though we’re speaking about glove liners for the cold.  It’s also important to keep your feet warm.  You may want to search up sock liners as well.  Trust me they’ll come in handy.

But the bottom line is the cold weather is no joke.  It’s important to keep yourself warm to protect your health.  A little extra insulation that the glove liners will offer will go a long way to keeping you warm.

So make sure you’re prepared.  Add a liner, they’re cheap.  They keep your warm.  And SAFE!


Why Trust Us

So why should you trust our recommendations?  Although I must admit I haven’t used glove liners for work.  I’ve used glove liners for many years whilst I’ve been skiing and hiking.  So I’ll show you the pair I use to this day.  They help keep my hands dry and warm whilst I’m skiing in near Lake Tahoe.

The first time I went skiing I didn’t use glove liners.  In fact I’d never even heard of them before.  But my hands was cold.  Especially once the moisture had got in my ski gloves.  It was cold.  Maybe you know that and that’s why you’re here today.

But apart from that any product we’ll recommend will always have hundreds of positive reviews across multiple online retailers.  And will tick all the boxes the best glove liners for cold weather.

Before I share the glove liners I use.  It’s important to say that for glove liners to work you must keep in mind that they shouldn’t be stretched.  And that they should provide a snug fit so that the liner is in contact all over your hand.


The glove liners I use

The Alaska bear natural silk liner gloves have provided me with warmth whilst skiing.  They’re made from mulberry silk with moisture wicking fiber.  Remember I told you about that, it helps keep the moisture out keeping your hands dry day and night.

They’re light and thin, and fit under all different types of gloves.  This was the main reason I decided to get them.  According to them they’re perfect for typing, riding, and walking, photographing, running, fishing and to be used as work gloves.

They also apparently provide relief for skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.  Something to consider if you suffer from one of those.

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Alternate Wool Liners

If you’re not a fan of the silk glove liners.  Then an alternative which are just as good are the Merino wool glove liners.  The warm lining will lock in body heat keeping your hands warm.

The soft texture provides a comfortable fit, whilst they include a windproof overlay which prevents your hands from getting cold from the cold air.

Like the silk liners they are also very versatile and can be used for many different uses from skiing to hiking.

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So just a quick update to this post.  After talking to an experienced member of staff whilst skiing.  They suggested that both silk and merino wool glove liners would be suitable for extreme cold weather.

I just thought I’d include this because although I use glove liners, I wouldn’t call myself an expert.  So it’s nice to hear an experienced head on this topic.