Best Exercise Bike for Short Person – 2022

Sometimes it can be difficult to get on your bike and go for a ride outdoors. Exercise bikes are an excellent alternative workout tool for all ages.  However, finding the best exercise bike for a short person can be difficult due to the lack of options in the market. 

To make your life a little easier, we’ve done all the necessary research to present you with the best exercise bikes for short person. However, before we can get to the best exercise bike for short person, it’s important to discuss what customers should expect from each type of exercise bike.

The Different Types of Exercise Bikes for Short Person

Many who are new to the world of exercise bikes don’t expect there to be a lot of variation from the initial idea they have about an exercise bike. It comes as a shock to many that there are actually different types of exercise bikes.


Each type of exercise bikes has its advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to find out what type of exercise bike will suit your needs the most.

Indoor Cycles

In terms of their appearance, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between an upright bike and indoor cycle. However, those with experience will be able to identify a few key differences.

The design of the handlebar is further away from the position of the seat to encourage riders to move forward and arch their back. Consequently, the bikes cause the users to cycle in a standing position, helping engage more muscle groups while exercising.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are very popular among individuals that enjoy working out at home. The primary characteristic of a recumbent bike is the reclining design. Thanks to the reclining design, users can workout a number of different muscles.

The design of the seat is also more comfortable, exercisers can lean back and learn how to use the bike to their best ability.

Unlike upright bikes and indoor cycles where the pedals are directly below the seat, recumbent bikes have pedals that are right in front of the user’s feet. The smart positioning helps ensure that the user has more support and can sit more comfortable.

You also find the handlebars on the side instead of the front. While using this bike, the rider doesn’t experience any stress on their joints. On more high-end models, you’ll find extra luxuries like a TV and a monitor.

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are the most popular type of exercise bike. These bikes embody the traditional look and shape of a classic bicycle, you’ve probably seen them in your local gym.

When it comes to tactical positioning, the pedals align perfectly under the feet of the user. As soon as you get on top of the bike, it’ll feel completely natural and won’t require any sort of adjustment.

The design of the seat is such that it helps support the weight of the user and is ergonomic. An upright bike helps you work out both your cardio and your lower body. With a few different positions, you can also work on your core and upper body muscles.

Even though they’re incredibly popular, there are a few disadvantages to owning an upright bike. After prolonged use, they can cause a certain level of soreness on the back. Aside from the back pain though, most trainers will recommend upright bikes!

Now that you’re aware of the different types of exercise bikes, let’s take a look at the very best exercise bikes for short person, you can get in 2021!

7 Best Exercise Bikes for Short Person

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Lanos
  • Color: Black
  • Height Range: 4’6″- 6’0″
  • Maximum Weight: 330lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 10
  • Weight: 20.4kg

The Lanos folding exercise bike starts off our list of the best exercise bike for short person and for good reason. It’s a folding exercise bike that can work as an upright bike and a recumbent bike.

When you’re done using the bike, you can easily fold it back and store it away. The Lanos works equally well as an upright bike and a recumbent bike. When you’re using in upright exercise bike mode, you can work on your cardio and focus on lower legs.

Alternatively, the recumbent bike mode provides a more comfortable and natural body position. When your muscles feel sore, you can work out in recumbent bike mode to help reduce upper body fatigue and eliminate muscle soreness.

The Lanos is the ideal exercise bike for short person because it’s adjustable and supports a minimum height of 4’6″! Users can adjust the amount of tension by picking between the 10 available resistance levels.

These resistance levels mean that you can change the intensity of your workout with a simple twist of the knob. Even at the maximum intensity level, the exercise bike remains smooth and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

You’ll also find a large digital LCD monitor that provides different information like the distance you cover, the speed, the calories, and the heart rate. There’s also a conveniently located phone or tablet holder.

Even though the Lanos folding exercise bike gets most things right, there are a few that they manage to get wrong as well.

The level of resistance isn’t high enough for intermediate and advanced level users. You’ll get used to the level of resistance pretty quickly and the workouts won’t have the same level of intensity. On top of that, the pulse sensor always doesn’t work.

Despite the drawbacks, the Lanos folding exercise bike is our top pick . It performs the function of both a recumbent and upright bike. On top of all the functionality, when you’re done using the exercise bike, you can fold and store it away!

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

8.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Lanos
  • Color: Gray
  • Height Range: 4’10”- 6’3″
  • Maximum Weight: 270lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 8
  • Weight: 16kg

The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is a great option and will immediately seem familiar to even the most green gym-goers. It follows the traditional shape of indoor cycling bike.

To ensure stability, Yosuda went with a 35lb flywheel and a heavy-duty steel frame. No matter how intensely you workout on the bike, you won’t have to worry about stability.

The inclusion of a belt driven system helps ensure that the Yosuda indoor cycling bike is much quieter than the traditional chain system. You’ll be able to hear your TV while you exercise.

Another great feature of the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is that you can fully personalize everything. The exercise bike features a 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar and a 4-ways padded seat. As a result, the inseam height ranges between 25-35 inches.

There’s a very helpful LCD monitor on the exercise bike. The monitor can help track time, speed, distance, calories burned, and the odometer. Along with the helpful screen, there’s also a tablet mount that’ll let you set up your iPad.

An annoying feature of the Yosuda is that as you continue to increase the resistance, it starts making a loud grinding noise. Another issue that users experience is that the padding on the seat isn’t soft enough.

Overall, the Yosuda is a great option for individuals that want to go with the traditional indoor cycling bike

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

8.0/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Marcy
  • Color: Gray
  • Height Range: 5’2″- 6’5″
  • Maximum Weight: 270lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 8
  • Weight: 28kg

Recumbent bikes are also starting to increase in popularity. It features a step-through design that boasts heavy-duty construction with 14-guage steel tubing with a powder coated finish.

To make it easy for users to get on top of the bike, the recumbent exercise bike features a step-through design. You’ll be able to quickly mount and dismount the bike without placing major stress on the knees.

You can make your workouts more intense by adjusting the resistance levels. There are 8 different levels of resistance that you can choose between.

The tension knob is designed to mimic riding on different terrains and customize the workout according to proper fitness level.

You also get access to an ultra-functional LCD compute screen that serves as an odometer. The screen will easily showcase time, speed, distance, and the number of calories burned.

To make pedaling easier, the Marcy recumbent exercise bike features counterbalanced pedals. These are weighted pedals that help provide the maximum level of foot support and offers ultimate control.

It supports a maximum inseam height between 27″-37″. As is the case with most thing, with all the good there’s also a little bad.

One of the biggest oversights in the Marcy recumbent exercise bike is that didn’t provide a backlit screen. Even if the display is super high quality, if there’s no backlight, it becomes impossible to read the meter.

On top of that, even though the bike offers a decent range of adjustment, the actual process of making the adjustment isn’t intuitive. If you’re dealing with a bad knee then you can potentially risk injuring it further making the adjustment.

If you can ignore the few glaring issues, you’ll potentially become the owner of a decent recumbent bikes.

Harvil Fold-able Magnetic Exercise Bike

8.0/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Harvil
  • Color: Aqua and Peach
  • Height Range: 3’10”- 5’10”
  • Maximum Weight: 330lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 10
  • Weight: 27kg

The Harvil fold able exercise bike comes with a compact design ready to be setup and stored away in small spaces. 

The equipped heart rate sensor is a bonus for a bike at the lower price range.  Added features such as the anti-slip pedals gives a great user experience as well as the quiet flywheel so there will be no loud churning noise throughout your workout.

 This exercise bike if great for small people with the minimum user height coming in at 3ft 10in, which was the lowest we found for an exercise bike.


  • Minimum height 3ft 10in.
  • 10 Level Magnetic Resistance
  • Quiet Flywheel
  • Anti-Slip Pedals


  • Small screen but does its job perfectly well. 

PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Workout

7.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: PLENY
  • Color: Black
  • Height Range: 4’9″- 5’10”
  • Maximum Weight: 300lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 16
  • Weight: 29kg

The Pleny exercise bike is an upright exercise bike and requires a minimum leg length of 29inch.  The add-on arms provide a full body workout instead of just your legs.  With the display able to show your time, speed, pulse, distance and calories burned. 

Listening to music is great when you are working out and the phone/tablet holder is cable of holding all phones and most tablets.  The exercise bike is fold able so can easily be tucked away into a compact space when not in use.


  • Arm Exercise
  • Track your progress
  • Phone / Tablet Holder
  • Flexible adjustment


  • Not the biggest LCD display

Sunny Health Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

7.0/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Color: Black
  • Height Range: 4’9″- 5’10”
  • Maximum Weight: 275lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 16
  • Weight: 29kg

The sunny exercise bike is a belt driven exercise bike, so the included resistance system gives you a realistic experience to make your workout more intense to burn more calories. 

Although it does have a belt drive system it is quiet and maintenance free, so you have no need to worry about regular maintenance. 

An adjustable seat allows for a minimum user height of 29 inches and a maximum height of 40 inches.  The seat is both horizontal and vertical adjustment.  Also includes a convenient water bottle holder.


  • Silent Ride
  • Vertical and Horizontal seat Adjustment
  • Bike Driven system
  • More intense workout due to the belt system


  • Lacks additional features 

Pooboo Belt Drive Pro Exercise Bike

8.0/10 Our Score
  • Brand: pooboo
  • Color: Black
  • Height Range: 4’10”- 6’3″
  • Maximum Weight: 270lbs
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 10
  • Weight: 20kg

The Pooboo belt driven exercise bike includes a heavy-duty steel frame a long with an easy to adjust resistance knob.  This exercise bike includes an LCD display which is capable of tracking TMR, speed, distance, calories, odometer and pulse.

Followed by an easy to assemble guide. The height adjusted seat will allow for users of 5ft 1in or higher to ride comfortably without any problems.


  • Belt Driven
  • Easy Assembly
  • Quick turn adjustable resistance knob.
  • Smooth and Quiet system


  • No heart rate monitor

Overall all four seven bikes are suitable for small people and are recommended by USAALL. However, depending on your room space and budget will determine which exercise bike would be best for your needs. But you can be sure that all four of the exercise bikes for short person.

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.