cyclocross bikes for heavy riders

Best Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

Ultimate Cyclocross & Gravel bike buyer’s guide

If you haven’t head of cyclocross and gravel bikes.  There a fairly new type of bike designed to be known as workhorses.  Cyclocross is a racing cycling sport.  So there performance needs to be top quality. Therefore cyclocross bikes are known to be extremely light with maximum performance parts.  And because of this they also come at a high price tag. Heavier riders can also use these types of bikes because they are designed to be extremely strong. You can get cheaper cyclocross bikes.  And these to provide a lot of performance whilst maintaining strength. Due to the racing aspect they tend to have road bike gearsets. If you’re looking to adventure then a cyclocross and gravel bike would suit you.

Best cyclocross and gravel bikes by price

Bikes for Under 1000

cyclocross bikes for heavy riders

At this price range you should expect an aluminium frame, with the possibility of a carbon fork to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

Shimano and SRAM offer high quality 10, 11 and 12 x 1 drivetrains that you’d expect to find at this price range.

Most gravel and cyclocross bikes under the 1000 range will be disc brakes.  The lower price may include cable operated brakes but mainly you’ll find disc brakes.

The reason that you’re able to find higher quality components is because most gravel and cyclocross bikes are hard tail meaning no rear suspension so they can afford to offer more enthusiast tier components.

Bikes for Under 2000

bikes for heavy riders

Between the 1000 and 2000 range you’ll find both aluminium and carbon frames.  Carbon frames being on the higher side of the price tag.

We also start to see the addition of internal cabling as well as hydraulic disc brakes.

Still using Shimano and SRAM’s enthusiast tier drive trains.  However, these do include 10, 11 and 12 rear speed derailleurs.

As for wheels you’ll find the 700c size.  But you’ll get some of the best performance tyres available from brands such as the Schwalbe X-One All Around Performance tyres.  Which provide incredible traction on all terrains and conditions. 


Bikes for Under 3000

cyclocross bikes for heavy riders

At this price range you start to find the highest tier components from brands such as Shimano.  Shimano Ultegra is quite common in this price range.  

You’ll settle no less than a full carbon frame and forks.  And so you should if you’re thinking of spending this much money.

Most bikes will come with an 11 rear cassette with one front chainset.  However, the higher price tag within this range sometimes include a double front chainset.  

Similar to other types of bikes once you get over the $2000 range.  You’re paying for reduced weight and improved performance.