Best Bike for Riding Around Town – The Perfect Bike for Those Errands

If you’re looking for the best bike for riding around town then you’ve got two main options either a mountain bike or a hybrid bike.  Both have their pros and cons. 

There’s also the option for a road bike but I haven’t included them in this post as I believe if you want a road bike then the hybrid bike offers the same functionalities but gives you a more comfortable ride.

From my own experience I find that the best bike for riding around town is indeed the hybrid bike.  Unless you plan on using the bike for other things such as going on dirt trails which then I’d suggest the mountain bike.  But if not your best type of bike for town riding is the hybrid.

The hybrid bike offers the lightweight frame and fast rolling wheels of the road bike.  But gives you the more comfortable riding position that you get on a mountain bike.

After all the hybrid bike is known as a hybrid bike from being a combination of the mountain and road bike.

One of the benefits of the hybrid bike is that you’re still able to get good grip on single track roads.  So if you’re riding around town on a hybrid bike you not only get around quickly with the fast rolling wheels but you can also take short cuts down single track roads and still maintain the fantastic grip that the mountain bike has.

Picking the right parts for you depends on your choices.

Frame Normal vs Step Through

Choosing between the standard frame geometry vs the step through frame design is mainly down to your own personal preference.  The benefits of the step through frame is the easy mounting and dismounting of the bike.

If you struggle to lift your legs high then the step through frame would almost be a must.  There also useful for shorter people who struggle to get on and off bikes.

In terms of the strength and durability of each frame there aren’t many differences. 

So to conclude whether you choose the standard frame vs step through frame design it is down to your own needs and desires.

Brakes Linear Cable vs Disc Brakes

Five years ago you’d only be finding disc brakes on more expensive bikes in the price range of the $1000 mark. 

However, over the past few years with bike components coming down in price this has led to a lot more competition which has ultimately led to disc brakes being included in cheaper more budget friendly bikes.

In terms of performance disc brakes offer far greater stopping power of the standard cable operated pull brakes. 

So if you’ve got the budget it would be definitely recommended choosing disc brakes over standard cable operated brakes.

Although it must be said that disc brakes require more maintenance. 

And it has to be said that cable operated brakes will provide enough stopping power.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sell them.  Just a thought…


Gearset 7 Speed vs 21 / 24 Speed

Choosing the right gearset for you all depends on the area you live in.  If you live in a hilly area then you’ll be wanting to opt for more gears. 

Having more gears helps provide you with a wider gear ratio which will help you on the steeper inclines. 

Whereas if you live in a relatively flat area then you’ll not be needing the wider range of gear ratio’s so you’ll be able to opt for a 7 speed. 

From personal experience having 21 gears provides me with a far greater benefit.  It allows me to go faster on flat terrain and allows me to breeze up steeper inclines. 

And this comes from the wider gear ratios that the 21 or 24 speed shifters give you.

Wheels 26 vs 29 Inch

As you’re looking for a bike to ride around town then there isn’t many pros or cons between choosing a 26 or 29 inch wheel. 

Where the main comparison between 26 and 29 inch wheels come into play is if you’re planning on going on any dirt trails.  Where you’ll be hitting a lot of rocks and roots. 

If you are planning on doing this then you’ll be better off going with a 29 inch wheeled bike.  This is because 29 inch wheels are more stable when riding over roots and rocks. 

Whereas you’ll find the bike more difficult to steer and the 26 inch wheels will feel more twitchy when riding across these types of terrains.

But like I’ve mentioned when you’re riding around town you’ll notice little difference between 26 and 29 inch wheels.

 Why Trust Us

As a cycling enthusiast I use my bike around 4 to 5 days a week.  I ride around town as well as doing mountain biking trails at the weekend with a few buddies of mine. 

So I have a couple of different bikes and the one I use for riding around town is the one that I recommend in the “our hybrid pick”.  It’s a hybrid bike that both I and my wife use to run local errands.

The bikes I’m recommending for you for riding around town all offer similar specifications to the bike me and my wife use.

The alternate bikes that are recommended are bikes that have the same specifications.  But not only have the same specifications but also have hundreds of positive reviews across multiple large retail sites. 

So you can be rest assured that all the recommended bikes have positive reviews from people all over the US.

Who are These Bikes Best Suited for?

The bikes in this post are recommended for people looking for a biking to get around town.  Whether that’s commuting to your local work.  Or running errands at the weekend. 

If you’re planning on maybe going on dirt trails in your spare time then I’d recommend you choosing one of the mountain bike picks.

But if you’re sure that you’ll not be doing that especially the more difficult dirt terrains then the hybrid picks will be very good bikes that offer comfort features to provide a really comfy riding experience.

Our MTB Pick

Schwinn Bonafide

Schwinn Bonafide

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 24 Speed Shimano Shifter

Wow, the Schwinn Bonafide is one awesome bike.  Perfect for both beginners and more experienced riders wanting to take the bike through rougher terrains. 

This bike can handle it all.  The combined aluminum frame and powerful forked suspension soak up all the bumps you’ll come across when riding on both even and rough terrain.

The most improved technical component is the alloy cranks.  They allow for extremely smooth gear changes but also require less maintenance. 

Along with the double walled alloy rims for added strength making this bike worth it’s higher price tag.  You’ll be assured that you won’t be let down be lower quality components on the Schwinn Bonafide.

Schwinn ship the bike with a 5 year limited warranty, adding extra reassurance that you shouldn’t come across any issues.

What USAALL Love:

  • ✅Double Walled Alloy Wheels
  • ✅Forked Suspension
  • ✅Extra durable cranks
  • ✅Super smooth gear changes

What Could Be Improved:

  • Better cushioned seat.

Upgrade Pick

Raleigh Talus 3

Raleigh Talus 3

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 21 Speed Shimano Shifter

Talus 3 uses a shimano tourney 3 x 7 speed drivetrain giving you a total of 21 gears to tackle almost any trails.

Which unlike the Tokul 2 which only has a 1 x 9 drivetrain.

The talus 3 also uses similar hydraulic disc brakes providing you with a very powerful set of brakes.

The aluminium frame has been custom formed to provide greater durability and user friendly when mounting and dismounting.

The talus 3 doesn’t compromise on cheaper parts as Raleigh have gone for a Shimano tourney crank and front plus rear derailleur.

The front fork has been upgraded to a SR Suntour XCM-DS 100m compared to it’s predecessor the Talus 2.

Overall if you are looking for a budget to mid range mountain bike with high quality components that are ready to tackle any terrain and be pushed to it’s limits.  The Talus 3 is arguably the one.

Also Great

Raleigh Tokul 2

Raleigh Tokul 2

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 9 Speed Shimano Shifter

The Raleigh Tokul 2 is a mid range mountain bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide the user with excellent stopping power.

As it’s made by Raleigh you can be sure that the part quality is superb.  And they think the same by offering a limited lifetime warranty on the frame for the original purchaser.

The Aluminium frame makes it both lightweight and durable.

One downside to the Tokul 2 would be the single front gear.  Coming with a 1 x 9 derailleur.

However, the other parts such as the Hydraulic disc brakes.  Front fork lockout for uphill making it slightly easier.

Overall if you’re looking for a mid range bike that includes many high end features then we’d recommend the Raleigh Tokul 2.

The specifications allow for extra modifications such as new pedals and heavy duty wheels.

Our Hybrid Pick

Sixthreezero EVRY

Sixthreezero EVRY

✅ Step-Throuh Frame
✅ Supports 300 lbs
✅ 21 Speed Shimano Shifter

The Sixthreezero is a classic hybrid cruiser which is built for maximum comfort.  The frame is designed to keep your back upright which is probably the best position for heavier users.

The manufacture recommends this bike for single-ride trips of up to 30 miles with speeds less than 30 MPH.  Additional accessories such as the bell and lightweight black aluminum basket are included in the price.

It has 36 spoke wheels which are extremely important heavier users.

Mounting and dismounting is a lot easier due to the step through frame design.  The low step-through frame sits you in a more upright position so you aren’t leaning forward whilst riding.

Although the tires seem to be good quality.  You could take our recommendation at opt for some more heavy duty tires such as the Schwalbe Marathon tires mentioned earlier.

Alternative Pick

Schwinn Suburban

Schwinn Suburban

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ 32 Spole
✅ 7 Speed Shimano Shifter

The Schwinn Suburban Comfort comes with 32 spoke wheels. And a front suspension fork design for a more comfortable ride.

A downside to the Suburban is the lack of only being a 7 speed compared to the Schwinn Phocus above which has a 21 speed which is far better if you are gong to be going up steeper inclines.  But that’s what comes with a cheaper alternative.

The three piece crank is more durable and suited to for heavier riders.  As it can take more strain and won’t snap as easily.  Unlike some bikes both the front and rear fenders shown in the image are included in the box which for this price, is a rare feature.

The tires included are two 26 x 2″ tires.  Which as stated earlier could be swapped out for more durable tires if you wish.  The Schwalbe marathon link at the start of the article would be good alternatives to last a very long time.

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.