Best Bike for Overweight Man

After several hours of research I found out that there are several specifications that you should look for if you are overweight and looking to get on a bike.  With cycling being a low impact activity it’s a very good way to burn calories and lose weight. 

Most bike frames will be able to hold a lot of weight.  However as I’ve found out the best bikes for overweight man consists of having 26 or 29 inch wheels that include at least 32 spokes, with 36 spoke wheels being recommended.  The higher the spoke count the more weight the wheels can hold.

The main problem point if you’re overweight and looking to ride a bike is the strength of the wheels.  If you choose the wrong bike then you’ll run into a lot of flats from the wheels not being able to hold your weight.

Our MTB Pick

Schwinn Bonafide

Schwinn Bonafide

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 24 Speed Shimano Shifter

Wow, the Schwinn Bonafide is one awesome bike.  Perfect for both beginners and more experienced riders wanting to take the bike through rougher terrains.  This bike can handle it all. 

The combined aluminium frame and powerful forked suspension soak up all the bumps you’ll come across when riding on both even and rough terrain.

The most improved technical component is the alloy cranks.  They allow for extremely smooth gear changes but also require less maintenance.  Along with the double walled alloy rims for added strength making this bike worth it’s higher price tag. 

You’ll be assured that you won’t be let down be lower quality components on the Schwinn Bonafide.

Schwinn ship the bike with a 5 year limited warranty, adding extra reassurance that you shouldn’t come across any issues.

What USAALL Love:

  • ✅Double Walled Alloy Wheels
  • ✅Forked Suspension
  • ✅Extra durable cranks
  • ✅Super smooth gear changes

What Could Be Improved:

  • Better cushioned seat.

Upgrade Pick

Raleigh Talus 3

Raleigh Talus 3

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 21 Speed Shimano Shifter

Talus 3 uses a shimano tourney 3 x 7 speed drivetrain giving you a total of 21 gears to tackle almost any trails.

Which unlike the Tokul 2 which only has a 1 x 9 drivetrain.

The talus 3 also uses similar hydraulic disc brakes providing you with a very powerful set of brakes.

The aluminium frame has been custom formed to provide greater durability and user friendly when mounting and dismounting.

The talus 3 doesn’t compromise on cheaper parts as Raleigh have gone for a Shimano tourney crank and front plus rear derailleur.

The front fork has been upgraded to a SR Suntour XCM-DS 100m compared to it’s predecessor the Talus 2.

Overall if you are looking for a budget to mid range mountain bike with high quality components that are ready to tackle any terrain and be pushed to it’s limits.  The Talus 3 is arguably the one.

Also Great

Raleigh Tokul 2

Raleigh Tokul 2

✅ Aluminium Frame
✅ Disc Brakes
✅ 9 Speed Shimano Shifter

Buy From Amazon

The Raleigh Tokul 2 is a mid range mountain bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide the user with excellent stopping power.

As it’s made by Raleigh you can be sure that the part quality is superb.  And they think the same by offering a limited lifetime warranty on the frame for the original purchaser.

The Aluminium frame makes it both lightweight and durable.

One downside to the Tokul 2 would be the single front gear.  Coming with a 1 x 9 derailleur.

However, the other parts such as the Hydraulic disc brakes.  Front fork lockout for uphill making it slightly easier.

Overall if you’re looking for a mid range bike that includes many high end features then we’d recommend the Raleigh Tokul 2.

The specifications allow for extra modifications such as new pedals and heavy duty wheels.

Why Trust Us

You’re probably thinking why you should trust this site.  Are they telling me the correct information? Or like many of the other sites on the internet are they just looking for a quick $$.  After researching competitors in this niche, I’ve found that they are recommending bikes without checking the facts.  Most sites are just putting the first 10 bikes they find on the page without doing detailed research.

For example did you know that 26 inch wheels are stronger and can withstand more weight than 29 inch wheels?

So why should you trust us?  As a cycling enthusiast who uses a bike on a regular basis I’ve done the research.  I’ve purchased multiple bikes over the years and know what someone should and shouldn’t consider and look for in their next bike purchase.

The Big Question.  Are these bikes for you?

The bikes we’ve recommended can be used by anyone.  Not just for people who are overweight.  But these bikes include all the components that someone who is overweight should have on their bike.

FIRST OFF these bikes are suitable for people who are looking the ride a bike but are overweight. Reasons?

  • All bikes have strong aluminium frames.
  • All bikes include at least 32 spokes to carry more weight.
  • Higher PSI capacity to avoid fewer flats

SECONDLY all the bikes that we’ve recommended are suitable for different purposes.  As they’re mountain bikes they can be used on more rough terrains but can also be used on the road.  Whether you’re looking for a short commute to a leisure ride or if you’re feeling more adventurous looking to go on dirt trails.  Then these bikes will be suitable for you.  THEY ARE NOT for people who are looking to commute for medium to longer distances you’d be better off with a road bike

Specifications to look for in your next bike

THE FRAME is the main component of your bike and depending on your price range this will limit to what materials you’ll be looking at.  Sub $300 and you’ll be more than likely looking at steel frames which although are strong can be quite heavy.  You’ll especially notice this if you’re going to be lifting the bike up stairs or onto a bike rack.

Between the $300 and $1500 price range you’ll be looking at mostly aluminium frames. Aluminium offers strength and durability but is also lightweight.  Towards the $1000+ range you’ll start to find bikes that have aluminium frames but carbon forks.  Unfortunately you’ll not find any carbon frames at this price range.

$1500+ you’ll be wanting to get a full carbon frame.  Although if you still wanted an aluminium frame but very high quality components then you’ll also find these.

WHEELS.  As for wheels you’ll be looking at alloy rims.  Most bikes will either come with 26 or 29 inch frames.  The larger framed bikes will more than likely come with 29 inch wheels.  As we’ve mentioned earlier on.  If you’re between the 200lbs to 300lbs range.  Then I would not recommend you going for anything less than 32 spoke wheels.  36 spoke wheels being recommended the most.  However, 36 spoke wheels can sometimes be hard to come by.  More spokes means that the weight is spread evenly across more spokes thus a larger area of the wheel.

Most BRAKES will either be the standard cable operated linear brakes at the lower price ranges.  However, over the past few years dual front and rear disc brakes have become more affordable and are included on a lot of the lower priced mountain bikes.

AS FOR GEARSETS you’ll more than likely want a 21 speed shifter.  Our recommended pick offers a 24 speed shimano shifter.  Although it must be said that it’s shimano’s entry level shifter range the Shimano Tourney edition.  But if you don’t know Shimano is quite possibly the best gearset brand.

Opting for at least a 21 speed shifter will help reach maximum speeds on flatter terrain.  And likewise will also help make pedalling a breeze when climbing up steeper inclines.  Unless you have no hills in your area then I would not recommend going for a 7 speed shifter.

Unless you are looking to pay $750+ then you’ll be looking at the entry level shifters from brands such as Shimano and SRAM.  But unless you’re planning on using the bike and thrashing it hard and taking it on really difficult terrains then you’ll be perfectly fine with the Shimano Tourney edition range.

SEATS/SADDLE shouldn’t be the make or break of your new bike purchase.  Changing the seat is possibly the easiest component on the bike to change and there are hundreds of 3rd party seats to choose from so the price is fairly inexpensive.  At the lower price range this is something that you’ll probably have to do.

Most bikes that are sub $500 will not come with a comfort saddle that includes dual spring suspension or memory foam.  However, you can pick them up for as little as $25 on amazon.

Everything summed up in 120 words

The bikes we’ve looked at today and reviewed are bikes that have received excellent reviews on popular retail websites.

They also meet the requirements that will support heavier riders.  Including users up to 300 lbs.

All bikes include aluminium frames making the bikes lightweight, strong and durable.

All bikes have wheels that use at least 32 spokes which can support much more weight.

“Our Pick” includes front and rear disc brakes which provide superb stopping power.

“Our Pick” doesn’t include a dual suspension seat and memory foam padding.  However for the price of the bike it’s worth buying and swapping the seat.  Cheaper than paying for a bike that has one already, plus you’ll have to assemble the seat anyway.

James Dawson

After learning how to ride a bicycle much later than all the other kids, James Dawson hasn't looked back. The author now actively rides a bicycle as a part of the community cycling group and competes regularly in local competitions. Aside from that, he loves technology and always keeps up to date with the latest cycling tech.