Are Comfort Bikes any Good?

Comfort bikes are good if you’re going to be using them for what their designed to do.  If you’re planning on buying a comfort bike for road and trail use then comfort bikes wouldn’t be a good choice for you.  You’d be best off looking at a hybrid bike.

Whereas if you’re looking for a bike for leisure use.  Relatively short distance riding to the local shops or run local errands then you’ll find great use from a comfort bike or a cruiser bike.

Let me explain what makes a comfort bike.

So a comfort bike is a bike that’s been made with comfort in mind.  You’ll find that the seat will more than likely have suspension and well as really soft foam to provide that extra comfort.  As well as wider tires which absorb and reduce the shocks from bumps in the road.

Things you shouldn’t use comfort bikes for:

As I’ve mentioned comfort bikes are good and you should probably look towards buying a comfort bike if you’re planning on using the bike for short distance leisure riding.  You’ll find that brands such as Schwinn produce really high quality and affordable comfort bikes.