Why You Should Really Wear a Cycle Helmets for Commuters

Why Is Cycle Helmets For Commuters Important And Where Shall One Have It? Through all the things that humans do in the daily routine, something is common. A sense of safety and security is a common thing. Whether or not a person does a thing is dependent on the fact that thing is safe and doesn’t threat the life of a person. Now obviously there are circumstances where people do certain things that endanger their life, but they are not under normal circumstances. For ages, inventions have been done and discoveries have been made to make the processes that we come across daily, more efficient and more effective. Humans have developed the tools and techniques that they have used. One of the most successful inventions […]

Can Bike Riding Help Lose Weight? Yes! Ride Your Way Away To Weight Loss

Can Bike Riding Help Lose Weight? Yes! Ride Your Way Away To Weight Loss ‘Can bike riding help lose weight?’ is among the top 10 most asked questions on Google. And rightly so, because about 5.5 billion people in the world are obese, which makes 76% of the total world population. This report by Times Of India brings to light the impending problem that extra fat is becoming and the increased search and look out for losing weight.  Weight gain is a concern in every other household where different people are turning to different solutions, some seeking medical help, some trying to alter their diet, some turning to their home remedies whereas some seeking help in the gym. But most often than not, there is […]

Can Wheels Be Straightened Using Hydraulic Press Or Other Effective Methods?

Can Wheels Be Straightened Using Hydraulic Press Or Other Effective Methods? While travelling many of you have often fallen to prey to the roads in which you travel and which consists of many potholes. Once you get hit on one of such pothole what follows is a jerk, and often it also results in bending of the tire that supports your vehicle, but the main damage may remain hidden to the passengers. In the vehicle as the damage usually occurs on the inside of the tire rather than the outside. This is because on the outside the spokes support the frame of the tire, but on the inner side it is devoid of any such support leaving you with the question, Can wheels be straightened? […]

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart For Comfortable And Safe Ride

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart For Comfortable And Safe Ride Mounting bike riding in the early morning on a chilly Sunday with your friends is super fun. It comes all at once to you; you can go off the road, no traffic, no rush and all fun with you and your friends or family. Many people face issues like breathing while biking or height issues even sometimes the overweight or underweight if the bike that is not helping you carry yourself at speed it should have, right? While going of mountain biking, you should choose your ride best in handling, comfort and safety. You can all find that at one place just having a look at the mountain bike frame size chart. Mountain bikes are […]

Know How To Measure Bike Size Accurately Without Any Problem!

Know How To Measure Bike Size Accurately Without Any Problem! Are you planning to order a bike online, but unsure of its size? Then, you are probably in the right place. It is important to measure the size of the bike before buying it for many different reasons, and you should consider all of them to make a good purchase! You can know how to measure bike size by following a certain number of steps; it is a quick and simple process, but requires great accuracy!   Why order bikes online? If your kid is looking for the right bike, why not take him to the nearby market? It is done, but usually not preferred because ordering anything online plays an important role in determining […]

What To take On a Biking Trip

Once you’ve purchased your new bike and are planning to go on your first biking trip.  Everybody’s first question is…  What to take on a biking trip?  There are many essentials as well as some optional things that could be useful.  First things first, after learning the hard way and having to push my bike 3Km with a flat tire.  You should always take a tire repair kit.  Ones like this one on amazon will come in handy a long the way.  Although there are more expensive ones available.  Carrying that small kit will save the pain of having to push your bike all the way home. What to take on a biking trip essentials Bike Repair kit Taking a bike repair kit will save […]

How heavy are electric bikes?

How heavy are electric bikes? Electric bikes are a lot heavier than a standard bike.  This is mainly due to the added components of the battery and motor.  On average an electric bike weighs between 20-30kg (45-65lbs). Compared to the average weight of a standard bike being around 15-20kg (30-45lbs).

Where to Charge your Electric Bike – USAALL

Where to Charge your Electric Bike Where to charge your electric bike is one of the most common questions consumers have when they are looking to purchase an electric bike. People seem to think you need some special charging device that is hooked up to your main electricity line. However, 95% of consumer electric bikes come with a standard wall plug socket that can be plugged into any power outlet in your house. Charging Inside The majority of electric bike users either charge their electric bike in either their hall, utility room and even a shed/garage.  Anywhere with a standard plug socket should be more than suitable to charge an electric bike using the recommend/provided charger. Charging Outside Seen as the electric bikes come with […]

After Testing These Best Electric Bikes I decided these were the best

Electric bikes are becoming a very popular choice of travel for inner city riding, and trying to find the best electric bikes for your budget can be a difficult tasks with the range of bikes on offer.  Below is a comprehensive guide showing you the best electric bikes for your budget along with a handy buyers guide discussing the ins and outs of what electric bikes are and what each component does. Choose your price range or take a look at our buyers guide below. Up to $500 $501 – $1000 $1001 – $2000 $2001+ Buyers Guide F&Q Best Electric Bikes under 500 SwagCycle EB-5 Pro   What we liked ✅Pre-Assembled ✅36V Lithium Ion Battery supporting up to 15.5 mile range ✅14 Inch Wheels ✅Lightweight […]

Bike Weight Limit Facts

Bike weight limit facts Lets take a look at a few bike weight limit facts that you should consider when choosing a bike that is plus-size friendly. Multiple factors should be considered both purchasing and maintenance of the bike.  Initially it’s important to check with the manufacture specifications for their suggested maximum weight limit.  Checkout our guide to Plus-size friendly bikes on amazon.   Purchasing Make sure the manufacturer states what the maximum weight limit is. Larger bike frames can handle heavier weight limits. Look at reviews for people’s experience.  Many reviews on amazon consist of reviews from people with plus-size recommendations. Maintenance When swapping tyres and inner tubes it’s important to either have exact replacements with what the original manufacturer provided.  Or check that […]

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