How heavy are electric bikes?

How heavy are electric bikes? Electric bikes are a lot heavier than a standard bike.  This is mainly due to the added components of the battery and motor.  On average an electric bike weighs between 20-30kg (45-65lbs). Compared to the average weight of a standard bike being around 15-20kg (30-45lbs).

Where to Charge your Electric Bike – USAALL

Where to Charge your Electric Bike Where to charge your electric bike is one of the most common questions consumers have when they are looking to purchase an electric bike. People seem to think you need some special charging device that is hooked up to your main electricity line. However, 95% of consumer electric bikes come with a standard wall plug socket that can be plugged into any power outlet in your house. Charging Inside The majority of electric bike users either charge their electric bike in either their hall, utility room and even a shed/garage.  Anywhere with a standard plug socket should be more than suitable to charge an electric bike using the recommend/provided charger. Charging Outside Seen as the electric bikes come with […]

Best Electric Bikes – All Price Ranges- Long Buyers Guide – USAALL

Electric bikes are becoming a very popular choice of travel for inner city riding, and trying to find the best electric bikes for your budget can be a difficult tasks with the range of bikes on offer.  Below is a comprehensive guide showing you the best electric bikes for your budget along with a handy buyers guide discussing the ins and outs of what electric bikes are and what each component does. Choose your price range or take a look at our buyers guide below. Up to $500 $501 – $1000 $1001 – $2000 $2001+ Buyers Guide F&Q Best Electric Bikes under 500 SwagCycle EB-5 Pro   What we liked ✅Pre-Assembled ✅36V Lithium Ion Battery supporting up to 15.5 mile range ✅14 Inch Wheels ✅Lightweight […]

Bike Weight Limit Facts

Bike weight limit facts Lets take a look at a few bike weight limit facts that you should consider when choosing a bike that is plus-size friendly. Multiple factors should be considered both purchasing and maintenance of the bike.  Initially it’s important to check with the manufacture specifications for their suggested maximum weight limit.  Checkout our guide to Plus-size friendly bikes on amazon.   Purchasing Make sure the manufacturer states what the maximum weight limit is. Larger bike frames can handle heavier weight limits. Look at reviews for people’s experience.  Many reviews on amazon consist of reviews from people with plus-size recommendations. Maintenance When swapping tyres and inner tubes it’s important to either have exact replacements with what the original manufacturer provided.  Or check that […]

The Best Way To Pack Clothes when Travelling

The Best Way To Pack Clothes when Travelling

The Best Way To Pack Clothes when Travelling If it comes to travel, it can be tough to discover a balance between packaging clothes that are trendy and clothing that’s functional. The trick to stylish and practical travel would be to package clothes you can coating, rather than packaging outfits. What exactly does this mean? It means choosing fabrics in various weights to layer over one another to prevent over packaging. When Choosing things to coat, there are a Couple of questions you should request: Cloth wick moisture away and keep me dry? Can it be powerful enough to maintain from several washes? Capable of functioning out as a layer in colder weather by itself in hot weather? Can it be a dark, neutral color […]

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Cool Travel Gifts

COOL TRAVEL GIFTS You are thinking of taking a trip for vacations, for work or to visit a family member but you do not know what a cool gift might be to bring with you, this is a very common situation since visiting new places presents an infinite number of possibilities and experiences that make it worthwhile to invest time and money in it. In addition, the memories that remain with you are what will be most valued in the future but there is always a single material detail to keep that moment alive, so here we will appreciate what can be cool travel gifts. All time travel memories There are a great number of objects that can be taken with the purpose of being […]

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Best Laptop Bag for Travel

BEST LAPTOP BAG FOR TRAVEL The best laptop bag for travel is not only one that simply protects the physical integrity of the electronic device, but also provides portability and design that in certain measures are often important for travelers. For businessmen, developers, professional gamers and others, it is always important to have an accessory with which they can safely store their equipment, without it suffering considerable damage, so here are some of the most renowned laptop bags on the market. The Best laptop bag for travel: Options About 10 years ago, many security and travel administrations around the world began to allow certain laptop backpacks to undergo X-ray examination without having to take their laptops outside. The idea is to help speed up the […]

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Secure Travel Purse

Secure Travel Purse A secure travel purse is one of the most indispensable elements for any tourist who travels long distances around the world, especially because most of these same users have objects of great monetary or personal value, so they need a bag in which they can keep their most precious objects. It is important to know which are the safest bags to make trips abroad or inside the country, as well as the different precautions we can take individually to take care of our luggage What is a secure travel purse? It is an accessory that has been maintained over time with a fairly simple and formal structure, while on the other hand, the security mechanisms with which they protect the content stored […]

Cruise from Fort Myers to Key West

CRUISE FROM FORT MYERS TO KEY WEST A big part of a visit to Fort Myers Beach is that you can easily add on a cruise trip from Fort Myers to Key West for a very reasonable price, most of the time cheaper than even driving. If you’ve come a long way to Florida, a trip to Key West would be a shame to leave it for another time. The ferry dock is just a few blocks from the famous Duvall St, making it easy to access everything else from the ferry. The advantages of cruising from Fort Myers to Key West Excursion from one day to another or from one day to the next: I strongly recommend spending the night in Key West, as […]

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Best Travel Bags for Europe

BEST TRAVEL BAGS FOR EUROPE For any traveler or tourist interested in exploring new places in different continents, it has always been a priority to have a specific order of how you want to carry your luggage. We will learn which are the best travel bags for Europe, which provide the best support and functionality, as well as the style that should never be lost when traveling to such distant lands, having the tools at hand to enjoy an extraordinary experience. Why to choose a bag for traveling across Europe? Maybe it’s a question that answers itself, but in case you have any doubts we’ll tell you why to choose on a traveling bag. When it comes to sea, air, land, or other travel. It […]