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The travel organizer bag is one of the necessary instruments for most (if not all) tourists traveling around the world. All travelers must keep an order of their accessories such as clothing, footwear, documents, among other elements that must be protected with a good structure, avoiding unnecessary losses that can be a long-term inconvenience. You have to know what this accessory is about and what it represents in the daily life of a passenger.

What is a travel organizer bag?

This travel accessory is very useful and essential for any tourist or business traveler who needs a large space combined with electronic devices, clothing, etc. A travel organizer bag has the function of giving an orderly structure to each element in your suitcase, so that you do not lose any document of high importance at the worst time.

Usually these bags come in different presentations, shapes and sizes, which allows the consumer to have a free choice as to what they want to carry and how they want to organize their accessories. Some of these bags are customizable, providing a better balance of functionality and style at the same time. For long trips and long stays it is always necessary to have a travel organizer bag that you can count on at all times, which is easy to carry and portable in any situation.

In short, it’s an accessory that can cover almost any need of the traveler, from functionality to practical use of all its features on a large scale, the variety of colors, designs, sizes and shapes are the differentiating element for a travel organizer bag, and in the long term, it becomes a positive investment that will last depending on its quality and the care given to it, maintaining the integrity of its contents in a state of high category.

Fashion on a travel organizer bag

In modern times fashion has taken on a very significant notoriety not only in clothing and jewelry, but also in the way people travel around the world. It’s for this reason that for fashion lovers, a travel organizer bag can mean much more than a personal content management tool, but as a personal brand to demonstrate tastes and personality.

The following are some of the quality bags most commonly used by travelers. These are:

  • We recommend a bag or backpack

Backpacks are no longer for going back to school. In recent years, a new modernity label has been introduced, creating an important fashion statement for luxury brands such as Chanel, Celine, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Prada, all of which take advantage of this versatile, practical and essential travel companion. A designer backpack, better for your back and shoulders, will be your reliable companion for your next trip.

  • Magnificent beauty cases

Beauty products are essential for an outdoor holiday, where you can eat and drink all summer long. Stop putting your cosmetics in small make-up bags or plastic bags and invest in a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag travel organizer bag, the perfect organizer for any cream, lipstick, mask and make-up you have. Louis Vuitton again hits the nail on the head with his overwhelmingly beautiful cases.

  • Canvas travel bag (Duffel bag)

The amount of things you can put into a lonano travel organizer bag is endless. This bag, perfect for camping or for a weekend away with friends, will never clip your traveling wings!  More stylish than an inappropriate and uncomfortable suitcase, and easier to fit into the narrow compartments of airplanes and trains, it’s the perfect choice for a getaway. Its history goes back to the Belgian town of Duffel, where weavers began to manufacture durable canvas fabric that was used especially in cylindrical bags with a strip.

  • The classic suitcase

Send your kids to camp or take a long vacation in the sun?  A suitcase is a worthwhile investment. They’ve been around for years. Big or small and infinite. They are also great objects to keep things at home.

  • Keepall Bag

You can’t talk about travel bags without mentioning the ultimate luxury travel brand, Louis Vuitton.  Founded in 1854 in Paris, Louis Vuitton embodies the art of travel. With the introduction of flat-bed trunks that were lightweight and watertight, Vuitton changed the rules of the travel game forever. Today you have to look at the Keepall bag, which is perfect for a daring getaway in the south of France or for a weekend in the country. Spacious, light and extremely beautiful; it will always make people turn to look at it if you take one of these beauties!

  • Bowling bag

At the beginning of the 20th century the phenomenon of bowling alleyways reached its peak, so you really need a bag to transport the heavy balls from one place to another. Made of strong, durable leather, these bags soon became an enviable fashion accessory, and the balls were quickly replaced with essential everyday items. Le Tanneur, Burberry, Celine and Gucci are just a few of the recurring brands that make travel bowling bags more than chic.

  • Notebook case

Those who fly the highest in the world need a sturdy bag to carry all their important documents and equipment. Look no further than a Samsonite computer case. Samsonite specializes in business and travel, making it one of the best brands to invest in for any major trip with co-workers. Safe, practical and destined to impress even before you step foot in your business meeting; it’s the winner.

  • Larger luggage

If you’re carrying more than you can handle and need to check your luggage, then you should consider investing in a sturdy, padlocked suitcase that will carry your special items easily on the road.  Once again, Samsonite is famous for its sturdy items, which will travel thousands of miles without damage. Not only do vintage suitcases look great, they perform just as well, so don’t let their worn-out looks deter you!

  • Wheels are not just for supermarkets

Eureka! A long time ago, someone smart decided to add wheels to the suitcases and the suitcases appeared on wheels. Aren’t we lucky? This quick genius will make you go at full speed through any airport.


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