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Do you really think your favourite instagram influencers get millions of followers by just posting images?

They Don’t!

There’s a few ways to become an Instagram Influencer with 100’s of thousands of followers.  Some more time consuming than others.  However, the main way Instagram Influencers get thousands of followers is by through shoutouts.

Once you get 50K+ followers you can start doing what is known as cross shoutouts, where you find another influencer with a similar number of followers and you give each other a shoutout for free.

But the problem is if you don’t have 50K+ followers then your more than likely not going to find targeted accounts that are willing to do shoutouts.  That’s where Buying Shoutouts comes into play.  Buying Shoutouts in order to achieve 50K+ followers is by far the most effective way of gaining followers.

Contacting Influencers directly through Instagram is one way of asking for a shoutout.  However, many Influencers charge way to much and try to take advantage by charging ridiculous amounts, trying to get some free and easy cash.

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