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Whenever we think about a trip, a small part of our thoughts are always diverted to things that may not go well, that may be uncomfortable, that may not be what we expected, but by taking into account these useful travel accessories we can prepare ourselves to deal with the less pleasant details of the transfers involved in family or business trips.

From accessories for our phones, clothing, items we carry with us, important documents and many other things that don’t necessarily need extra help but are always welcome.

Usefulness vs relevance

There is an infinite variety of things we can buy that are specifically designed for travelers, whether they are thinking of taking a plane to a distant crawl space, or a paradisiacal island or going on a road trip enjoying the scenery that can be found along the way as well as the people you can meet.

All said and done, due to human inventiveness, there really is little that is not already created to facilitate any task, however strange or unusual it may seem.

In this sense we can mention, for example, an item that is quite peculiar but that can actually be useful; we are referring to the bra for charging telephones. This ingenious plastic object anchors or hangs from the transformer of a mobile phone charger when connected to the wall outlet.

Transformer is understood as the central part or body of a charger. That’s right, something that may seem as trivial as a platform ready to hold your phone from the same charger that it can’t get much away from because the USB cables that come with it from the factory are getting smaller and smaller.

Continuing in the category of accessories for phones that can work perfectly as travel tools we have the power bank or backup battery to recharge our Smartphone when we run out of power.

We can’t always count on having an outlet on hand, even though we are in the age of technology and interconnection. We may find ourselves camping or in the middle of nowhere resting and looking at the stars from the roof of our car, if we need to make a call or search for information on our phone, but it’s empty, we can have a hard time.

That’s why power goes became so popular during 2016, in addition to the fact that in those days, the batteries that were used in newer and more and more demanding models of phones were becoming obsolete.

Changing the scope now and leaving behind the paraphernalia for our mobile devices, let’s think of more practical things, which can save us time or give us some light comforts. An example of the above is a handbag with multiple compartments and pockets, perfect for organizing and storing a wide variety of items.

Some people prefer to keep their belongings in a specific order because this makes it easier for them to manage their resources and as we all know, traveling carries a heavy energy load and if in addition to this, we are exposed to unnecessary stress and anxiety resulting in an excessive depletion of energy.

The usefulness of some of these artifacts, parts, accessories or whatever you want to call them may seem a little limited, but the purpose of these objects is not to be super flexible or reusable. They were designed to accomplish a task and to do it well, nothing more and nothing less.

Another “accessory” that may be very convenient is not exactly an accessory, but it is not indispensable to carry it as if it were a necessity. A laptop is good in almost as many situations as a phone but it gives us the freedom of power as well as the freedom to enjoy a little relaxation, a quick work session if we are extremely independent people or run our own business.

Laptops don’t need to be plugged into the wall outlet and the power supply to operate due to their self-contained battery, and are currently as powerful as or even more powerful than some desktop PCs.

A pair of headphones is always a good way to distract our minds and to withdraw to our own secret world, where we can meditate on our next steps, or enjoy the landscape without being distracted by external agents.

Of course we can link them with a phone or better yet another very useful item, portable bugles. Portable bugles are a presentation of audio output devices that help us by amplifying the volume and quality of sound being played by some other equipment, usually also a telephone.

The portable horns will be ideal to brighten up the atmosphere wherever we go, but something should be clarified here is that being an open space where we are, or public in any case, the rules may not allow us to use this type of equipment everywhere and at a volume that is not adequate.

We have already mentioned a variety of objects that, as has been said, may seem too simple and not very useful, but never judge a book by its cover. Needless to say, if any accessory seems superfluous it is because it is, in fact, superfluous, but so is society and companies often produce what society considers useful or good.

Last but not least, we have a small group of objects that must be carried if or if on any flight, of course we are referring to the small standardized bottles that are the official containers to transport in them this type of merchandise.

Due to the history of the last few years, the attacks against airlines and airplanes have made airport security increasingly intense and, as before, homemade bombs could be manufactured using very common materials, such as chemicals from which lip paint comes out.

Or that can be found in any pharmacy. In these bottles should go the shampoo that you take with you, some toothpaste and finally may be hand soap or other liquid that this prohibited its transit without being properly packed in the suitcases of the deposit.

All this writing has been oriented towards means of air transport and the long and tedious waits that are generated in the different airports to be able to arrive at our destinations, but without a doubt many of these objects can also be suitable for trips by sea or by land, it is only necessary to search a little bit on the Internet and find the information, since it is present on the web.


27 Jul


We’ve all come back from a trip with half the unused clothes, or notice halfway through the trip that the suitcase weighs more than it needs to. While not all of us have the organizational gene and are not the kings of practicality, we can all learn to travel light, like true professionals, and even with only hand luggage.

essential travel items


Thinking about your next weekend getaway or longer trip, we give you these 10 essential tips for you to travel in the most intelligent and practical way.

  1. Camera

It is an essential object for every experience, every sense, because a photo will capture everything from spontaneous moments to wonderful views. It is recommended to bring a compact camera, which can be easily transported, without forgetting its accessories such as memory card and charger.  A camera is always a good travel partner, whether you go alone or with friends, short or long family trips, it’s nice to remember moments in every photo you take.

Don’t forget: in travelling, you must have a good Camera!

  1. Power Bank

An object like this is really important these days, when your cell phone’s battery lasts only a few hours and your electronics need a source of power. Having a good power bank will help you stay connected to your loved ones, with some medical help or simply sharing photos on your social networks.

  1. Ziploc Bags:

The use of ziploc bags is not limited to the kitchen! In addition to allowing you to store sandwiches or other donkeys, you can also use them to pass your liquids and toiletries for safety at the airport, such as a garbage bag if you are camping or hiking. You can also use them to store your mobile phone, camera or other devices so they don’t get wet or full of dust or sand if you’re at the beach, for example.

If you don’t have a bottle on hand, you can also refill it with water in case of an emergency and even add ice and apply it to a folded ankle. One of my favorite uses is to create a modest “home cinema” with them. I mean…. they saw when you’re on the bus for 18 hours and you’re watching a show or a movie on your cell phone and you have to hold it in your hand and it’s a roll? Well, you put it in a transparent zip lock bag and hook it to the front seat…. or on the plane. Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Sweaters or fleece jacket

In all occasions it is important to go warm, but also if our travel destination is naturally cold places or in winter season. However, it is always advisable to bring a sweater because even on the beach, hotels are usually air-conditioned, and for people who are susceptible to the cold a good coat is never too warm. And if you’re still not convinced to bring warm clothes to tropical places, keep in mind that in coastal cities the nights are usually much colder than they seem due to the sea breeze.

  1. Comfortable walking shoes

There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking in poorly fitting shoes that are out of our size or simply not designed for the occasion. Keep in mind the purpose of your trip and pack shoes just for the occasion, if your destination is tourist and you want to know many places, pack comfortable shoes for long walks, if your goal is a business trip, do not forget to wear formal shoes.

  1. Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella

Always be informed about the weather season you are going through, so whenever the season is rainy or very humid it is important to wear waterproof jackets to protect yourself from rainwater. Needless to say, we must avoid colds and ruin our travel experience. As you can see, something as simple as a raincoat can get you out of some trouble. Umbrellas are also a very reliable option, and not only for rainy days, but also for extremely sunny days, days when we must protect the skin from sun exposure. Sunglasses and glasses case

Never forget to bring your sunglasses, especially if your destination is a tropical place like a beach, a park or a swimming pool, or if the day is very sunny, even in the mountains the sun’s rays can be harmful to your retinas. Remember that the health of your eyes is paramount at all times.  Sunglasses today have become a fashion accessory, but they are still useful for a better view. There’s always room in your suitcase for a pair of sunglasses, so wear them whenever you need them on those sunny walks.

  1. Travel pillow

A long and uncomfortable trip is always one of the worst things about traveling, when you undertake long hours trips your body asks for rest and to make the journey more bearable it is important to have comfortable gear to rest. The travel collars adapt to your neck in an ergonomic way, and allow you to rest in a comfortable position without neck pain. It is important to have a travel pillow when our journeys are quite long, whether by car, bus, train or plane.

  1. Health items

Bring gauze, hydrogen peroxide, and other first aid supplies to help you deal with unforeseen events. It is also vital to equip yourself with the medicines prescribed by your doctor according to the health status of the traveller and the destination to be visited.

Depending on which areas you move to, you will have more or less access to clean toilets, soap, water, etc. It’s best to always carry alcohol gel with you to clean your hands after using the bathroom, before eating… and even to disinfect a surface cut or to sanitize your cutlery.

  1. A small flashlight

You never know where you’re going to end up in an unknown city. A small flashlight on your key chain, with a headband or any other light that doesn’t take up much space, can save you from falling into a bump in a dark and unfamiliar street, or help you get back to your hotel after a night walk on a lonely beach.

  1. Rubber sandals

Rubber sandals are more useful than you might think on a trip. You can use them to go to the beach, to be cool on the street, not to walk barefoot in the hotel or even to take a shower, if you are fussy or stay in a hostel.

And don’t forget….

Restrictions on items you may carry on board vary by airline or country of travel. Keep in mind the measurements of your suitcase and take advantage of the fact that you can carry a second handbag to store the most important things, such as documents and your laptop or camera.

17 Jul


The travel organizer bag is one of the necessary instruments for most (if not all) tourists traveling around the world. All travelers must keep an order of their accessories such as clothing, footwear, documents, among other elements that must be protected with a good structure, avoiding unnecessary losses that can be a long-term inconvenience. You have to know what this accessory is about and what it represents in the daily life of a passenger.

What is a travel organizer bag?

This travel accessory is very useful and essential for any tourist or business traveler who needs a large space combined with electronic devices, clothing, etc. A travel organizer bag has the function of giving an orderly structure to each element in your suitcase, so that you do not lose any document of high importance at the worst time.

Usually these bags come in different presentations, shapes and sizes, which allows the consumer to have a free choice as to what they want to carry and how they want to organize their accessories. Some of these bags are customizable, providing a better balance of functionality and style at the same time. For long trips and long stays it is always necessary to have a travel organizer bag that you can count on at all times, which is easy to carry and portable in any situation.

In short, it’s an accessory that can cover almost any need of the traveler, from functionality to practical use of all its features on a large scale, the variety of colors, designs, sizes and shapes are the differentiating element for a travel organizer bag, and in the long term, it becomes a positive investment that will last depending on its quality and the care given to it, maintaining the integrity of its contents in a state of high category.

Fashion on a travel organizer bag

In modern times fashion has taken on a very significant notoriety not only in clothing and jewelry, but also in the way people travel around the world. It’s for this reason that for fashion lovers, a travel organizer bag can mean much more than a personal content management tool, but as a personal brand to demonstrate tastes and personality.

The following are some of the quality bags most commonly used by travelers. These are:

  • We recommend a bag or backpack

Backpacks are no longer for going back to school. In recent years, a new modernity label has been introduced, creating an important fashion statement for luxury brands such as Chanel, Celine, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Prada, all of which take advantage of this versatile, practical and essential travel companion. A designer backpack, better for your back and shoulders, will be your reliable companion for your next trip.

  • Magnificent beauty cases

Beauty products are essential for an outdoor holiday, where you can eat and drink all summer long. Stop putting your cosmetics in small make-up bags or plastic bags and invest in a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag travel organizer bag, the perfect organizer for any cream, lipstick, mask and make-up you have. Louis Vuitton again hits the nail on the head with his overwhelmingly beautiful cases.

  • Canvas travel bag (Duffel bag)

The amount of things you can put into a lonano travel organizer bag is endless. This bag, perfect for camping or for a weekend away with friends, will never clip your traveling wings!  More stylish than an inappropriate and uncomfortable suitcase, and easier to fit into the narrow compartments of airplanes and trains, it’s the perfect choice for a getaway. Its history goes back to the Belgian town of Duffel, where weavers began to manufacture durable canvas fabric that was used especially in cylindrical bags with a strip.

  • The classic suitcase

Send your kids to camp or take a long vacation in the sun?  A suitcase is a worthwhile investment. They’ve been around for years. Big or small and infinite. They are also great objects to keep things at home.

  • Keepall Bag

You can’t talk about travel bags without mentioning the ultimate luxury travel brand, Louis Vuitton.  Founded in 1854 in Paris, Louis Vuitton embodies the art of travel. With the introduction of flat-bed trunks that were lightweight and watertight, Vuitton changed the rules of the travel game forever. Today you have to look at the Keepall bag, which is perfect for a daring getaway in the south of France or for a weekend in the country. Spacious, light and extremely beautiful; it will always make people turn to look at it if you take one of these beauties!

  • Bowling bag

At the beginning of the 20th century the phenomenon of bowling alleyways reached its peak, so you really need a bag to transport the heavy balls from one place to another. Made of strong, durable leather, these bags soon became an enviable fashion accessory, and the balls were quickly replaced with essential everyday items. Le Tanneur, Burberry, Celine and Gucci are just a few of the recurring brands that make travel bowling bags more than chic.

  • Notebook case

Those who fly the highest in the world need a sturdy bag to carry all their important documents and equipment. Look no further than a Samsonite computer case. Samsonite specializes in business and travel, making it one of the best brands to invest in for any major trip with co-workers. Safe, practical and destined to impress even before you step foot in your business meeting; it’s the winner.

  • Larger luggage

If you’re carrying more than you can handle and need to check your luggage, then you should consider investing in a sturdy, padlocked suitcase that will carry your special items easily on the road.  Once again, Samsonite is famous for its sturdy items, which will travel thousands of miles without damage. Not only do vintage suitcases look great, they perform just as well, so don’t let their worn-out looks deter you!

  • Wheels are not just for supermarkets

Eureka! A long time ago, someone smart decided to add wheels to the suitcases and the suitcases appeared on wheels. Aren’t we lucky? This quick genius will make you go at full speed through any airport.


16 Jul

Closest Airport to Key West


For many tourists and travelers looking for a vacation experience on the beaches of Florida, it has become important to know what the closest airport to Key West is, in order to have a more effective arrival plan to the tourist area you are trying to reach, reducing costs and time considerably. Next, we will go deeper into what is the best option to take into account in terms of flights and arrival options at tourist attractions.

Choosing the best option

The airports are the center of arrival of many tourists and travelers who go in search of fulfilling their vacation fantasies in recreational spaces for family and friends, and usually, a notable majority of these flight passengers are foreigners, who are attracted by the wonders they see on television or in social media of their choice. Regarding Key West, the online tourism community has been having doubts about the closest airport to Key West, being this site one of the most visited in the Florida area.

It is fair enough to think that many of the means by which such a tourist destination can be reached are often recommended by many agencies specializing in the issue of costs and fares for travelers, but air travel has undoubtedly become the community’s favorite for a long time, especially since travelers are looking for a quick solution to their needs, which allows them some freedom in terms of the amount of money they expect to spend on a short-haul or long-haul flight.

We must remember that these costs may vary depending on the airline and the agency with which the client can manage their plans and for anyone interested in making a forthcoming trip, these factors must be taken into account in advance.

Key West has become the center of attention of a tourism community on the web looking for a place where they can relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, with ideal vacations for family and friends, and among many of the questions that can be found in different forums and review platforms we can find the question about Which is the closest airport to Key West? and in many cases these questions have been answered by a list offered by the users themselves, presenting the different options of airports to which anyone can turn.

Agencies with flights to Key West


On the Internet we will find a variety of options that describe directly and objectively which are the different agencies that frequently fly to the Key West area of Florida. It is important to mention that the prices and fares of certain flights depend directly on the services they provide to their users, agreeing on an arrival time.

To know which is the closest airport to Key West, we must know the different agencies with flights to this region, and these are the following:

  1. Delta Air Lines: Delta Air Lines is one of the oldest and largest US airlines, with transatlantic flights reaching more destinations in Europe and Asia. It is among the largest operators in the United States within Latin America. Delta operates from its base in Atlanta, offering direct flights to more than 330 destinations in 64 countries and six continents. The regional routes of these airlines are operated under the Delta Connection brand.
  2. American Airlines: American Airlines is considered the world’s largest airline for fleet size, revenue and passenger mileage. The number of destinations around the globe it serves makes it the second largest, with some 6,700 daily flights to 350 cities in 50 countries.
  3. United: The world’s largest airline, by the number of destinations it serves, was created in May 2010 from the merger with Continental Airlines and United Airlines. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company initially owned by Boeing United is owned by United Continental Holdings.
  4. jetBlue: The New York-based airline prides itself on punctuality and guarantees the best prices. It began operations in 2001 and mainly covers destinations in the United States with flights to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. The airline’s main base of operations is at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Key West International Airport

The Key West International Airport is considered the closest passenger and tourist arrival center to the central Key West, located approximately 2 miles from the central county district of Florida. It is the answer to the question of what is the closest airport to Key West? and so it is for the following reasons.

First we have a direct arrival point to the commercial and municipal heart of the region, where we can find a number of hotels recognized in a global status thanks to their reputation, as well as other establishments aimed at the reception and care of foreign and local tourists, who in the long term are the most important element in the way in which tourism businesses are conducted in this region.

On the other hand, The Key West International Airport is located as one of the most popular destinations for passengers heading to the coastal areas adjacent to this town, compared to other airports located in points not necessarily suitable for those seeking a complete vacation experience.

For this reason, many users recommend arriving at this airport, not only because of the ease with which it provides travelers, but also because of the basic service plans that are offered to each of those involved. Undoubtedly, we can say that as far as tourism is concerned, the options are very varied and adaptable to what each client needs in a determined period of time, from a unique and unforgettable experience, without leaving behind the more detailed aspects of a trip, such as service, expenses, plans, among others.

In the end, the decision is in the hands of the potential traveler, who in search of an option that suits it needs, has the resources and tools necessary on the network to know the scope and limitations of each relevant aspect within their personal plans.

15 Jul



Around tourist areas such as Key West, there are many opportunities for the traveler to have a very rewarding experience in terms of how he wants to enjoy his vacation, so in many cases come to resort to maps that allow them to better know their environment. It’s because of its importance that, coming up, we’ll know the map of existing hotels in the surrounding areas of one of the most popular tourist landmarks in the world.

Hotels and touristic options

The hotels are the necessary stop and stay for any tourist or tra veler looking to fulfill their desires for recreation and quality time with family, friends or yourself. There are many places and places of international interest in which most tourists place their initial view, and Key West is one of these places, representing a great value for many travelers thanks to the beauty of its surroundings and the quantity and quality of its varied services.

It is quite interesting to see how the tourism market and business in Florida has grown over the years, maintaining a fairly favorable average annual visitor level thanks to all the possibilities and options that we can find in many of the points of interest for the traveler.

It’s also important to mention that it is very common to see how in places such as these, establishments are established with services for any tourist, whether hotels, inns, spas, among other places that may be attractive to the traveler. Key West is a very clear example of this point, since around its beaches and tourist spots there is a considerable variety of hotels that are available to any new client, with different services and plans adaptable to each situation.

For family, friends and acquaintances alike, Key West has become a very attractive tourist attraction in recent years, and it is thanks to the various media and social networks that most of the income and visits made annually have been kept at a peak. The recommendations of satisfied customers, their reviews and positive opinions about the hotels and services presented to the public, are a reliable sample that make the difference between the quality of service, as well as the flexibility in their prices and daily rates.

List of Hotels

As we mentioned before, we have made known each one of the positive aspects that surround the tourist point of Key West, knowing its most outstanding and interesting elements for the future traveler who is willing to make decisions about his budget and recreation plans.

Some of the most relevant hotels to detail around the Key West area are:

  • H2O Suites Hotel
    • Address: 1212 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040-3159
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Hotel with few rooms which makes it very nice, all the staff very attentive and always available,

Maybe the room was a little crowded, but it didn’t lack anything, just design. They are attentive to every detail down to the smallest to the bigger ones. Large and very comfortable swimming pool. It’s a good place to stay again.”

  • Orchid Key Inn
    • Address: 1004 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040-3126
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 stars): “I love it, small but very good in every way congratulations a pleasure to have been there without a doubt, when I come back I won’t think about as from now on this is my place, my wife and I enjoy it very much, the service, the cleanliness, the spectacular attention, in short a luxury to experience.”
  • Almond Tree Inn
    • Address: 512 Truman Avenue, Key West, FL 33040-3141
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “It’s perfect: quiet, small, super clean, very friendly and with helpful staff. The swimming pool is large and very clean, excellent breakfasts and the rooms are wide and have very well used spaces, warmly decorated.”
  • Santa Maria Suites Hotel
    • Address: 1401 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040-3116
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Very nice, good service, the rooms are like small townhouses with full kitchen, half bath downstairs and two rooms each with its own bathroom. All very clean and modern in good condition. There’s a sofa bed downstairs. It’s all very well maintained and cared for. The bad news is that there is only one parking space per room, there is an option to park on the street but there are not many options for parking either. It is very well located, just two blocks from the 90-mile monument.”
  • The Gardens Hotel
    • Address: 526 Angela St, Key West, FL 33040-7433
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “impeccable. Attention to the smallest detail that makes all the difference. The breakfast, the lights, the bed, the swimming pool, the service in all the places of the hotel are excellent. Air-conditioned swimming pool, lounge chair service and the detail of offering even the tanning beds. A curiosity: In the car park there is a “pump” for electric cars. Everything makes sense in this beautiful boutique hotel. Recommended 100% but only for couples, children will get bored.”
  • Marquesa Hotel:
    • Address: 600 Fleming St, Key West, FL 33040-6826
    • Highlighted Opinion (5 Stars): “Beautiful Hotel, nice, impeccable, beautiful, very clean, comfortable rooms.

The attention of the staff is excellent…. the best hotel in Key West without a doubt…

The restaurant 10 points, I ate an exquisite meat….

The pool by the garden is a place of peace and relaxation.

I give it five stars on everything.

I’ll be back soon.”

  • The Southernmost House
    • Address: 1400 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040-3133
    • Highlighted Opinion: “When we arrived, we found an old house very well maintained, we had booked a room on the upper floor with sea view which is spacious, bright, comfortable, and totally according to what was offered. The bar service in the swimming pool is excellent. The hotel’s location is ideal for walking in a place with a wide range of bars and restaurants. Breakfast is varied and complete with quality products. The parking lot has a small capacity, but offers parking space 50 meters away. Really a pleasant experience.”



18 Jun

Get Cash Back On Your Next Travel Trip Today

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In one of our previous posts we mention that one reason why people struggle to travel is due to not having enough money.  And here at USAALL we are always looking for the best deals and travel tips for our community.  That’s why we’ve found SpentTravel a hotel booking website that allows you to get cash back on your hotel bookings.  Whether your going on a buisness trip or looking to travel the world.  SpentTravel allows you to get cash back on your hotel booking if you book with them.

You can search through millions of hotels in one place and get your cash back in three easy steps.

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travel gear

14 Jun

Worldwide Travel Suitcase – Handpicked Travelers

Worldwide Travel Like a Pro

In order to worldwide travel like a pro you need a suitcase that will be suitable for travelling.  That’s why here at USAALL and our team of experienced and passionate travelers we have come up with the top 4 most used travel suitcases.  In order to have piece of mind that your suitcase doesn’t get broken into inside airports and not get damaged.  Having a TSA lock will help the airport security be able to look into your suitcase without damaging anything.

Visit the Best Traveller Suitcases here.

When you are worldwide travel it’s also important to have a hard shell suitcase.  Having a hard shell suitcase will help prevent any of your gear from being damaged whilst in transit.  Hard shells prevent damage.  One of the best extra features we have found our experienced and passionate travelers like to have on there suitcase is corner protectors, furthermore, corner protectors are pieces of plastic that go over all the corners of your suitcase.  This also prevents any damage that could occur to your suitcase when travelling.

All the suitcases our traveller use have many internal zipper pockets to keep everything in your suitcase organised and safe.


So the next time you plan on traveling, It’s best to be prepared by having the best travel suitcases on the market.  Many suitcases don’t have all the important features that make a suitcase perfect for traveling.  Just thing, would you want anything in your suitcase to get damaged or broken.  We know we don’t.  That’s why USAALL want to help fellow passionate travelers have more fun at traveling and less time worrying about all the gear in their suitcases.

Planning a successful travel trip

Visit our article on planning the perfect travel adventure here.  The article goes through how to plan the perfect travel trip however, remember to always look into every trip before you plan in order to stay safe and know exactly what you are booking.

13 Jun

Travel Organizer Bag

Featured Travel Organizer Bags

Today we are going to take a look at the most used travel organizer bag used by the community of USAALL.  Out of 100 community members of USAALL we have chosen the four most used travel suitcases.  Different suitcases can serve different purposes but as a traveller you want to be able to store all your travel gear and equipment in secure places for piece of mind.

We know that many people take a carry on for most of their expensive gear, which is understandable.  But it’s still important to keep your less expensive gear secure within your main suitcase.  Having features such as a TSA lock will keep you at piece of mind whilst traveling.  That’s why here at USAALL we have made sure that the most used suitcases come with all the best features that will keep your gear safe.


Samsonite Travel Suitcase

samsonite suitcase

I’ve been travelling since I was 20, 6 years ago.  And finding the right suitcase to fit all my travel gear and accessories, along with all my clothes has always been a priority when travelling.  This is where I found the Samsonite Suitcase, it not only allows me to fit all my gear in comfortably weather I’m travelling for just a few days or a whole week.

Not only this but the main advantages of this suitcase are the TSA side mounted lock which keeps my mind at rest.  Knowing no one will be tampering with my suitcase travelling through the airports.  As well as the front and back shell to keep everything protected inside.

The shell was a must after I experienced my camera equipment get damaged in a standard suitcase whilst travelling.  However, with the front and back shells the suitcase is still lightweight and absorbs impacts that can occur when travelling (Airports don’t take care when handling any suitcases from my experience), protecting all my contents.

Being a very organised person I can’t just throw all my equipment and gear into a suitcase and be done.  This is where the 10 over-sized zippers and full-zip interior divider helps me out a lot.  It means I can organize all my clothing and equipment and keep everything separate and organised.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable including the wheels.
  • Front and Back shell to protect all my contents.
  • Multiple pockets to organize my gear and clothing.
  • Lightweight and perfect size for travelling.


  • Handle twists slightly if you have the handle at full height. (I just have the handle one notch down from full height and don’t notice any twisting at all)


samsonite suitcase


Merax Luggage Reviews

merax luggage reviews

The Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece comes in the top 4, for the USAALL community most used travel organizer bag.  The Merax is made from lightweight durable ABS + PC hard shell material.  But not only do you get one suitcase, you get three suitcases with this set.  Which means you have a suitcase for every occasion whether you are travelling for a couple of days to a month.  You’ve got a suitcase big enough for any occasion.

The USAALL community love this suitcase because of the TSA and some of the unique smaller features such as the corner protectors.  As well as the interior segments in order to keep all your gear organised.  The USAALL community also loved the price.  Getting three suitcases for the price is an exceptional deal.

One feature that Merax state is that the quiet spinner wheel system.  The sturdy yet quiet wheels let you maneuver in tight spaces and with ease.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable including the wheels.
  • Hard Shell
  • Corner protectors for increased protection
  • Organised interior pockets,


  • Interior zippers could be more sturdier.

merax luggage reviews


Delsey Luggage Review

delsey luggage review

The Delsey Luggage Hard Case Spinner Suitcase also comes in the top 4 most used USAALL community travel organizer bag.  The Delsey is a 29″ suitcase, which is very suitable for longer a duration of travel.  The lightweight and Durable material is extremely resilient to cracking or breaking.  Extremely useful when going through airports…

The extremely large capacity provides enough space to pack any items you buy on your travel to bring home with you without having to carry any extra bags.  The handle has two locking positions a shorter handle which is more useful for busy airports and having to maneuver through tighter spaces giving you a more sturdier handle.

The delsey suitcase offers two large convenient compartments with multiple smaller pockets to keep your gear separate and organized.  The four twin spinner wheels allow for multi-directional rolling and added stability.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable twin spinner wheels.
  • Hard Shell
  • Convenient and secure packing
  • Large capacity


  • Chrome handle starts to peel after a few months.delsey luggage review


Luggage Reviews American Tourister

delsey luggage review

The American Tourister Curio is the cheaper and smaller of the Top 4 most used travel organizer bag by the USAALL community.  The 20″ suitcase packs in a lot of the features the more expensive suitcases have, such as the TSA lock, Dual spinner wheels for increased maneuverability,  and convenient organized interior pockets.  But comes in at a cheaper price.  However, the only disadvantage to the other more expensive suitcases used by the USAALL community is the size.  Coming in at 20″ instead of the 29″ of other suitcases.  However, if you don’t plan on bringing back many souvenirs or don’t go on one month long trips.  Then this suitcase is just right.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable dual spinner wheels.
  • Super light at 5.8lbs
  • Organized interior pockets


  • Not as large as some of the other suitcases out there.delsey luggage review

Now that you’ve had a look through the most used travel organizer bag by the USAALL community.  We hope you have a firm choice of your next travel suitcase.  And wish you a safe journey on your next travel adventure

5 Jun

Make Trip Planning a Success

Make Trip Planning a Success

In order to make trip planning a success and travel to numerous destinations throughout our lifetime, everyone has to overcome obstacles and responsibilities.

Don’t think your alone, everyone faces the same issues when planning a trip.  Think about it who has unlimited time and money to visit all the destinations, without any responsibilities.  Therefore, it is always important to plan a trip properly.  Myself, and everyone else have to plan trips that are realistic.

Many of us have work and various other commitments that stop us from living the travel dream.  Therefore, we have come up with the main three factors that stop us from living the travel dream.



Responsibilities are far greater to overcome than our other two factors.  It is important to make sure you keep your family and work commitments don’t get in the way of travelling.  However, you have to think that you need to do what makes you happy.  So, if travelling makes you happy then you need to find ways to travel along side other commitments.  Finding the right balance between the two can be difficult but just remember the happier you are the likely you are to strive to be a better person.



I’ve heard a lot of people say to me “I don’t travel because I don’t have enough money”.  And I tell them that I’ve been places that cost less than $20 a day for both food and accommodation.   As well as the fact that many college and university students are able to travel off of there student loans, which are far less than working a full/part-time job.  However, there are many possible ways to use the money you earn to travel.

  • Shop around and look for cheap deals.
  • Finding a trip that suits your budget. (There are many places in the world that you can visit on a small budget)
  • Put money away in order to save for your dream holiday.

One way I used to save money was to put away 15% into a money box of anything I bought.  For example, if I went to McDonalds and spent $10, I’d put $1.50 into my money box.


Time can be an issue when trying to plan a successful trip.  Many of us including myself have work commitments.  But many places you can visit you can do in one day, therefore micro-vacations are a superb idea for someone with regular work commitments.  Getting away for one-two days at a time not only saves you money on hotels and food money but allows you to travel whilst having a full-time job.

I’ve found that many places I visit can easily be explored within a day.  A lot of places I have visited for a week, I’ve ended up going back to the same places twice in the same week.  It’s always best to find reviews of places where you plan on travelling too.  And make sure you only visit the most reviewed places as you don’t want to get to the location to find out it isn’t as good as you thought it was.

9 May

Sea Kayak Speed – Which type of Kayak is faster?

Increasing a Sea Kayak Speed

When looking to increase a sea kayak speed, it all depends on the type of hull you Sea Kayak has.  If you are wanting a faster kayak, its best to buy a kayak that has a V-Shaped or Rounded hull.  These types of hull are much better for the ocean and can increase the stability of the Kayak.  Increased stability is crucial when sea kayaking due to the stronger currents of the ocean as well as more extreme weather conditions compared to a river.

Here is a Thorough review of the top 5 best ocean fishing kayak.