18 Jun

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travel gear

14 Jun

Worldwide Travel Suitcase – Handpicked Travelers

Worldwide Travel Like a Pro

In order to worldwide travel like a pro you need a suitcase that will be suitable for travelling.  That’s why here at USAALL and our team of experienced and passionate travelers we have come up with the top 4 most used travel suitcases.  In order to have piece of mind that your suitcase doesn’t get broken into inside airports and not get damaged.  Having a TSA lock will help the airport security be able to look into your suitcase without damaging anything.

Visit the Best Traveller Suitcases here.

When you are worldwide travel it’s also important to have a hard shell suitcase.  Having a hard shell suitcase will help prevent any of your gear from being damaged whilst in transit.  Hard shells prevent damage.  One of the best extra features we have found our experienced and passionate travelers like to have on there suitcase is corner protectors, furthermore, corner protectors are pieces of plastic that go over all the corners of your suitcase.  This also prevents any damage that could occur to your suitcase when travelling.

All the suitcases our traveller use have many internal zipper pockets to keep everything in your suitcase organised and safe.


So the next time you plan on traveling, It’s best to be prepared by having the best travel suitcases on the market.  Many suitcases don’t have all the important features that make a suitcase perfect for traveling.  Just thing, would you want anything in your suitcase to get damaged or broken.  We know we don’t.  That’s why USAALL want to help fellow passionate travelers have more fun at traveling and less time worrying about all the gear in their suitcases.

Planning a successful travel trip

Visit our article on planning the perfect travel adventure here.  The article goes through how to plan the perfect travel trip however, remember to always look into every trip before you plan in order to stay safe and know exactly what you are booking.

13 Jun

Traveller Suitcase Reviews

Featured Traveller Suitcase

Today we are going to take a look at the most used traveller suitcase used by the community of USAALL.  Out of 100 community members of USAALL we have chosen the four most used travel suitcases.  Different suitcases can serve different purposes but as a traveller you want to be able to store all your travel gear and equipment in secure places for piece of mind.

We know that many people take a carry on for most of their expensive gear, which is understandable.  But it’s still important to keep your less expensive gear secure within your main suitcase.  Having features such as a TSA lock will keep you at piece of mind whilst traveling.  That’s why here at USAALL we have made sure that the most used suitcases come with all the best features that will keep your gear safe.


Samsonite Travel Suitcase

samsonite suitcase

I’ve been travelling since I was 20, 6 years ago.  And finding the right suitcase to fit all my travel gear and accessories, along with all my clothes has always been a priority when travelling.  This is where I found the Samsonite Suitcase, it not only allows me to fit all my gear in comfortably weather I’m travelling for just a few days or a whole week.

Not only this but the main advantages of this suitcase are the TSA side mounted lock which keeps my mind at rest.  Knowing no one will be tampering with my suitcase travelling through the airports.  As well as the front and back shell to keep everything protected inside.

The shell was a must after I experienced my camera equipment get damaged in a standard suitcase whilst travelling.  However, with the front and back shells the suitcase is still lightweight and absorbs impacts that can occur when travelling (Airports don’t take care when handling any suitcases from my experience), protecting all my contents.

Being a very organised person I can’t just throw all my equipment and gear into a suitcase and be done.  This is where the 10 over-sized zippers and full-zip interior divider helps me out a lot.  It means I can organize all my clothing and equipment and keep everything separate and organised.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable including the wheels.
  • Front and Back shell to protect all my contents.
  • Multiple pockets to organize my gear and clothing.
  • Lightweight and perfect size for travelling.


  • Handle twists slightly if you have the handle at full height. (I just have the handle one notch down from full height and don’t notice any twisting at all)


samsonite suitcase


Merax Luggage Reviews

merax luggage reviews

The Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece comes in the top 4, for the USAALL community most used traveller suitcase.  The Merax is made from lightweight durable ABS + PC hard shell material.  But not only do you get one suitcase, you get three suitcases with this set.  Which means you have a suitcase for every occasion whether you are travelling for a couple of days to a month.  You’ve got a suitcase big enough for any occasion.

The USAALL community love this suitcase because of the TSA and some of the unique smaller features such as the corner protectors.  As well as the interior segments in order to keep all your gear organised.  The USAALL community also loved the price.  Getting three suitcases for the price is an exceptional deal.

One feature that Merax state is that the quiet spinner wheel system.  The sturdy yet quiet wheels let you maneuver in tight spaces and with ease.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable including the wheels.
  • Hard Shell
  • Corner protectors for increased protection
  • Organised interior pockets,


  • Interior zippers could be more sturdier.

merax luggage reviews


Delsey Luggage Review

delsey luggage review

The Delsey Luggage Hard Case Spinner Suitcase also comes in the top 4 most used USAALL community traveller suitcase.  The Delsey is a 29″ suitcase, which is very suitable for longer a duration of travel.  The lightweight and Durable material is extremely resilient to cracking or breaking.  Extremely useful when going through airports…

The extremely large capacity provides enough space to pack any items you buy on your travel to bring home with you without having to carry any extra bags.  The handle has two locking positions a shorter handle which is more useful for busy airports and having to maneuver through tighter spaces giving you a more sturdier handle.

The delsey suitcase offers two large convenient compartments with multiple smaller pockets to keep your gear separate and organized.  The four twin spinner wheels allow for multi-directional rolling and added stability.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable twin spinner wheels.
  • Hard Shell
  • Convenient and secure packing
  • Large capacity


  • Chrome handle starts to peel after a few months.delsey luggage review


Luggage Reviews American Tourister

delsey luggage review

The American Tourister Curio is the cheaper and smaller of the Top 4 most used traveller suitcase by the USAALL community.  The 20″ suitcase packs in a lot of the features the more expensive suitcases have, such as the TSA lock, Dual spinner wheels for increased maneuverability,  and convenient organized interior pockets.  But comes in at a cheaper price.  However, the only disadvantage to the other more expensive suitcases used by the USAALL community is the size.  Coming in at 20″ instead of the 29″ of other suitcases.  However, if you don’t plan on bringing back many souvenirs or don’t go on one month long trips.  Then this suitcase is just right.


  • TSA lock.
  • Very Durable dual spinner wheels.
  • Super light at 5.8lbs
  • Organized interior pockets


  • Not as large as some of the other suitcases out there.delsey luggage review

Now that you’ve had a look through the most used traveller suitcase by the USAALL community.  We hope you have a firm choice of your next travel suitcase.  And wish you a safe journey on your next travel adventure

5 Jun

Make Trip Planning a Success

Make Trip Planning a Success

In order to make trip planning a success and travel to numerous destinations throughout our lifetime, everyone has to overcome obstacles and responsibilities.

Don’t think your alone, everyone faces the same issues when planning a trip.  Think about it who has unlimited time and money to visit all the destinations, without any responsibilities.  Therefore, it is always important to plan a trip properly.  Myself, and everyone else have to plan trips that are realistic.

Many of us have work and various other commitments that stop us from living the travel dream.  Therefore, we have come up with the main three factors that stop us from living the travel dream.



Responsibilities are far greater to overcome than our other two factors.  It is important to make sure you keep your family and work commitments don’t get in the way of travelling.  However, you have to think that you need to do what makes you happy.  So, if travelling makes you happy then you need to find ways to travel along side other commitments.  Finding the right balance between the two can be difficult but just remember the happier you are the likely you are to strive to be a better person.



I’ve heard a lot of people say to me “I don’t travel because I don’t have enough money”.  And I tell them that I’ve been places that cost less than $20 a day for both food and accommodation.   As well as the fact that many college and university students are able to travel off of there student loans, which are far less than working a full/part-time job.  However, there are many possible ways to use the money you earn to travel.

  • Shop around and look for cheap deals.
  • Finding a trip that suits your budget. (There are many places in the world that you can visit on a small budget)
  • Put money away in order to save for your dream holiday.

One way I used to save money was to put away 15% into a money box of anything I bought.  For example, if I went to McDonalds and spent $10, I’d put $1.50 into my money box.


Time can be an issue when trying to plan a successful trip.  Many of us including myself have work commitments.  But many places you can visit you can do in one day, therefore micro-vacations are a superb idea for someone with regular work commitments.  Getting away for one-two days at a time not only saves you money on hotels and food money but allows you to travel whilst having a full-time job.

I’ve found that many places I visit can easily be explored within a day.  A lot of places I have visited for a week, I’ve ended up going back to the same places twice in the same week.  It’s always best to find reviews of places where you plan on travelling too.  And make sure you only visit the most reviewed places as you don’t want to get to the location to find out it isn’t as good as you thought it was.

9 May

Sea Kayak Speed – Which type of Kayak is faster?

Increasing a Sea Kayak Speed

When looking to increase a sea kayak speed, it all depends on the type of hull you Sea Kayak has.  If you are wanting a faster kayak, its best to buy a kayak that has a V-Shaped or Rounded hull.  These types of hull are much better for the ocean and can increase the stability of the Kayak.  Increased stability is crucial when sea kayaking due to the stronger currents of the ocean as well as more extreme weather conditions compared to a river.

Here is a Thorough review of the top 5 best ocean fishing kayak.